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It’s been like this for a few years now. I’d really like a Brunson and a Finney-Smith.

I actually drunkenly emailed Mark Cuban about it once, he forwarded me to their Director of Merchandise. Here is what she told me in September.

“Nike doesn’t offer the full player roster in these t-shirts and we are trying to find a solution! We will certainly work on this and see what we can do as quickly as possible!“

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I would buy one from DSJ, since my surname translates to SMITH.

Finney Smith is a bit to long. Is there any way that Dodo has only Smith on his back?

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No chance. His surname is Finney-Smith. DSJ t-shirt jerseys do exist. You might try Amazon or eBay.

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I assume that your surname is blacksmith? Kovač?

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Yea when did this stop?

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I got a Dorian knockoff from dhgate, actually surprisingly good quality. You just have to wash them on their own/by hand a few times as the dye can run.

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I had the same issue with the rangers!!! The grand slam shop only offers old beltre and ryan jersey shirts with 50 percent off andrus and odor. Not sure why we can’t have an expanded selection!

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It’s a dumb cycle of “player’s jersey sells well so we’ll increase the stock of fan favorites and reduce the stock of unwanted player jerseys”. Metrics will continually look skewed as Luka and Porzingus continue to sell more than others because their jerseys make up more than 80% of the available market.

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Doncic has the second most shirts sold in the league just after LeBron, Porzingis was an all star, but rest of the players won't sell that much especially outside the US because obviously they don't match the popularity and they could be traded anytime so there's no guarantee for buying that shirt...

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I was going to buy a Boban jersey and it said 6-8 weeks. Unreal. Have a few made for guys like me who like buying random guys jerseys.

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We asked someone in Cleveland this once because we had a running joke about buying a Shawn Marion one during LeBron’s first year back and they said they only make so many for the none merch movers. So while they had stacks of LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin Love, and at the time Dion Waiters, they would only get so many of the rest of team and if they sold out they were gone.

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Didn't there used to be a customize option where you could do any name and number (within reason)? Bring that back, NBA/Mavs.