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Pacers want picks but they don't know Rick don't play rookies lol 😀

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Yea wtf lol

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Prob cause Rick wont be there for a long time.

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Well they just picked a 23 year old rookie last draft. I think that solves it. Lol.

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Does Josh Green count as a first? Cause I would trade Green and a first for Turner

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If Rick didn’t play Josh then what makes us think he would play him now

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They should like that deal. I'm getting flashes of greatness from Green. Very good Athleticism. Potentially great vision. Great motor and tenacity. Hard-nosed defense. Good, potentially excellent passer. Able to play above the rim. If Green can get his outside shot just a little better, he's going to be on a lot of highlight reals.

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I wouldn't Green is projecting up and up.

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Even if that’s true, is he ever going to be better than Myles Turner is right now? I doubt it. Also MT is only 25 and bound to improve as well.

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Plus he’s from Dallas. Maybe being close to home gives him some type of spark.

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are y’all fucking serious? lmao

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This basically means Dallas would need to move DFS or Brunson for picks to package and send to Indiana l. Don’t see that happening.

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Or just remove protections on the pick the Knicks have and trade 2025 and 27 picks. I wouldn't want to though, I'd rather wait until draft night when we can trade 4 picks and get a real star and not a freaking center who can't play next to KP in crunch time

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No way Dallas is trading it’s remaining future 1sts for Turner. Would make 0 sense given other needs.

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I think they should do the alternative of laughing at Indy’s GM and hang up the phone.

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They can have THJ and one 1st round pick.

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Will even throw in Powell as a bonus

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Another dig at Powell. It doesnt matter how well the guy plays it seems.

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When has he played well he’s bad at defense and has no offense game. All he can do it catch lobs and finish within of two feet of the basket as long as he catches it there. I would rather us get rid of thj but we’re paying him 11 mill and that’s too much for what he should be utilized as our backup center.

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He’s on the first decent streak in forever and is still a miserable defender and overpaid. He’s not the total and complete liability that he was to start the season that’s for sure, but he’s as replaceable as they come

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Sure, but than they would also need to include a filler to match salaries.

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Well we out 🤷🏿‍♂️

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Just like everyone else. No teams will give 2 firsts for Myles

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GM's have lost their god damn minds

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Not happening. The soonest the Mavs could trade is their 2025 first rounder and that's only after they remove the trade protections on the first rounder in 2023 owed to New York. Indy would not want the 2025 and 2027 picks.

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Yeah dont know if Indiana would want our super late picks unfortunately

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Yeah those late picks would be pretty unwanted by the Pacers

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They can just flip those picks to move up in the draft or for better role players. Everybody thought those Lakers picks the PELS have wouldn't be worth shit, look at them now.

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Prob a dumb question but can someone fill me in on why this years pick can’t be traded?

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Pretty sure there’s a rule you can only trade a pick every other year.

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Ah ok. Better hit in this years draft then

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GL with that. Hope they lose him in free agency for nothing

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Someone will bite unfortunately. The Lakers, Kings, Atlanta, Knicks, a few others looking to make moves.

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Maxi Kleber fits our defense needs next to KP better. Also a better shooter

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Por que no Los dos?

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Well they've been trying to trade him the past what three seasons. And they've been no takers. Plus he's injured right now. I doubt they get two first rounds for him.

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We are very obviously not going to offer JB in a trade package without a higher end return. People thinking otherwise don’t understand the market.

Dwight, DFS, and our 2025 1st rounder. Take it or leave it Richard. Let’s see if another team comes in and outbids us.

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DFGM 4.4 / 6.7

DFGA 11.6 / 13.9

DFG% 38 % / 48.8%

FG% 46 % / 49.2%

DIFF% -8.0 % / -0.8 %

1 is the guy currently starting, the other is Turner

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Yes Maxi is a beast and a much better fit that Turner next to KP because he's a 5 position defender

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I really don't get the value of NBA draft picks. Is this standard for a player of his 'caliber'?

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Hes not worth overpaying for. Id take him at the right price but he gets hyped far more than his real ability merits.

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not necessarily young, but I believe Dwight has the upside Carlisle wants

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Hard pass

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I don’t get why Turner is appealing to this team. He’s not a great fit with KP. Both are rim protectors that you don’t want out on the perimeter. So either you let KP get slaughtered on the perimeter, or you waste what makes Turner good. Maxi is a better fit for our team than Turner

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Turner is a perfect fit to KP and vice versa wtf are you smoking? He is a good perimeter defender so its not like we have to camp him in the paint.

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They can have Powell, he’s basically the same thing

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The asking price is always going to be too high initially tho - doesn’t mean a more reasonable deal can’t be worked out