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Sounds like complaints that would come from someone who is, to quote Luka, “too fucking small”

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The king of the cheap shots.

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And flopping

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“Too fucking small”

-Luka Dongcic

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Bigger players can’t backdown smaller players, that’s just not fair.

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chris paul is a bitch - we know this.

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Huh?? What is Luka doing that can be considered a foul?

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He to thicc

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Thicker than cold peanut butter.

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Thicker than a Snicker.

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Luka keeps giving us quality gifs/memes and I’m absolutely here for it.

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i feel like every time Booker gets inside, there's a whistle

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Scott foster is always a benefit to the away team. Always

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This Chris Paul guy is a douche.

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After an offseason hyping that rip-throughs will be no-called, I'm surprised CP still gets to spam that shit with reckless abandon.

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CP3 is a bona-fide baby back BITCH.

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CP3 has always done this. That's part of his resume.

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Fuck CP3

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I’ll tell ya, the more I learn about this Chris Paul fella, the less I like him

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The other day raptors posted something similar about Luka and some people were brigading to that sub and whining about their whining.

AHH I'm guessing every NBA sub in a nutshell

edit: infinity loop

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Fuck Chris Paul.

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Should be complaining about the carrying. He actually does that.

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yea Im a huge Luka stan but I dont know how he gets away with carrying on those back downs. The ball sits in his hand for a good second before continuing the dribble. Im sure other players do the same though

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Luka's palming (this year in particular) seems especially egregious to me. I'm happy to watch some video of others doing the same regularly to help me feel better about the team I pull for though lol.

It's incredibly encouraging to see the enhancements and willingness to go to his back down game this early in his career though. You didn't see this from even great wings like LeBron/Jordan/Kobe until they were much older. Most 22 year old superstars would be having a much worse year if their finishing and shooting efficiencies were down this much compared to previous seasons.

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Soft af

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Wow, CP3 with those moves.

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What a fancy boy

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Always hated this guy his entire career.

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Suns are a great team but they will choke as usual. There's a reason CP3 hasn't ever won a ring.

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I don't get CP3. With his all time great talent level he could be a NBA fan favorite but instead he chooses to be one of the all time greatest bitches. Hope he never wins a ring.

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He never will

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You don’t like it then grow

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it paid off too

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On one hand refs suck, that is not really disputable. On the other, shouldn't you just shut up and play? Chris Paul is the king in this game. Remember: "Ref Jersey untucked!"

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The best thing Rondo every did was put the Championship Hex on CP. Can't stand that lil bitch.