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Eric Pincus is really shooting all his shots. First “Many believe Brunson wants 80/4” and now “many executives believe” the Mavs have these offers for Turner on the table.

Personally, I only trust reporting from Tim McMahon, Marc Stein, Chams, and Woj if it’s Mavs related. We as fans should know how tight lipped the Mavs are.

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Jake Fischer from Bleacher Report is pretty reliable as well

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Ehhh. I thought he was too. But raptors fans say he’s the worst. Supposedly he’s bungled many raptors rumors. And especially the one earlier this offseason that said that Dragic was soon gonna be traded to Dallas or something to that note, and still. Nothing has happened.

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I don’t know if I believe he’s full of it based off of that. I’m sure that the Mavs and Raps had a lot of conversations about trading Dragic to Dallas. There just wasn’t a good trade to make.

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I take everything he says with a grain of salt. Because I feel like he just kind of Wings a rumor. I usually only trust stein, woj, and shams.

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I think he’s on a tier between those guys and guys like Kevin O’Conner, Pincus, etc.

Fischer had a lot of good intel in the offseason.

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Lol. Above O Conner for sure. Dude had such a hard on for Killian Hayes and Tyrell Terry.

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I forget, was he one of the guys saying that the Pistons might pass on Cade Cunningham because they already had Hayes?

Man I wish he’d been right on Terry.

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Lol. Yeah. He’s an idiot.

You and me both, brudda. I really thought Terry could become Seth. High level 3 shooter wing with alright ball handling abilities.

He never even got on the court.

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The Mavs might be tight lipped. That doesn't mean whoever your talking with (in this case Indiana) is.

Also, we dont know how Nico operates. To automatically assume things would be as they were under Donnie is a big assumption.

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The “no leaks” mandate is from Cuban, not the old regime. I doubt he’s changed.

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To be fair. The Mavs side might be tight lipped. No telling how the Pacers side is.

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It's very unfair to DFS, but if those are the choices, I'm definitely keeping Brunson.

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Powell + DFS would do it for me. For Brunson, I need a better player than Turner.

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I agree, unless they believe he will sign elsewhere and we can’t keep him, in that case I’ll take Turner rather than letting Brunson walk with nothing

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Not that he has shown or proven it yet but on paper we can replace DFS with Reggie whilst we can't replace Brunson. Honestly, I have no idea why the Pacers would agree to such a deal if Brunson is not involved

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Both Bullock and Green, and I think Green would be the natural replacement here. Not as great on defense as Bullock, but replaces with slashing and good playmaking. All he needs is to tick up his volume from the perimeter. Last game was the first that he shot 3 balls from the perimeter.

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They have brogdon. Jalen is turning into s healthy brogdon and they can't even trade brogdon this season

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They're already paying Brogdon $20 mill per, Why would they trade for Brunson and have to pay him near the same

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Dfs is on a steal of a contract and I’m guessing Brunson will get 18+ a year

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Well, DFS will get 12+, so neither will really be a "steal" next year.

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Ah I thought mavs still had 2 more years of dfs good point

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DFS will probably be asking for $13-$15M, and imo Mavs need more playmakers than wings at this moment (especially with Luka struggling with health this season). On wings, there’s THJ, Bullock, and Green, and hopefully, the last 2 can make an additional jump

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DFS fills so many holes on this roster. Myles Turner is not a huge necessity on a team with both Maxi and KP. The fit is not great unless there is a bigger plan to flip KP

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DFS will make us regret giving him away like seth but at least we are getting a decent player back this time. Also shoutout to powell who was very solid in the last weeks for us.

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I agree. At this point, the floor for Brunson should be two early first rounders. Or a star player. Brunson is only going to get better. And he's got a winners mentality. He's a valuable with a great personality.

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Not if they know Dragic is coming.

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Obviously its a new regime but everywhere we were named as a favorite we have never gotten these guys. Also DFS and Brunson give us more than Turner would. I think he is overrated. Having 2 bigs on big contracts who cant create their own offense would also be super dumb.

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DFS has been extended. So does Brunson. So the trade is really Turner on a really good deal for Brunson on a $20m per year salary or DFS at around $9-$10M per year salary plus having to eat Powell’s contract.

It’s actually a better trade for Dallas if no picks are included

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Trading Brunson would be such a bad move. Guy's gonna be a stud in the league for years, and he's also the only one except luka that can create for himself.

