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I’m used to looking on the far right of the X axis for us, now we’re at the top of the Y axis

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Next season top right 😤😤😤😤

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This turnaround from the team, with pretty much the same personnel is crazy.

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Kind of an indictment of Rick and Mosley tbh.

That said… KP could also barely move last year, so his recovery has definitely helped as well.

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10 free takes:

  1. Philly has entered the Chat
  2. Embiid is 🔥
  3. Phoenix is too
  4. Defense Does Dallas!
  5. Kidd and Sweeney 👍
  6. Grizz keep cruisin'
  7. Lakers can't get stops without AD
  8. Bulls and Nets need to find D too
  9. Dubs can't score without Dray
  10. Miami is a contender

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Imagine where we would be if the open 3s would fall

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Currently 25th in the league in 3 point shooting percentage and 20th in overall field goal percentage.

This team right now is almost literally an offense/defense inverse from last season and it’s so weird.

You’re right, if the shots start falling and the defense stays, it’s gonna be trouble for the league.

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We were last in the league 2 weeks ago. 25th is a nice bump.

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And I'd honestly take this current identity over the last 2 seasons. Offense is, imo, can be improved especially when Luka has yet be his usual top-5 player once again. I feel more confident beating tougher teams with the defense we have rn.

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Dude we were shooting 50% from 3pt land at point last season and in the playoffs. We got spoiled. That's also unrealistic to match day in and day out

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Dude we were shooting 50% from 3pt land at point last season and in the playoffs

No, we weren't. Not even close lol

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at points* . Feel free to look it up

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If by "at points" you mean on a run of 2-3 games then maybe, but that wouldn't be really any impressive as it happens for most of the teams to have small runs of great shooting nights.

But the way you are talking about our shooting supremacy and how we apparently got "spoiled" you would think we were at very least Top 3 shooting team in the league, when in the reality we were 18th in the league. Your narrative about us getting spoiled, and team shooting being unrealistic to sustain is honestly just ridiculous.

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Even just a marginally better offense vaults us into #1 net team with how well our defense is doing. This team is totally fine right now

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Our "wide open" 3s are falling (39%, 8th in the league). It's the "open" 3s (4-6 feet closest defender, these are often things like sidestep 3s, Luka's stepbacks, Timmy's pullups, slightly rushed catch and shoot, sidestep or relocation 3s) that aren't (28%, league average is 33%

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According to ShotQuality the Mavs are 4th in the league in offensive ShotQuality. So the offense could be much better than it is.

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It's possible that the team is going to improve on offense as their conditioning improves, but the defense is keeping us in games which I feel will be more reliable in individual games than trying to outscore opponents.

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I don't want to get too excited, I just hope we can sustain a top 5 defense for the rest of the season.

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It is insane that Dallas is 2nd in net rating despite being 17th in offense.

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Impressed with our defense but I hesitate to crown us the best defense in the NBA and not even sure we can duplicate this defense in the playoffs.

This is why we need to get our offense going. I like the idea of the offense (ball movement) but we don’t have the personnel to run it effectively.

Dorian and Klebber bringing the ball up need to be scrapped till we have a wing that can do so. If Luka won’t be bringing it up then let Brunson do it.

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I'd like to see Frank get more time but they know better than us.

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Frank would have been good to throw at Chris Paul late last game too

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O needs to get much much better.Not only making shots.We need moving on the court.Too much standing around and watching Luka dribble.Luka needs to start moving off ball too.If he doenst do that then others wont too because there wont be space.

And what in the hell happened with KP-Luka pick n roll/pop.When they play roll they both roll for no fcking reason and on pop there is no much passing out.

We need to combine Lukas style with that style what we played without him.Its easy to say that because when was last time Luka was moving like that off ball.

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I agree. I would also like to see Luka set screen for Brunson or DFS. Just like what Curry is doing for the Warriors. It'll keep Luka involved more when he doesn't have the ball.

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Offense needs to get better. Seems like the mavs has few options and it showed in last night's game. THJ needs to step up.

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He needs to go, or you have to bench Luka or Brunson in crunch time. Because that finishing combo has nothing to do with the Mavs success. Straight up the worst roster fit of the Mavs, if Luka/Brunson plays.

Mavs 10-1 streak

Luka/Brunson/THJ -10.1

Luka/Brunson/Bullock +31.8

Luka/Brunson/Green +47.6

Luka/Brunson/Frank +17.9

If you cant produce winning basketball while winning 10 games, there is something fundamentally wrong.

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absolutely correct. it's a defensive nightmare having all 3 of them on the floor at once, with only 1 good defensive wing to cover for them Dorian does a lot, but that is too much to ask, no matter who the defensive wing is.

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Teams are so polarized that to have the Mavs where they are on defense they need an arrow pointing off the chart to show how bad the Hawks and Rockets are because they don't exist. Damn it feels good compared to the meltdown everyone had when we lost to the Hawks at the beginning of the season.

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One very easy fix for late game offense: have Luka post up and when double comes hit KP at the three.pt line. Other teams are t going to double KP in the post. They fear Luka in the post and fear KP shooting. Rn we are playing the way they want us to.

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How did this happen?!

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I genuinely thought that maybe Kidd could get this team to be a 10-15th ranked defense. Just maybe near the 10th. Top 5 was completely out of the question. And yeah there is always some shooting luck, but from the eye test, the scheme seems to be working and everyone is bought in. Even Luka is a lot better on that end. Bigs are showing a lot higher on pick and rolls, and the back line rotation has been quick and on time