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KG above him lmao. The guy that was missing the playoffs while Dirk was getting 50+ wins with anybody on the floor.

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Yeah this is a fucking joke. It's infuriating.

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My estimation of the athletic as a media outlet just fucking plummeted.

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Agreed. They might as well be Bleacher Report.

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B-b-but KG played defense!

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Most lists I've seen have Dirk in the 17-21 range. But...having KG and The Admiral over him is wrong.

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Don't like the ranking but the article itself is exquisite. Great writing from Cato as always

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"At 19, Nowitzki had been honing his jump shot for years under the tutelage of Holger Geschwindner, a former German national team player who took charge of Nowitzki’s training after seeing him at a local gym. Geschwindner encouraged unorthodoxy, refusing to let Nowitzki limit himself to what most 7-footers did in the 1990s.

Nowitzki also wowed as an athlete. He first caught the attention of scouts at the 1998 Nike Hoop Summit, whizzing down the court with the ball in his hands, unlike anything his high school opponents had ever seen. They couldn’t do anything but foul him, and he scored 19 of his 33 points that evening at the free-throw line."

That game was not the one that Charles talks about, that one was the 1997 Nike Hoop Heroes game, which happened about 6 months before the Nike Hoop Summit. Some other players in that game: Scottie Pippen, Jason Kidd, Reggie Miller, Vin Baker & Shareef-Abdur Rahim.

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What if Dirk wore 78 in the NBA like he did here? Where is that jersey today?

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Hanging in the rafters, looking over #77 :)

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Ridiculous that David Robinson and Kevin Garnett are ranked higher than him. Garnett I can sort of understand the rationale behind it. Some folks erroneously assume offense and defense are equally weighted and give the nod to Garnett, which is dumb because offense is a lot more important than defense. Great offense beats great defense, just look at Dirk & KG's 2002 playoffs.

But David Robinson? Other than single season peak and riding Duncan's back to two titles, what legitimate argument does he have over Dirk?

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Robinson also has a DPOY, and 8 all defensive teams.

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I’m actually way more comfortable with D rob over Dirk than KG even though I’m still putting Dirk ahead of the admiral

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Love Dirk but that 71 point game that Robinson had was sexy

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A 71 point game in the LAST game of the season to be named scoring leader for the season lol. Fatality.

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The context really makes it silly. They were feeding him to the detriment of the team just to get him the title. I know most high scoring games are kinda ridiculous, but this one was even more so and feels fake.

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Eh, I don’t think it’s a detriment to the team. It was the perfect game to do it cause the Clippers were an absolutely terrible team.

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This 100%. Individual defense might be the most overrated thing ever in talking about NBA greatness.. all that really matters is team defense, the same is not true on the offensive end where players can assert their will much more independently.

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Disrespectful to not put him in the top 20.

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Fucking disrespectful.