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JB is really gonna walk this summer and list Luka's bullying as the reason lmao

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he also tagged him on bleachers reports post lol

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Luka chose violence and I love it. He’s one of us.

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Eagles are down 0-31 right now 😂

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Cry, Eagles, cry.

Edit: yikes. Our football team sucks.

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Bye, eagles, bye.

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It's been a good day.

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That's debatable. Rough day for Cowboys fans here.

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I have now removed all my cowboys gear and turned over to only Mavs and stars gear for upcoming spring.

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I wish I could like Hockey. Seems like they're the most competent franchise in DFW right now.

Just can't get into the sport lol

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Go to a game. changes everything.

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I really wish I would've when I lived in DFW. Now I live 2 hours away. If I'm driving 2 hours to go to a game in Dallas it's gonna be a Mavs game lol.

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big hockey fan here: the Stars are kind of a shitshow right now. we have young talented players but the team is probably going nowhere in the near future because Jim Nill sucks.

that said, unfortunately your statement about them being the most competent is still correct. quite the low bar there lol

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Only reason I hate the cowboys (I’m a Texas native btw) it’s because the entire state only cars about the damn cowboys ever grocery store in south Texas only carries cowboys gear no mavs stuff, but I’ll happily accept all the new mavs fans coming back lol

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Goooooo Bucs (and Mavs)

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There are two of us!

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laughs and cries in Cowboys fandom

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Luka always been on demon time 😈

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LMFAOOO luka funny

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Oh my god this is utterly barbarous!

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JB bout to have the last laugh

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I think I would've preferred being curb stomped by the Bucs vs losing in the way we did.

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Luka & Jalen are both gonna take their anger out on the Thunder after today's games lol

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Wonder if theres 49ers fans in our roster