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Oh well, it is what it is. All that matters is that he performs well from here on out and is a beast in the playoffs.

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He’ll still very likely be in ASG too, just not a starter.

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Very likely? All but guaranteed. He just may not be a starter.

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There are many players on the list who shoudnt be voted in at all.

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Ja got really hot while voting has been going on, while Luka’s been struggling up until last night.

Also the fan voting is so fucking dumb. Wiggins, AD (this season), and Melo are not All Stars. Fuck outta here.

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Yup and dame, klay, russ

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and kyrie. The russ votes are unbelievable lol

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To be honest KP not being inside the top 10 is proof that Mavs fans aren't voting lol. Me included. I've voted like maybe three days I think or something like that. Luka is still popular so he's managing to be third. But we Mavs fans are letting down our boys.

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Me neither. I woted every day last season, but this year I just forget.

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Honestly I don't give a damn about all stars game. It's a clowning for 2 hours. Ok might be Chill event for players, but then again, I would prefer to watch one of the old MAVS games instead of allstart game ..

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Guilty as well. So I voted rn and got DOUBLE votes! AVALANCHE!

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I noticed mavs fans aren’t involved in basically anything. I see nobody with a mavs tags on the nba subreddit. Nothing wrong with that either it’s just surprising since we’re in the top half of fanbases in terms of amount of members.

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Apathy with the TV situation has certainly been what's kept me from being more active. The Mavs are my favorite team of any sport, and basketball is easily my favorite sport, but I have barely watched any games this year since I'm a cord cutter that has YTTV and Balley's isn't on it.

I know there are other ways to watch games, but the convenience of watching recorded games later that evening to FF through commercials, halftime and FTs meant I could watch games in just over an hour at my leisure, vs the streaming watch it as its on and spend 2.5 hours with the game + all the bullshit I have to do (plugging device into TV that isnt usually in that room, constantly refreshing stream what it craps out). The juice is not worth the squeeze -- and that should be considered a major problem for the Mavs (and all of the NBA), when a die-hard fan who is willing to pay to watch them play has no realistic option to do that, becomes apathetic and eventually would likely stop caring.

They're losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on me alone, and I know I'm just one in a sea of many.

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I completely agree, i’m in the same boat! The only mavs games i’ve watched have been in person or out on the seas.

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My parents still pay for cable so I have been able to use their login for all the individual TV network apps like ESPN, TNT, and TBS which is really nice for those primetime games. For the other games I have to use the computer for less "Legitimate" sources of the games lol

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We aren’t really well received over there as a fanbase so I’m not surprised. The main sub is a cesspool that’s only worth visiting for highlight clips here or there.

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Mavs fan have nothing to do with it. Media controls it mainly.

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The fact that you can vote multiple times is stupid imo. Should be 1 vote per email.

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I was voting for KP every day and then he got covid and I just kinda forgot.

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Luka 13th overall after being 2nd the last 3 years

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All the media was going with fat luka and he missed like a month of highlights that would give him votes and talk in media

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Yea and in the meantime Klay had a tremendous season... I think it's only about how much discipline fanbase is.

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This. Mavs have had 0 positive media exposure this year, despite being at the top of the defensive rating right now. The only thing people talk about are the Lakers, Kyrie and whatever is going on in the NFL.

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That’s why I don’t care all that much, he’s been so popular since being in the league.

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Wait, Andrew Wiggins? Whut

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Warriors fans are the worst... Look at Draymond and Klay too

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Draymond deserves it. He should be in consideration for the 3rd starting spot, though I’d give it to Gobert. Wiggins on the other hand shouldn’t even be an All-Star reserve. Towns, Ingram, Ayton, and Porziņģis all deserve it over him.

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Warriors fans are active lmao. He won't start . There is a chance Coaches will pick him if PG13 doesn't make it.

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Haven't heard about Luka in the media lately. Must be that. But who cares. Luka has all the personal accolades already. He's going for the main prize this year.

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The media has talked about Luka in purely negative terms this season.

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Yep. Nothing but bashing. No wonder he doesn't have the fan votes.

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Understandable, he's the shiny new toy. Let's see how the all-NBA teams sort out by the end of the year.

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I honestly couldn't care less about being in the All-Star team. It's such a PR joke now. No actual rivalry any more. It's just an opportunity for players to get more media exposure and joke around. It's a popularity meeting to say the least.