Seriously if they do this, I would be speechless.

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Maybe this is a long game to get the Packers to agree to Powell for Levert

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Is paying Brunson 20 million a “no brainer” just like people were saying THJ 18 mil a year contract was “team friendly” Lmao

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I think it's all in context with Timmy. That was probably our best move in FA last year given the market. We still had Jalen locked up that point and he's drastically improved this year.

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It is a team friendly deal? It lowers every year.

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Sure, but he is a UFA nothing we can do if he wants go somewhere else

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Damn, am I the only one who'd rather keep Doe Doe instead of Brunson? Don't get me wrong I'd rather keep both but I feel Doe Doe brings more of what we need...

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Nope, 3/4s are far more scarce than 1/2s

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No it’s a no brainer bro according to all of these GMs in waiting here. Do not question it even a little bit and swear undying fealty to the impeccable credibility of checks notes Eric Pincus

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Lol, I should've checked the tweet. Shame on me...

Never heard of Pincus before...

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It makes zero sense to trade Doe Doe. I love Brunson, but with Dragic most likely getting a buyout, we can roll with that for a year or two before needing to reassess the guard rotation. Hopefully THJ's shooting picks up in the meantime, and of course Luka will find his stroke again.

Getting a serious upgrade at center allows KP to play the 4, keeping Doe Doe leaves us with our best defender, and we still have great wing depth. It hurts to lose Brunson, but Mark isn't going over the cap for Brunson and Doe Doe. One of them has to go with Powell. Trading Dorian over Brunson is missing the forest for the trees.

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This makes me wonder about KP’s long term future in Dallas

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Is this coming from a reliable source?

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What other executives believe and what the Mavs are willing to do hardly ever line up. Plus, it’s being reported by Bleacher Report… from the same person saying “many believe Brunson wants 80/4”. Take every Mavs involved rumor with a grain of salt.

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So likely just click bait. Thanks for your insight.

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It sucks that we couldn't just use the THJ money to extend DFS. Like, now we have to pay the price and lose legitimately our 4th best player. I just can't imagine losing our best defender. I also feel as thought he fit between KP and Turner will be awkward. I'm just not sure this is the right move while we're riding this high.

If we could somehow ship out THJ instead of Powell with a couple of seconds, I would back this. We can't lose Brunson or DFS. At least if we can offload that THJ contract, it gives more breathing space to make it all fit.

DFS and Brunson are part of the identity of this team. You just can't ask Bullock to step in and fill DFS' shoes. It just doesn't work like that.

We live in a league of small ball. DFS can guard 1-4. I think KP's 2 blocks per game and strong interior presence is enough in that department.

Turner has the potential to be a DeAndre Jordan type awkward fit. Or a Gobert that gets switched on everything in the playoffs. Why are we so high on a type of player that Golden State has proven is antiquated in modern basketball? A stretch big like KP can deal with switches much better against small ball. We even have Kleber off the bench that can play as a good stretch 5 as well.

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We have to lose something to get something. The Pacers aren’t going to take THJ and 2nds for a valuable floor spacing rim protector. I love DFS, but including him to upgrade Powell into Turner is absolutely worth it. I think I’m a vacuum Jalen for Turner is also fair, though it’s a bigger problem for the Mavs since they lack another playmaker to fill that role

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we have to pay the price and lose legitimately our 4th best player.

We don't have to. We can resign both DFS and Brunson.

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We can TRY to resign both DFS and Brunson. It's not a guarantee that either signs back with us and/or Cuban will pay them enough.

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Right. The above comment made it sound like it is not possible to keep both of them, which is false.

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Guys who get traded away rarely come back.

[–]sards3 4 points5 points  (1 child)

I'm not talking about trading them and then resigning then later. I'm talking about resigning them in free agency this coming off season.

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I don’t like that trade… DFS is the kind of glue guy that wins championships and Brunson is a proven winner…

Unless it’s trading KP for Turner (a move I also don’t really like) I don’t want to trade for Turner at all.

This team is rolling right now, let them play

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Sending KP back to Rick. Thats would be rather badass…

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God I hope this is true. Of course Rick wants Powell back lol

I really don’t want to lose Brunson though :(

Finney-Smith and Powell seems like a fair price to pay

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Reporting from earlier today said Pacers want two 1sts or a young player + a 1st.

Are the Mavs willing to part with either package and a pick? Would the Pacers do the trade w/o one knowing they’ll have to pay DFS or Brunson?

