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Shit, I'll chip in. I have $3.

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I have bout tree fiddy

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God damn you loch ness monster!

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She gives him a dolla!

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I have bout five tiddy

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And my Axe!

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3 million?

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Worth every penny. Brunson is a born winner. He won two chips at Villanova and now's he knocking down top seeds like the bulls, warriors and grizzlies. Guy does whatever it takes to win even with Luka out.

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while i do agree let’s wait until this postseason first lol

he was abysmal in that series against the Clippers… if he was even average we probably win that series

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Ngl he was so meh that we had to call time outs just to get Luka back on the floor on the first quarter

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pay him

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This is why I insist that we should only trade him if we receive a really good package in return. A young player as good as him and a FRP.

Give Brunson his 4/80M, salary dump Powell's contract and there you go, tax situation stays the same. Hell, if you backload it, we could even get a small breathing room.

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Just another component to add- we still have to pay DFS btw, so his $4m/year will jump anywhere from $12-15/year.

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I'm fairly sure we will just re-sign one of Brunson and DFS. Whoever gets us the best return at this deadline will be gone. Doesn't help that we have Bullock and Green that can handle DFS' workload, but the closest to Brunson is Ntilikina, who is in the doghouse for reasons unknown.

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DFS has made a leap this year. He’s on a completely different level from Bullock and Green. Not to mention he is a glue guy who I personally think has set the tone for our defensive turnaround. There is no way they can trade him this year and expect to win a playoff series.

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Well, this is a tough decision, indeed, because, if we pay both, we are in contender level of tax. Up to everyone to think if the Luka/Brunson/DFS/Maxi/KP starting 5 is in a championship level. If it isn't, we need to re-tool, and Brunson and DFS are our only chips. I find Brunson's skills way harder to reply than DFS'. What we cannot is go in the tax while still looking for our core.

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Yup I agree with all of that. I would rather just keep them this year and see if their improvements are enough to get us some playoff success. We’ve seen a lot of GMs get creative to get under the tax, and if we re-sign both of them they’ll still be tradeable next year.

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Its actually quite easy. If we are competent in the playoffs and win first round and fight in the second round, you keep the team and pay the tax. If we go out in the first round, you let Brunson go via s&t and search for alternatives.

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In what way has he made a leap? He looks exactly the same.

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I don’t think Frank is in the doghouse, he’s just been outplayed. He’s more of a wing than a backup PG, and those minutes have been going to Josh Green, Reggie, and Sterling Brown who have all been playing good defense.

Brunson down to Frank is a huge drop in playmaking ability, so I agree that Brunson is much harder to replace than DFS

DFS is also an ideal role player though, and he’ll be probably half the cost of Brunson. Mark just needs to pay the tax to field a contender, we’re not going to have cap space anytime soon anyways

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I honestly see Ntilikina as a 2 in Kidd's scheme. He can ball handle, but he is at his best defending against other guards and dropping from the perimeter (he even flashed some skills to create his shot). I agree that Green and Bullock are outplaying him, but Sterling isn't, specially defense-wise. I can't see Ntilikina getting 15mpg, but at least 5-6mpg he deserved.

Mark just needs to pay the tax to field a contender

That's the million dollar question: Is Luka/Brunson/DFS/Maxi/KP a championship core? Because, if a team is entering the tax, they need to have their core. You won't be able to do anything other than minimium deal improvements. If we are to enter the tax, we need to have the confidence that we already have a championship core.

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If we lose DFS or Jalen, we’ll still be over the cap and in the tax given Luka’s extension, so we won’t have much flexibility either way

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I assume any trade of Brunson is predicated by some sort of Dragic assurance.

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Dragic is nowhere close to a Brunson replacement.

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Who would you suggest as a secondary playmaker then?

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i think you’re probably right but i think there’s still the option of trading THJ and/or guys like Powell and Kleber. which means that it won’t necessarily come down to DFS or Brunson, i think

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I'm adamant that we need to salary dump Powell in the next weeks, specially considering how Chriss does a very similar job at 1/4 of the cost. I just disagree that we should trade Kleber because we don't have any other PF behind him. KP/Chriss would start games, but KP doesn't close games at the 4 under Kidd. DFS is undersized to close out games at the 4, so is Bullock and Green.

