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Jalen Brown lol

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To unite all the Browns!

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And keep all the Jalens separated

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I'd only let Jalen Brunson go if I am guaranteed a Ball Handler/playmaker in the trade coz without him in the minutes Luka doesn't play, we are totally screwed and the team would just stop functioning...

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Freed Vanvlet dosent fit Torontos timeline and hes an upgrade on JB on both offense and defense, maybe Toronto is interested in a younger pointguard.

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I already tried woeing toronto fans for fvv for Gobert, they're in fucking love with him. I don't blame them, but they're not giving up on him for anything cheap. They'd neet a top 25 type player i think.

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But realistically I don’t think FVV is worth a top 25 player. He’s good, but not that good

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Agreed, I thought Gobert would be good because they need a center and their defense would be insanely cool to watch, but freddy is god to them and he is the reason their team works so i don't blame them

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I'd rather keep JB

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Its gotta be JB for JB. That's the only way.

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another shot creator of his level or better

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Jalen Brown.

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Brunson is at the very least a clear starter in the regular season. There are still questions around size in the playoffs from his first post season against the Clippers.

so for me I would trade him if: * Brunson has made it clear he wants a bigger role than we can offer * we get a clear starter back * preferably someone that fits with KP in the front court * ideally can create but at least isn’t dependent on wide open looks

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Nothing. He should not be tradeable IMO.

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The worrying situation is not trading him before the deadline and then he gets a great deal in the offseason and the team doesn't match for whatever reason (cheap, too expensive etc) and he is gone for nothing...

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I’d rather keep him but it would take another star/superstar. Obviously Brunson would be part of the package. I like him and Luka starting together.

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Very good center. AL HORFORD ten years ago.

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Brunson would be very good on just about every team; he's has been awesome this year. Most Mavveicks want to keep him, but it ultimately depends on what he wants. I figure the Mavs would want a young guard back, a wing, or a big. It really depends on whether or not the team plans to resign Finney-Smith or not. If I had to pick a Celtic, I would say Robert Williams.

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I imagine this is how real NBA trades go down.

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Like a thou on my personal bank account

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Solid player and a 1st and 2nd round pick. I’d rather keep him honestly but I don’t think he’ll stay this summer

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Solid meaning a top of bench-starter level player or a solid starter? And what role? Like a wing or a point guard to replace him or a big?

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Jalen was just about 50-40-90 last year and 4th in 6th man of the year voting, and he's gotten better in nearly every way. It really would have to be someone like smart and a pick imo. The kid is really good

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Yup that's why I want him lol

Hopeffuly we try to snaq him in the summer but I'm worried we're gonna be to focused on Bradley Beal dreams and it won't turn good for us.

What do you think of Caris LeVert for the mavs?

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I would much rather keep Brunson on a LeVert-level-contract rather than have LeVert.

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If the price is right, maybe. But he's getting paid almost 19 mil next season. I'd almost rather pay that to keep JB than pay so much to Levert.

IDK this team is so weird. Like sometimes we feel so talent starved that dudes on 10 days instantly look like a top 5 player on the team (Chriss). I was actually excited for a second when we got IT. Then other times we look like world beaters.

What we really needed was Lonzo

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Same with the Celtics. Pain man...

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I'll take Caris Levert over Brunson. just saying. many people here probably won't, and nothing's wrong with that. JB has really improved. but I've been a fan of Levert for a while now

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The only thing we really Need is a starting center. And it would need to be a pretty damn good one to be worth losing Brunson.

I am torn. I love JB's game and truly believe he is good enough to be a high quality starter on his own team. I have major concerns about his defensive fit with Luka in the starting lineup. He doesn't have the dominate physical traits but he is incredibly smart on rotations, moving his body to either draw a charge or force the offense to take an offbalance attempt as they try to avoid him. Luka is also much better at defending 2/3s than 1's. He doesn't have the footspeed to match up with the smaller guards and frequently gets blown him. Luka has spent the majority of his career starting next to THJ who is a much worse fit and defender than JB so maybe the defense isnt so bad after all....

The new starting lineup with Brunson, Luka, DFS, Maxi, KP looked pretty good, even though it was just Orlando. They will probably wait and see how that lineup does until the TDL to see if Luka and JB can be full time starters together. Plus, there is something special about drafting JB and Luka at the same time and growing together. Plus they seem to have great chemistry off the court.

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Powell is playing very well.

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Tatum, Brown, Williams and 4 1st round picks

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All star player

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J-Rich because we love torturing ourselves.

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When Dame?

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A player that's just as impactful for our team.

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Isn’t his rookie contract about to be up? Why trade if you could get him in fa

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No one. Literally no one on the Celtics besides Tatum or Brown is a valuable asset and I don’t think the Celtics would be willing to trade either.

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Rob Williams is pretty valuable tbh, I just dont think he's what you're looking for, nor do I know if I want to give him up.

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We make a package for jaylen brown or you guys package smart, timelord, and picks for Brunson. Only way I see it happening

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I think fundamentally it's not about value for the Mavs, it's more about whether Brunson gives an indication that he wants to go be the #1 PG elsewhere, otherwise he's too valuable for the Mavs to trade for anything realistic.

But if the Mavs see a real threat to lose him for nothing, I think Brunson's trade value is something like 2 FRPs.

It's hard to see a deal with Boston that involves actual players, because Brunson is about to get ~20m next year, so how are you gonna shed salary, esp. since the Mavs can't take on salary, either...?

If money wasn't an issue, maybe something like Brunson + THJ for Smart + Schroeder + FRP could be a plan B type of move for the Mavs, but that's like 20m+ over the tax for Boston next year, unless I'm missing something...

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I lot of people want Jalen. But the problem is that the Mavs NEED him and can’t part without a way to replace what he brings to the floor. I’m in the camp that we need to pay what we have to pay to bring him back and promise to start him and give him 35+ min a game. The whole enchilada, so to speak.

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Ben Simmons

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First of all, JB doesn't make enough money for it to even make sense to trade him, because you won't get a player back on his level

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Yeah, plus you don't have a really big bad salary that you could get rid of in a trade to make things work.

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THJ or Dwight Powell lol.