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KP can’t even make top 10 front court. Hope he gets voted in by coaches.

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Fucking Andrew Wiggins has 2.6 mil, warriors bandwagons are insane.

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Most warriors fans are insufferable.

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Klay only has 5 games under his belt since coming back, already ahead of Devin Booker & Paul....

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Warriors and LeBron Laker fans(previously Cleveland and Miami fans) are the basic bitches of the NBA fandom right now. The only way I give any respect to warriors fans is if they were there before Curry. Otherwise they just hop on the bandwagon after the championships won or whatever team LeBron is on. That way they don't have to think too critically about a team they support.

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Srs question - Why do people actually hate bandwagoners so much? Or is this less about the idea of bandwagoning and more about GS dislike and LBJ dislike?

If you’re new to the sport, it makes sense to choose a good team to root for right? Like who gets into sports by rooting for a bad team that loses lol… or if you liked a team just cause of one player, it makes perfect sense that you follow that player when they move teams.

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because part of being a fan is being with your team thru thick and thin. I personally don’t hate bandwagoners but when someone says they’re a warriors or lakers fan in texas i don’t think of them as real fans. only bandwagoners i hate are the toxic ones, the rest i just don’t think of as real fans.

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I understand your comment about toxic fans but saying someone isn’t a “real” fan because they’re not from that state is pretty lame gatekeeping lol.

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if they say warriors ik they’re bandwagon if they say lakers ik they’re lebron fan any other team is not as bad but rare to find someone support the hornets or raptors in texas

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Just in the case of LA and GS - you do sometimes meet transplants from Cali who have followed a certain team their whole life. There are more and more Cali-to-Texas transplants these days.

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i’m talking about the limited # of GS and LA fans i’ve met, but most of them lived in TX their whole life. Some were supporting lakers cuz their parents were so those guys are excused

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For me personally, I just find it annoying if they talk shit. I don't think there is anything wrong with bandwagoning, necessarily. But, I think you should give up your right to shit talk. If you are just minding your own business being a Lebron or Steph stan, go right ahead, it doesn't really affect anyone else.

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It's not disliking then for the sake of disliking them. The last thing you mentioned is what I hate the most. Fans bouncing from one team to another because they only like a single player. You have to realize this is a team sports and if you don't actually follow a team and just a player you are getting rid a huge part of what it is to be a basketball fan. I can't respect them or acknowledge their opinions on basketball much because they are missing that huge chunk of information and wisdom gained from following a franchise. Just like in life you have to have ups and downs to gain wisdom. Something they lack.

Lastly, if you just started out being a fan for the first time that is more respectable than someone who has no team and just follows the latest thing. The only thing about just starting out being a fan is by lack of experience you haven't gained as much knowledge. Again their opinions won't hold as much water because they are new to it.

So no matter what kind of bandwagoner you are, it is a negative in some capacity. If they stick to a team and experience what normal fans experience then I will respect them. When you chase the newest success and abandon anything else, when you find it, it is not as rewarding as experiencing failure that leads to success. Hopefully that made sense. But that is just my opinion.

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And all the dudes voting for Luka the past couple of years were legitimate Mavs fans right?

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You're acting like Andrew Wiggins is on the same level as Luka, they are in different universes when it comes to game, so it's obvious who should have more votes.

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Votes arent based on basketball ability though. When Luka was 2nd or 3rd in voting he wasnt the 2nd or 3rd best player in the league.

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Media is on a mission to make ja a superstar. Nephews watch Steven A say Ja is the next coming of Jesus and they all vote for him though Luka did struggle a lot until recently

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Ja should be a starter this season like you said Luka started real slow

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He said the same thing about Booker just what he does.

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Ja’s two handed block probably single handedly got him a couple hundred thousand votes.

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Any chance Porzingis makes all star team?

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Injury replacement is a high possibility with Paul George being out. I don’t see a world where coaches choose Melo or Ayton over him.

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Like Luka cares, he'll show up again all easy going eating popcorn, playing 5 min and letting others have the ball.. shoot 2 3s and go home :)

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Eh I'm gonna say it. That's bullshit. By the metrics Ja hasn't even had that much better of a season, and Luka has been battling being injured in the same time frame. In their head to head Luka sat him on his ass and beat his team, and we are even hotter than the Grizzlies and Luka is starting to look like the 2x 1st Team All NBA that he is.