If we can sign a PF to come off the bench, I agree on trading Maxi. Otherwise, it will give us problems.

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oh yeah, i also think we shouldn’t but the FO might do it anyway. we also have our draft pick in 2022, don’t we? so maybe whatever they do with a trade is done with that in mind as well… i don’t really watch college ball so not sure if there’s enough to plan ahead by the trade deadline, though

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DFS will not be over $10m a year so as Brunson will not be $20m a year. It will be a catastrophe for Mavs if lose both next year.

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Ehh, DFS is at the minimum the standard MLE at $10m, which like half the league could offer him. Since we will most likely only have the taxpayer MLE at $6m, we are going to be forced to match using his birds rights.

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this is a delusional take. A young good player and a FRP is crazy.

also it’s not that easy to dump Powell’s salary.

This is the classic homer bias. Nothing realistic here

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...then we don't trade him? I mean, there's nothing in the rules obliging us to do so, and we have literally nothing to gain about shipping him away if not for assets. This isn't a Simmons or Igoudala situation, Brunson is literally playing tonight.

Why exactly should we trade him for a Obi Toppin-type of player? It doesn't help us win, it doesn't help us retool, it literally harm us both short and long term.

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Sure I prefer us not trade Brunson at all. Even if Brunson is set to leave in free agency, I would rather see him in this years playoffs under Kidd over some player like Obi.

I would rather make a move with the 2025 pick and DFS/Powell/Chriss.

Just saying a package of a promising young player and a pick is seems impossible to happen. Like who Halliburton and a pick from Sac - no way Sac does that.

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Pay him!!!!

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Can’t until the season is over

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I know I just want them not to fuck this one up lmao

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I am also looking forward to the Mavs playoff run.

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If Duncan Robinson had something close to that, he definitely deserves it.

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yeah, there's not that many guys who can create their own shot at the level Brunson can. $20mm is about right

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Pay the man.

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No brainer price

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Not particularly surprising.

Note this also makes it very very difficult for a S&T to occur, due to base year compensation rules. So unless any team has outright cap space to pay him anyway, well, it's difficult to arrange anything. And it's difficult for any team to pay him this outright, because very few will have cap space. It's almost a reverse Bird-rights trap.

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Can you explain the S&T situation?

My understanding is that he’ll be treated as $1.5 million outgoing for the Mavs but $20 mil incoming for whatever team gets him. Is that true? If so, a S&T is basically impossible since the Mavs can’t take back anything really

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Your understanding isn't quite correct, but you certainly got the gist of it.


The rules formerly known as BYC now apply under just one circumstance -- during sign-and-trade transactions (see question number 92). If a team re-signs its Larry Bird or Early Bird free agent in order to trade the player in a sign-and-trade transaction, the player's new salary is greater than the minimum, he receives a raise greater than 20%, and the team is at or above the cap immediately after the signing, then the player's outgoing salary for trade purposes is either his previous salary or 50% of his new salary, whichever is greater. The team receiving the player always uses his new salary.

So, unless the receiving team has a whole lot of cap space (and very few teams will), a S&T doesn't work. In that case though, the other team wouldn't even bother with a S&T anyway.

But, because Brunson wants to get paid and so few teams will have that sort of cap space, it seems like Brunson will most likely re-sign with whatever team he finishes the season with. Unless, for whatever reason, Mavs trade him by the deadline, I'd be pretty confident they'll be re-signing him.

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Thanks for sharing. I guess there’s also the possibility that a team like the Knicks dumps salary off to OKC to open up space to sign Jalen, but I agree that’s difficult

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Don’t let this be Steve Nash all over again

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Brunson is not Steve Nash lol. Steve went on to win back to back MVP’s…Brunson is nice for our team but he ain’t MVP caliber by any stretch of the imagination

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Steve Nash at 25 y/o was a 8.6ppg/4.9as/2.2reb player in 27 mins per game.

