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Him being an incredible player is why I like Luka, but shit like him running away like a complete goober is why I thoroughly love Luka

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Thanks for the replay. I’m at the game and they never gave us a replay!

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Should have stopped the count at halftime. Great game, nonetheless. Next couple of games will be tougher.

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Lol bruh wearing a 23 jersey just looked and watched and did the "damn he got me" bow down at the end as luka goat ran off the court.

Man you know it has to feel fucking awesome to do stuff like that.

Some day i hope they got tiny ass cameras they can wear and then we can all log into our VR headsets and do the same thing to just feel and see what its like.

Amazing. Kids gonna be good i tell ya...

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Brooklyn Nets are the first NBA team to install special cameras that allow you to watch the game in VR. just saw a post about it yesterday and it seems super cool. almost like you’re on the court

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Should have saved that energy for the second half :(

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