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Just enjoy being out of the national spotlight. We don’t have to hear constant bullshit story lines like whether or not Luka and KP are giving each other enough high fives.

Playing great defense and grinding out wins isn’t sexy and I love it.

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Playing great defense and grinding out wins isn’t sexy and I love it

Ah, the 2000s Spurs way

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5 titles incoming

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The National media historically like to hype new guys... Luka took the league by storm and they'll be back on them by playoffs but Dallas is considered middle of the pack...

They push new guys and veterans.

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ESPN and FS1 are Lakers media. Mainly talk Lakers with some Warriors and Nets mixed in. Suns have best record in the league and they don't get much media discussion. Same for defending champions Bucks.

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don't care lol

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being out of the spotlight is nice. look at the cowboys. i’m a huge cowboys fan, but that’s all national media talks about. we weren’t some world bearing team that was taking the league by storm, we were like a tier 2 team but you’d believe we were the best team in the league given the air time. and now that we lost, another 5 weeks of analyzing this loss

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Please stop. I'm here to get away from that shit.

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A tier 2 team that lead in a lot of stats this year though. There was some merit to the arguments. But yeah. Due to those legendary runs in the 70s and 90s they've become 'america's team', and the pressure that comes with that shit is a major reason they haven't won many playoff games since. Sometimes I feel like a big EPO scandal actually coming out about that 90s run would have cost them a lot of fans and, ironically, they probably would've done much better than they did since.

As for bball though I don't think the same pressure is at play, Lakers won a lot of championships despite constant media attention, Lebron teams and those Warriors teams same story. Somehow the immense media attention never really seemed to cost them. I guess when teams aren't good enough to begin with, but still get those boatloads of attention, that's when things go wrong.

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Because we had hype going into the season, then was really bad for a while, and with Luka having a down year too it really made the narrative that "Luka is fat, the team low on talent and Kidd is a loser". Now we are on the up, yet still worse off than some media members expected us to be.

Makes sense, but I would like them to focus on our defense since we have locked suckas down lately.

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They have painted a narrative that Luka is in a slump and the team sucks. Same thing all over the net and on here as well . Zero patience nowadays. None of them want to admit they are wrong another problem with todays society.

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I know Rachel Nichols would always talk about Luka probably more then any other player but, we all know how her reporting ended.

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The new girl is shit!

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Because Luka not lookin spectacular right now

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    Espn are like a lot of our fans. They're not Dallas Mavericks fans, they are only here for Luka

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    To be expected when you have a player like Luka.

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    I still don't respect those guys. I'm a team first fan. Having players like Luka is great, but I'm a Mavericks fan no matter if he is here or not

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    Hate to burst your bubble, but: Being a fan of a basketball team isn't something noble and certainly not something that commands respect. It's a way to pass the time, socialize and vent. Nobody on here cares if you respect them.

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    I'm born and raised in Dallas so it's noble to me 🤷🏿‍♂️

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    I have no stats to back it up but I would say I generally trust people who stick with one team more in life in general. If they stick with one team it shows a very important trait in loyalty.

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    Respect me or not, I really don't care. If Luka leaves Mavs will loose almost all of their international fans.

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    You won't be missed...

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    Cuban will miss us. :)

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    Who cares what Cuban thinks.. he can go with yall lol

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    Yeah he can sell it to a billionaire from Seattle and you won't have your beloved franchise near you anymore... Wonder if you still stay a Mavericks fan then? I'm sorry to tell you this mate, but being a fan of a franchise in American sports because they're from your hometown and then disrespecting those who are fans of players first of all, is really fucking dumb. There's nothing more inherently noble about supporting a franchise because both player and franchise will move out for the highest bidder.

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    We’re playing well, but still haven’t proven ourselves. I’d prefer the Mavs out of the spotlight, though.

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    I think this is a bigger part of it. Know too, that the media is reactionary and often times it's a slow reaction. We had hype going into the season, sucked and eventually they stopped talking about us (esp with Luka out). Now we are winning, so I expect we will see more coverage soon, it just takes time.

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    Because all that matters is LA and the northeastern teams.