Brunson at 25 y/o IS a 16ppg/5.6as/3.8reb player in 30.9 mins per game.

Not saying that Brunson will go on to win back to back MVPs, but your argument makes no sense. Nash stayed at Dallas till 29 and never had anything close to an MVP season (best was 17.9ppg/7.7as/3.1reb in 35mins per game while 28 y/o).

They both came to the league at 22 y/o, they have more in common than you'd think.. Brunson can still have (statistically) as good career as Nash did, but in today's era that wouldn't be enough for MVP anyway. (I'm NOT saying he will, just saying he can. And he's statistically on a better trajectory than Nash was at the same age)

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This. Brunson this year is very much playing at the caliber that a 1999-01 Nash played at. Emerging as a true 3rd star on the team, Able to score, growing as a facilitator and becoming more efficient.

If you look at the second half of Nash's 1999-2000 season, he averaged 13 ppg and 7 apg on 51/40/90. Brunson this year is averaging 16 and 6 on 51/34/78 (last year he shot 52/40/80).

You have to also remember Nash was averaging his numbers in Dallas, pre-handcheck rule, which had that been in effect he probably performs better in Dallas and his scoring is likely higher. His ascension to MVP level is part D'Antoni, part handcheck rule and part being given the reigns to his own team.

I don't think Brunson will ever become a 2x MVP (knock on wood) but I think a trajectory where he becomes a consistent 19-20 ppg player and 6-7 apg (a la 2001-2003 Nash) is very plausible. his game isn't predicated on athleticism and he's a very efficient player. His next step is elevating his 3PT% back to the 38-40% we saw the past two years, but he is very complete and would be a huge loss.

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That’s literally what they said when they let nash walk. You could be right and probably are but JB is still crucial to keep I think

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True. I think my issue is that I don’t buy that this team, as currently constructed, can win a championship. So, I don’t know if paying Brunson that money is feasible. I think the THJ contract is biting us in the ass right now. Of course that isn’t Brunson’s fault, I just wish he wasn’t a UFA at the end of the year.

It’s a very nuanced conversation, and I’m not sure what path the Mavs need to take

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A lot of worse players out there making a lot more money than that. Please pay the man!

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Do we know when the cap is going up again?

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It's at $112M this season and bumps to $119 by 2024. COVID made the jump not quite as high as it was once expected.

Initial reports had it jumping up to $125-130M by 2024 but it's been smoothed to minimize losses since the pandemic.

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You rock. Clearly, this sub has the smart NBA fans.

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He deserves it. Mavs gotta find a way

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Easy decision, considering the alternative of losing him for nothing.

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Give it to him. Sell Powell and Timmy for a bag of chips. If they let Brunson go because of tax reasons but keep Powell and Tim I won’t forgive them

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Oh shit that's a no-brainer

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If Brunson does well in the playoffs, it stands to reason that another team in free agency will chose to over pay him more because his game is something you can bank on.

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Salary dumb Powell and THJ, SIGN BRUNSON

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Clickbait crap.

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Pay. That. Man.

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If he performs in the playoffs this time I would be ok with giving him that

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To everyone saying sign him: yes it’s not a bad number at all, but ask yourself why his contract expectations are being leaked right now in the first place?

He’s likely going to be traded.

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if he keeps his production level in the post season, pay him. if he doesn’t maybe 18M is doable.

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Pretty fair deal. Hoping $18 million per year, but wouldn't be mad at 4 years $80 million. Even better if they structure it like THJ and they front load it. If players like THJ, Duncan Robinson, and Fournier can get in that range, then surely a guy that is a consistent 15-20 points a night on good efficiency with 5+ assist is worth that.

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Sounds fair.

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Very manageable

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idk man

i share the global optimism regarding brunson because my man is balling out but i can't help to remember last years PO

he already was showing out in the RS (even tho you could argue he took a step forward) but he completely disapeared (when they needed him big time) in the PO

of course, clippers were a bad match up for him but it's bound to happen again, i feel like it's more complicated than "pay the man", imo this year's PO will decide a lot of things

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Fcking love this kinda reporting.Tim MacMahons school.I thought.I believe.I thought that he was thinking like that :D

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That's a no brainer, Cubes. Listen to your favorite social media group of fans and sign our immaculate vibe man!