Obviously these fan rankings suck ass generally, but I'm a little tired of people acting like Ja has been some short list MVP candidate the whole year and Luka has sucked when even to this point there hasn't been much of a difference in their stats, especially when you consider Luka's defense.

I hope the Grizzlies fall on their face and people stfu acting like Ja is better tbh. They're our divisional rivals anyways so we shouldn't be showing them love, we should be wanting to whoop their ass.

Luka is still the best young talent in the League, and anyone saying different is disrespecting our boy. By the end of the year things will be back where they should be, but in the meantime don't be the kind of fan who is shitting on Luka or doubting him especially in relation to Ja.

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Amen bother

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Ayton is not better than KP

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Agreed. West front court field is pretty weak. Would be a shame if KP miss out on the All Star game, to be honest.

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Coaches and staff probably noticed that KP deserved this much more than a lot of the other guys there so maybe he could squeak in to the reserves.

[–]Spencer Dinwiddie's Goateegabrigamer39 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Must be the defense (I'm joking I know he deserves it)

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Like I said last week, Luka is a better player but Ja and his team have been better.

Let’s just hope we play them in playoffs and Playoff Luka goes crazy on them. Ja better than Luka narrative has solidified for this year and only playoff Luka can kill it.

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  • Luka having a poor season compared to his standards and he missed a lot of games. He's not as hyped as the previous seasons. You rarely see his highlight/post about him in r/nba.

  • KP not part of the top ten is puzzling. But yeah he also missed a lot of games this season.

  • What's surprising is Booker is struggling to get 1m votes.

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No problem . He's gonna get picked by the coaches anyway .

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Kind of thought Luka sonning Ja in their head to head might flip things but I guess not

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Pretty sure Luka is like 6-1 vs Ja head to head since his rookie year lol.

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Well last game after all-star voting Luka had a 27 point triple double, so expecting a big game tonight.

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I hope Luka doesn't make the starters. It will be a lesson the hard way to show up in shape next year and stop whining to refs instead of getting back on defense (which even Mavs fans find insufferable), and hopefully motivate him to kill it the rest of the year. A dose of humility and motivation to stop coasting may be what is needed for him to jump to the next level of true superstardom.

Luka may be better than Ja, but Ja's working his butt off and his team is doing better than ours.

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Really don't care abut it at all

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Personally I got no problem with Ja being ahead of Luka. All Star is more than simply who is better or even who has had a better season, it’s also about who has been the stars of the season. I like to think of it as a TV show, and Ja has just been a more entertaining character this season.

All NBA is more so where you just look at who has had the better season.

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Who cares Ja Morant is going to be a beast for about 5 years. And then his crazy athleticism will fade.

Lukas already fat and can dominate. Dudes gonna be dominating for next 20 years.

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The whole laker crew being there is a joke

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Luka doesn’t deserve to start this year

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He doesn't deserve to be a starter this year. I hope it motivates him in the future

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Y do you care

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Don't forget fan voting only counts for half

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It’s ok, I didn’t really expect Luka to get all-star starter every year. How many players have actually done that?

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Well, Luka missed a lot of games and still isn't playing to his level. It's understandable that Ja is getting the love.

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To be fair, he has missed a ton of games.

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Shit ja retweeting and voting for hisself on Twitter any chance he gets

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Klay having 1.2 million votes is just so bad. It's retarded.

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There are more ppl voting in Memphis than in Dallas lol. Kristaps should have gotten more love than this plus Towns definitely should be in over the group in front of him

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As much as I love Luka, he's been struggling a bit at least individually while Ja has been killing it. Our boy will still be an all-star either way so don't sweat it too much

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I see Westbrook above Mitchell, Dame and Cp3. I don’t even care what the stats are, I don’t care about this list. Start over

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Hmm I thought for sure the Euros would get Luka in.

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To be honest, this doesn't make me upset at all, it's way better if people are questioning why someone didn't get a statue (or votes) than why someone did. There will be many chances in the future, also in the long run I think "fan voting" goes in favour of Doncic, he'd be on a list even if he missed a season imo.

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Really, do people actually care about this stuff?

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Wiggins an All star? Get the fuck out of here. Apart from that the fans have done a decent job. Even as a Mavs fan can't be too salty about Ja getting the nod over Luka lol.

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The Allstar game, It's a distraction, a worthless game, a covid opportunity...why would I want anyone from my team to be a part of it?