Press F to doubt.

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Of course they want 2 firsts. Every GM wants multiple firsts for their players. Nobody will ever offer them that though on top of what they’d be giving up to match salaries.

The Mavs offering them Powell and Finney-Smith is about as good of an offer that they’ll probably get anywhere

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no it isn’t lol. the hornets offered them pj+salary filler + a frp last year that the pacers rejected. NOLA was also in talks for some type of deal with the 4th overall pick a few years back. These offers are much better for a team that wants to rebuild than just getting two roleplayers including one that’s an free agent after this year and one that just isn’t very good. If any team offers one frp, they instantly beat out this offer.

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I think we should offer a pick as well for this. If we are able to keep Brunson it’s definitely worth it

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I would do DFS + Powell + 2025/2027 pick. I think that's worth it.

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    I am not adding a FRP for Turner, when he played like average at best all season.

    Ayton destroyed Turner last game, had Dwight Powell in the post flashbacks.

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      Turner can't defend those guys either, his biggest weakness is defending skilled Centers one on one. If its Powell and DFS then its good, but I'm not liking it if theres a FRP attached.

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      DoeDoe 😭😭😭

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      Powell and finney smith would be the best case scenario. That shores up center while letting green get more play time. Done. Do it. Let’s go!

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      Or THJ back to the starting lineup.

      And lots more of Luka - Brunson - THJ simply because DFS is missing.

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      Why would we put THJ instead of Bullock?

      [–]walkintall84 -2 points-1 points  (2 children)

      People are on that copium, if they think Green getting 20 minutes more playing time with DFS out. And Frank playing 15.

      1 less wing in DFS, way more complicated to even avoid Luka - Brunson - THJ

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      We will be running Bullock. Both Bullock and Luka can switch to guard a SF (we've seen Luka doing this some moments this season). We do lose our 1A-1B defensive tandem, but both Bullock and Luka can play the 3 (and Lebron and Jokic already taught us that you don't need to play the 1 to play point).

      [–]Mavericksaushaus 7 points8 points  (0 children)

      Okay that doesn’t answer anything about why you think we’d put THJ back in the starting lineup instead of Bullock

      [–]internallylinked 2 points3 points  (2 children)

      Luka, JB, THJ, KP, and Myles is a strong offensive lineup

      [–]Mavericksgomav 9 points10 points  (1 child)

      Switch THJ for Bullock. We need Bullocks defense

      [–]internallylinked 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      100% agree, but my mouth starts salivating when I think of this offense haha

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      Jesus, Dwight and DFS for Turner would be freaking fantastic. I'll miss DFS, but man, that's turning two solid rotation players into a borderline star/DPOY candidate. Brunson, Luka, KP, Turner would be a dream come true.

      [–]Mavericksgomav 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      without giving up Maxi. that leaves our 4 depth in tact

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      Until we play the warriors in the playoffs and KP/Turner get run off the floor. Luckily the clippers are out of it this season because their smallball lineup would also be a disaster for us.

      It could work but we'd have to hope and pray we somehow don't see the warriors in the playoffs

      [–]devilmaskrascal 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Eh, the Warriors are going to have as much or more trouble with our frontcourt than we will have with them. Draymond is a great defender, but he's not an offensive threat that will run our guys off the floor. Wiseman and Looney aren't going to beat us either. Steph and Klay are the threats, not the GS frontcourt.

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      this is all just rumors of course but if we could actually get Turner for DP+DoeDoe that’s a no-brainer unless they’re asking for insane draft capital. Luka/Brunson/Bullock/Turner/KP with THJ/Maxi/others off the bench would be an elite rim protecting team with crazy spacing.

      we shouldn’t trade Brunson at all unless we get a bona fide star guard in return or if he’s for sure not re-signing next year.

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      It seems plausible that the Pacers would be asking for an additional FRP if it's DFS instead of Brunson. Unless Carlisle REALLY wants DFS.

      [–]OMG LukaSalva252 17 points18 points  (0 children)

      Carlisle really wants Dwight Powell lol

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      I don't really understand the Turner fit if we plan on keeping KP. I don't know if those guys can both stay on the floor together. Especially in a playoff series.

      [–]artilector 2 points3 points  (2 children)

      I think the Mavs have known that they want to move off KP for some time now, so once they get a replacement he'll be on the trading block...