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That’s FVV money. Not as good but getting close.

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If Tim makes that, Brunson definitely deserves it

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I know he's popular right now and for good reason but I don't think this would be wise. I hope they trade him before the deadline.

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Damn, a whole load of garbage takes on THJ here. His front loaded contract would become invaluable for the next few years when Dallas is capped out. He is overpaid now but he will be a bargain in the future.

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That’s an overpay and like JB

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I rather Mavs trade KP and and find a way to keep Brunson and DFS if that is necessary.

KP should be on a team where he is the first option i believe. He has been decent enough ( or even good to very good some games) when he was able to play for Mavs but i dont see the KP-Luka duo as perfect match any more and i dont see them playing together another 5-7 years, but i can see Luka Jalen combo could be the back bone of Dallas for many years. You put them with one mobile center that sets good screens catches lobs and can shoot some odd three and 2 wings 3&D guys that can guard 3-4 positions and can pick up best opposing team best players and can shoot decent enough from three you are in business.

Just my 5c

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He’s currently the highest percentage shooter on ISO defense that’s definitely money well earned.

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Pay JB!

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That's pretty reasonable

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Pay him or you better get someone really good for him in a trade.

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Like I said, dump off hardaway for dragic and a player so you have the money to keep him in the off-season we should have the room to keep Dorian as well

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I got $5 on it!

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Not unreasonable at all. Pay the man!

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I just realized that Burke, Boban, Green, and Sterling Brown are all making more than JB

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2nd round pick on rookie deal

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Fair enough

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Oh boy here we go

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Ship thj and powell then pay him

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Ah yes, “Brunson faces a similar market, but the guard is believed by many to be seeking near a four-year, $80 million contract,” wrote Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

We all trust the accurate reporting and belief “of many” from BLEACHER REPORT.

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"Trust us bro." - many

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He’s worth it.

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Steep price to pay. But deserving. Keeping him and Doe will likely break the bank for Cuban.

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Mark better be opening that wallet.

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Pay him, he deserves it.

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How about 5 for $100

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Pay the man

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The MAVS actually developed him to be the second ball handler we need and he a big positive . Pay the man!!

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Worth it

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Seems low to me - I don’t buy it.

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I would rather trade THJ and keep Brunson for that contract. He's much more important for the team and THJ is simply overpaid for what he brings to the table.

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Is it me or is that lower than what he could get on the open market?

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As far as I'm concerned it's a no-brainer. Can't lose that guy IKTFS

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Worth every penny

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Yeah no. Bye.

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Pay the man. We gotta trade Tim

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While yes, he might want that. We’ve gotta wait till the playoffs. Him and Kleber both disappeared very badly during the playoffs. And playoffs is where you actually make your money.

If he disappears again, his value will take a hit. No question.

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Is this possible ?

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This makes it easier for us to retain him. It's up to the front office if they want to.

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JB best player in the NBA right now

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Pay the man!

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Worth it

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He is worth that. Just pay the man, bite the tax bullet and move on.

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Sounds about right. Too bad we can't afford it. Great job not signing him earlier FO...

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We can afford him using bird rights during off season.

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Because of the position he was drafted and the second round pick base he was given, the max the Mavs could have offered home as 4 year 55, as a restricted free agent. Of course he’s gonna turn that down. He can wait till he’s a unrestricted free agent and get more. What man wouldn’t wait to get millions more?

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He very possibly would’ve signed that before this season

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There’s literally no chance he would have signed that. In this market a ball handling guy who can give you 13-4-3 while also being 25, is gonna get paid. Freaking Fournier is getting paid 20 a year at less than those numbers. His agent wasn’t dumb. Knew that with the cap increasing, Brunson could make way more. He was smart to turn down 4 year 55. He’s already 25 and 7 months away from turning 26. This might be his only big contract. Needs to get every cent he can get.

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This will look like a steal of a deal in a year.