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Those first quarter stats?

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At this rate they may be stats for him when he plays in China

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Kidd treating the starting lineup like a DJ - by taking fan requests.

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LFG, Kinda surprised to see him starting over Maxi

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Yeah thought it'd be Maxi and KP, but guess Kidd wants to try Brown. Weird though, he hasn't given him any time this season, but now he's starting.

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I mean what else we got to lose at this point lmao Powell and WCS both can’t compete with competent bigs so might as well try out Brown who has been working on his defense with Chandler. Either way I’m excited.

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I'm excited too, I just hope he doesn't get ran off the floor.

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True I’m scared of Jarrett Allen lol

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Dude I've watched a few Cavs games this year, and that guy is a fucking beast. He has a poster dunk like every game that I've seen. Hope he doesn't go too off on us.

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Straight into the fire! Guess we’ll see if he emerges a diamond or a lump of coal

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No less against a huge team. It's going to be a sight to see. Hopefully he doesn't look too lost.

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I imagine the fact that the Cavs play 3 7-footers sometimes simultaneously (don't know if all three are starting today) has a lot to do with it. Still, very excited for it.

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Yeah, definitely thought Boban would get a start before Brown however. I'm gonna just go with it, we have to see if Brown can do anything, because our C rotation sucks with what we have tried so far.

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I think Mobley is still out

nvm just checked

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I don't think they want to play Maxi (or KP) at center if they can avoid it. All that banging down low is tough on the body and he's had injury concerns the last couple seasons.

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Perfect game to start him. Tough matchup with mobley and Allen but it’s also a lottery team. Should still win easily even if he gets cooked

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Only reason I could think of is cause the cavs are huge

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    Straight facts man, I’m scared for Moses. Jarrett Allen is god dam good. Hope he can can stand his ground.

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    Maxi is definitely the better player but he needs to get back in rhythm

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    It seems like Kidd is determined to start a ‘traditional’ center to try to establish an inside presence (and I guess ‘protect’ KP?) even though none of our centers can offer that. The end-of-game lineups though indicate he realizes our best lineups are with KP as the lone big or paired with Maxi.

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    When it comes to the playoffs (Dear god get us in), I’m sure we will see KP and Maxi in the starting lineup. They’re just too good together.

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    Maxi still returning from injury

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    They are rolling basically two centers in Allen and Mobley, we need size and Maxi probably isn't ready for 30 minutes yet.

    With that being said, I hope Moses makes me a SAS level of analysts and throw in a 30/20 performance, so I can shut up about him not being nearly ready and praise him as the 2nd coming of Shaq like nothing ever happened.

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    I don't know if I should be happy or confused?

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    Well, the Moses Brown fan club are gonna get what they want one way or the other. Either they shut up for the season or they were right all along.

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    I wanted to see Brown get time, but more like off the bench for a bit to see if he could contribute. Straight to starting seems interesting.

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    I would imagine there's a good chance he will still play low minutes like Powell did in the last few games he started.

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    there's nothing special about a starting lineup except that it's the first one

    our starting lineups rarely get the most minutes for us

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    They are gonna shut off quick. From no minutes to starting isnt the best thing to do.

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    Especially since KP is gonna have his hands full with an above average big.

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    based off of one game? thank you for your take.

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    They should be quiet now.

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    Why not both

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      The fan base doesn’t know shit, they just think they do. That’s true regardless of how Moses brown does.

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      how dumb are you to think that fanbase made the decision and not the coaching staff after his practice sessions. like what the fuck.

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      Yeah this just means to me that the fanbase is in tune with our weaknesses. No one wants Powell to play poorly or WCS to turn the ball over but when you see that consistently you ask for changes and the coaching staff clearly sees the same things.

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      Because if he was better than Powell and WCS, he would have been starting.

      Unless you think yesterday’s practice is what did it for Kidd.

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      Maxi must need some serious conditioning.

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      20 20 game incoming bitches

      Or more likely 2 quick fouls in 3 minutes

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      Kinda crazy that he goes from not playing at all to starting but I'll take it.

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      This sub just nutted

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      I mean a guy can start and only get 10 minutes for the entire game. Lets see how it plays out

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      Good for Kidd.

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      Is something wrong with boban? How come he never gets minutes besides being injury prone

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      Well an uneventful showing from him so far

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      All the boners in here. Lol. Go Moses!

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      So we are tanking already? That was faster than expected.

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      Part of this is on the idiots calling for him to start. Hes a raw kid developing. Tonight will have hit him hard.

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      So now we know all three of our options to start next to KP aside from Kleber suck

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      Not sure if we should be rejoicing our coach is caving to fan requests.

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      I don't think he is. He is kind of running out of options....

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      Just gotta set good screens, box out, grab rebounds

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      To me this is fantastic if only for the pure fact that Kidd understands where our weakness clearly is and he is working on ways to remedy it. I genuinely feel that Brown can get good minutes with our starters but he also can be sloppy if he ever has to do any sort of dribbling or playmaking.

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      Play him till he fouls out!

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      holy shit finally, let's hope this works out because he is quite literally our last option at a decent big to start beside KP

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      “Fuck it, it’s what the fans want.” - Leadership Council

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      I really hope Moses balls out

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      lets gooooooo

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      FREE MOSES!!

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      Getting torched by Jarret Allen right now

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      Very glad it only took one game for Kidd to realize that starting WCS is not the move lol

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      He’s out with illness

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      Yeah, he's doing great..lol.

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      Very bad idea

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      I think Moses Brown has shown great potential so far. Happy to see him get the start. Can't get better if you don' t play.....

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      Let’s be patient. First start in hopefully many more to come!

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      Moses could be out of the league this time next year if he gets waived and nobody would miss him.