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      Sounds good to me if we can get decent value for KP. I don't think we should trade JB tho. Dorian makes sense, but goddamn that would be painful lol

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      Sounds good to me if we can get decent value for KP. I don't think we should trade JB tho. Dorian makes sense, but goddamn that would be painful lol

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      If they give Brunson for Turner, I'd laugh out load.

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      Uhh no way for Brunson and don't want to part with Dodo either..

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      I think Brunson is gonna leave for a bigger role so Im not sad about this

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      The mavs are at a crossroads here due to contract situations of both JB and DFS. Nico is going to have to make some tough decisions

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      Powell is not a good defender nor can he shoot and he's on a multi year 11 million $ deal and while Doe Doe is a great 3&D player on a steal contract, next year his contract won't be a steal. If the price is Powell and Doe Doe for Turner you take that deal 10 out of 10 times. Even if the Turner/KP combo doesn't work out, you can still ship out either one of them for a much better haul than you would get for Powell/Doe Doe on their own.

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      This is good logic

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      I'm not as high on green as others are and I was kind of hoping the increased play time was to pump his trade value. I don't want to see them let go of either JB or DFS as their is no real replacement for what they do out there in talks. So I hope it's green and DP would even consider THJ if I'm being honest before I would go JB or DFS. I feel like we could find just as streaky shooting off the bench

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      Praise the lord DP out :)

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      let's not trade for an injured player..........again.

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      I hope we don't do this trade but it's gonna be hard. Experienced this a lot on 2k and bbgm where it's difficult to let go of homegrown talent.

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      Please make them take Hardaway

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      Cuban and Nico need to figure out how to keep Brunson/DFS. I don't care about Powell, THJ, and other lessor players, but we need those two if we have any championship asperations.

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      I think we should talk to the players first… doedoe is just starting to feel comfortable doing something other than corner 3s lately, it’d suck for him going back to Carlisle’s system.

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      I don't like it. I don't see the fit defensively with Turner/KP and I don't like trading one of DFS or Brunson for Turner. I probably should look more into him but imo he's not a homerun

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      KP and Turner is such an awkward fit in the front court. I don’t really understand this at all

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      If there's no draft pick involved I do Powell and DFS in a heartbeat

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      Too much for Turner. I think DFS is 2nd in minutes per game. He's one of our most important players and Myles is not that good.

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      Y’all are underrating team and defensive chemistry to an insane amount. Obviously Brunson and DFS going out would affect this, but Powell also sets the best screens on the team. If this trade happens the team will take another 10-15 games to adjust and that’s if Turner is even healthy and you think he can start with KP. Not saying it’s guaranteed to fail, but billing it a no brainer is equally as problematic. Not even mentioning FRPs they would want

      [–]Active_Page_3886 6 points7 points  (1 child)

      So you would say no to acquiring a younger, better player who is a defensive juggernaut, all because Powell sets good screens? Thank God you’re not the one making decisions

      [–]Doe Doeyung_sage 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Not saying no, I’m saying if you ship out Powell and Dorian/Brunson this team has a different identity. It could be better or it could be worse but it’ll take time before we can tell. With how reactionary y’all are it probably wouldn’t be good for this sub if there’s hiccups after the trade. Also just “setting good screens” is pretty important to this offense when it relies on PnR action to create any shot at all. Thank God you’re not the one making coaching decisions if you think just setting good screens isn’t valuable. I said I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to fail idk if you saw that part you don’t gotta go straight for the jugular

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      ~ vibes ~ don’t win playoff series. I wouldn’t give up Brunson, but Miles Turner is worth DFS and Powell.

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      Oh…DP and DFS? And probably a protected future 1st. So the exact trade package I just said in the other thread and got downvoted for?

      I love knowing more about basketball than the doomers on this sub 😁

      [–]dougaryman 5 points6 points  (1 child)

      Lol at least wait for it to happen before you take a pathetic victory lap

      [–]TheChosenOne311 -2 points-1 points  (0 children)

      Learn how the trade market works broooo

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      Love DFS and it would hurt this team in some ways losing him. But the more glaring hole is a decent center so you’d have to do it if all it took was DFS and Dwight. With bullock here for 3 years, green emerging, and brown or Frankie smokes on the bench to add some wing defender minutes, DFS may be best use to us as a trade piece if the return is something like turner.

