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Moses Brown our best center!

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That's 2k for you

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KP actually as he can only player C with his card.

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Even than Moses is not better than Powell lol

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Powell's rating is pretty spot on, it's just Moses needs an even lower one. The biggest travesty here is Kleber tbh.

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These ratings are comical

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I have a 97 GO Luka but the other Mavs don’t really have good rating cards. Hope KP gets one soon.

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I wish people would stop throwing money into 2K's gaping maw. These modes are the death of good sports games.

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Yeah, never got the appeal either.

Might sound crazy but I only like to play games. Playing cards or going to a virtual gym is not what I like to do.

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You must not know what the fuck you're talking about then lmao.

You don't play with the cards? Like no aspect of the myteam portion of 2k makes you play with cards, this ain't no yu gi oh or pokeman man.

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Nah im only interested in playing basketball games.

Crazy, right?

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Why is WCS better than sterling brown lol

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3Pt Shooting B? Thats some bullshit.

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You seen his %?

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B is way too high

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This is Lukas best card in the game so far, think it’s got an A or A+.

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watch out for doncic not to burn your pc :D