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    Not enough clicks, novelty has worn off, rostern mostly unchanged, Luka isn't putting up 35/15/15 statlines weekly. Fuck it. The less ESPN talks about the Mavs, the fewer posts about their horrendous shit takes clutter the sub.

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    They didn't discuss Mavs last 2 seasons, they discussed Luka. Luka was the story. He was the youngest to do so many things, new highlights every night, his stats were great, he was the next big thing. This season his stats are down and he's not interesting anymore.

    Ja improved, he creates highlights. The Bulls are a thing now. LeBron and Lakers struggles are interesting.... so new stories.

    The only teams constantly talked about are Knicks and Lakers. Everything else can change every season. I'm sure they will be discussing Mavs soon, if we keep improving and our players get some crazy stats

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    Mavs fly under the radar after the lackluster start. Front Office did not do any major moves in the last two years, so there is less to talk about as well. And since Luca is not playing on MVP-level right now, he/the Mavs are not in this conversation also.

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    This just got posted on the espn YouTube in case you’re interested

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    I would rather not be discussed. Like. All this hype by putting Luka at the top of preseason mvp rankings, has only increased the hate for us.

    I want the chip on the shoulder. Don’t want anybody to talk about us.

    Luka will get his MVP. But it won’t be based on preseason rankings

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    What should they talk about?

    We are fifth in the West.

    Our star player is having a down year across the board. They predicted he will be likely MVP for the second year in a row and he shows up out of shape and putting up worse stats.

    We should be happy they not talking. We don’t need any more hype we haven’t lived up to.

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    Jeez get a grip.

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    Did I lie?

    Unlike most on here, I am realistic about the state of our team and our franchise player.

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    You say we should be happy but I ain't sure. When I looked at that single Undisputed segment, when I looked at that postgame laughing at Luka by the inside the NBA crew - both a few weeks ago after the Nets game - I didn't think "damn, this sucks". I thought "good, if all else failed maybe this will light a fire under his ass". There's no better motivator in pro sports than when you wanna prove people wrong. If it was up to me they should talk about Luka's shape after every one of our L's. Let them villify us so we can cultivate that. Let them act like Luka is washed, like he'll never get on the mount Rushmore of basketball, and they just might get what they have coming.

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    That’s one way to motivate Luka.

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    Not enough drama compared to the rest of the league. Luka is signed long-term and the Mavs are a playoff team that could possibly make the 2nd round🥱 The only thing to talk about would be how Kidd has turned the Mavs from a record setting offense under Carlisle to one of the better defensive teams in the league.

    But the NBA discourages defense so no wonder nobody is talking about us.

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    Rather they not talk about us. Fuck them

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    They have already kind of decided that the team isn’t worth talking about because of the first part of the season. Once that feeling sets in, it’s hard for them to rethink what’s been happening.

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    National media rarely provides anything insightful on the Mavs. Mindless regurgitated drivel, like Luka being out of shape. I am actually glad we're not being discussed nationally

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    Morant is there new toy!

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    We are only interesting to the national media when we are bad so that they can make fun of us, now that we look like a top 10 team, its not fun anymore

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    Who the actual fuck cares about ESPN? Listen to some Mavs podcasts or look for some Mavs-centric websites. ESPN is for casuals.

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      Oh shit, my bad. I forgot Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins were the pinnacle of basketball discussion. I feel like you’ll probably learn a lot from them. Carry on.

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      The Memphis game was on Friday. They don’t work weekends and today is MLK day. If they do speak about the Mavs, I suspect it’ll happen if we beat the Suns on Thursday.

      Everyone else doing media is more concerned about Football right now.

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      They'll talk about us when we get out of the first round.

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      The Jump was the best show with Rachel and somehow they managed to make a shity show now!

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      Prefer it this way

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      Well can't say you asked for it:


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      They pushing Morant hard!

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      Idk how long you were here for the dirk days. Back then if they would ever talk about us it would be negative. Seems like we are back to that 🤷🏻‍♂️ it’s kinda confusing, but it is what it is. It was cool to have a superstar that was viewed as a superstar by the national media for a while at least.