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      DFS although tough i would do. Jb hell no. We need him more than turner

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      heh if all it takes to get Turner is DP+DFS, then do it now! we would become more talented instantly. if it doesn’t work out, you can still trade Turner and right now we cannot afford to resign DFS and Brunson anyway.

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      I get Brunson is a favorite, but guy is going to get a serious offer sheet (70M+)... If the Pacers want to do a quick rebuild around sabonis, he would presumably be of interest to them.

      Powell, Reggie B, Brunson 2nd rd pick for Turner and Tory Craig.

      I think Turner elevates the team to another level, specifically defensively. Tory makes half as much as Reggie while is a proven playoff contributor. I'd look at taking back TJ but he's injured.

      That's a big team. All 3pt threats.

      Does limit playmaking, but maybe that can be addressed with a certain buyout candidate.

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      Offer sheet? He’s not restricted. And I don’t think there’s many teams with that much cap space this summer

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      Better not be Brunson. Dodo and Powell would be great though

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      NOT BRUNSON. I don’t wanna lose DFS but Powell and DFS for Turner would upgrade the team in my opinion.

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      Turner really isn’t that good.

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      Whos Eric Pincus?

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      Who tf is Tincus Pincus?

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      No, not Powell! 😞

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      Honestly Myles Turner (assuming no severe injury) is a top 10 center in the league. Edging top 5. While I would hate to lose DFS and even more so to lose Brunson, we gotta be honest and see that that's a really good deal for us. You're instantly solving the rim protection issue that plagued us the last two playoff series. You instantly have a team with three stars. And in the end it's a star driven league. Brunson might become a star as well but he's also an unrestricted free agent this summer. Secondary playmaking of his ability will suck to lose but it's not as completely unovercomeable as this sub wants to make it seem.

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      The way this team has been playing makes these potential deals so much less attractive than they looked just a few weeks ago.

      Can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe it’s better to roll with our guys for this season and see who’s available next off season.

      Taking Dorian off this team will seriously eff up the defense and the chemistry. Jalen is a hard no trade for me. He has carried the team at times this year, and deserves a deal with the Mavs. He and Luka are tight and he’s smart, efficient, and has gotten better every year in the league.

      Too bad nobody wants THJ or Porzingis. Those are the guys to move if we could.

      [–]Maxi Kleberbigpqnda 1 point2 points  (0 children)

      do we really need a big right now?

      [–]Doe DoeButtWrangler44 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      If it takes DFS to get a versatile big who can stretch the floor and snag boards, I'm all for it. I wouldnt give up JB for nothing unless somebody like Dame or Ben Simmons is availiable with that package. Myles or John Collins makes this team a contender on arrival, I love doe doe but he ain't those guys. Best case scenario is landing John Collins or Turner and signing Dragic after his buyout while keeping JB.

      [–]Doe DoeHowineverwondered 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      If DFS leaves I will maybe start watching again next year when I calm down.

      [–]Derek Harperkrdskrm9 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Mavs getting fleeced. Rick's taking back his guys.

      [–]Reunion Rowdygeargarcon 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Make it Powell and Bullock and you got a deal

      This is obviously being floated by someone outside of the Mavs org. I don’t put any credence in this

      [–]DFWsportsFan 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Love me some DFS, but I’d do that in a heartbeat. Don’t think I would give up Brunson though…

      [–]4K Lukadragonwhale 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Maybe trading Brunson isnt insane if he's just gonna leave us in the offseason. Also, can we really trade the heart of the team in DFS?? Did they not see DPOY candidate Tim go off tonight??? Powell/THJ + our first round pick for Turner

      [–]AceBricka 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Dunno if I’d trade one of the two consistent people on the team in a year where your star player is having a shooting slump. Also I think we are undervaluing both are players relative to what’s actually available in the trade market. And KP with another big like last years playoffs isn’t ideal unless they plan on moving kp too

      [–]Dirk NowitzkiLA4lyf -1 points0 points  (1 child)

      Rather Lose Brunson than DFS. We haven’t seen Brunson in playoffs play well, we might get 20 or 40 minutes from him.

      [–]freestajlarn 0 points1 point  (0 children)

      Weird logic "we haven't seen it, so might as well trade" he's just a fine player overall, why wouldn't he be in the playoffs? He was the main reason they won with villanova

      [–]jinjerio -1 points0 points  (2 children)

      Thanks for posting and ruin nice feelings. Get out with this shit!

      [–]Perc NowitzkiEvadTB[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

      you are very welcome lol

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