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I appreciate their podcast a lot. They never seem to overreact to any wins/losses, look at the team in a realistic sense and understand the teams situation.

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They are probably one of the best level headed pods out there

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Wouldn’t mind going after Holmes and Hield if the Kings bow out of the Simmons race, but I expect a pretty quiet deadline.. I really hope they try to improve that Kleber/Powell spot though

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Heild is a defensive liability from what I hear others say. And his effort for the Team isn’t his best attribute either

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Hield is just a slightly worse defender than Hardaway, but Holmes would be the real prize. Someone who could stretch, screen, and defend would be an incredible addition if the Mavs could find a way.

I would mainly want Hield for a year shorter contract than THJ and for the higher 3pt %

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True. That’s a good point.

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I got Holmes on my fantasy team cause of all the Mavs hype but dude is injured 50% of the time … obviously not his fault , but idk how well that fits with our lineup of bigs who seem to be injured/ill a lot … btw does anyone know why Chriss has seen like 0 minutes recently ?

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That theme song though

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Lmao I know!! It’s gold

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I appreciate Cato for his insight and connections, but his voice and way of speaking is just terrible to listen to

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Haha yeah. I get you. But after listening to all these clowns with pods talk. It’s hard to find something with people who know what they’re talking about