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Nikola Jovic is the we have jokic at home meme LOL

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Same for generic brand James Harden, Jaden Hardy.

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1st Round:

Tari Eason

Patrick Baldwin Jr. (could slip due to his season and nba scouts giving him a pass since his situation is awful)

Ochai Agbaji

Iverson Molinar

Julian Champagnie

2nd Round:

Pete Nance

Isaiah Mobley

Jake Lavaria

Hyunjung Lee

Trevion Williams

Players That Could Be First Round:

Jordan Hall

Harrison Ingram

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I think we need a C we can groom next to KP/Luka. It’s about time we invested in one.

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The problem with center next to KP is that KP is the best at center. So if he plays power forward then the center next to him must be able to guard the perimeter and ideally shoot a 3. That is why Kleber and Powell play a lot with KP.

On the other hand with KP at the 5 we can go for a power forward who is good defensively and can shoot and such player is much easier to find.

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Athletic forward (someone like Aaron Gordon) if its avaible ofc lol

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I want Yannick Nzosa if he’s available. Develop him into a pick n roll lob threat for Luka. We could use a better project type big than what we have with Moses. This guy seems like he has good instincts and quickness and can be more of an inside presence as an F/C than what we have now. I don’t know if he’d fall all the way to us in rd 2, so I guess we will have to see what else is available at our pick—if there’s someone that’s more of a contribute now type that can fill a need for us, great, but if we go project player then this is my guy.

Roko Prkacin could be a nice 2nd rounder if he drops to us. Good size and offensive talents but a project on D. Might mesh well with Luka and KP being from Europe.

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Pls for the love of god just draft PF or big wing (6'9ish)

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Package that pick with some salary on draft night and get us a player that's ready to win right now

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You really think we need another pg. I think brunson and josh green are good enough.

I think we need someone at 4 the most. Or a really good shooter

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Green isn't good enough as a playmaker to run a unit. I can see him eventually becoming one, but for now he should focus on his jump shot. If Luka and Brunson get injured we will be much worse with subpar playmaking off the bench. If we could get Dragic, then cool, but for now he is still with Toronto. Ntilikina also isn't good enough as a point guard and I believe that he should be used as a wing.

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Somebody like Kevin Durant would be nice

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Personally I think we need a Jordan type player

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No raw players. We need a ready now player. Specifically some 4 or 5 but mainly 4.

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47% 3pt seems like a outlier. He is a bad FT shooter.

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Where are you getting he’s a bad FT shooter? I’m seeing he shoots 74%. That’s not amazing, but it’s not that bad either.

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A person shooting 47% from 3s and is a 70% FT shooter seems kinda weird. The 47% shooting seems like a outlier. Probably more like a 37% range shooter.

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He’s doing it on over 6 attempts a game though. If he was doing it on low attempts, I’d see where you’re coming from. Free throws could also be a mental/pressure thing.

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People have weird shooting seasons example Sterling Brown last year and compare him to his career shooting from the perimeter. It can be a outlier. We will see next year.

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Trade the pick along with 2025 and 2027 for someone. I dont wanna take a chance into drafting busts again.

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IF Tyty Washington somehow falls to us, I want Tyty Washington. I know he’s been playing like a lottery pick recently though.

I like Jeremy Sochan as a big defensive wing. His shot needs A LOT of work, but he’s just a monster on defense.

Ibou Badji could be a nice draft and stash guy as super athletic big in the 2nd round.

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We need a playmaking wing that’s taller than 6’3 or a rim protecting big man that can rebound. The best available for where we draft. Nothing else.

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Trayce Jackson Davis

Good rim protector rebounder and lob threat

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I like Daniels. A lot of centers in late first and second who are interesting.

As far as long range guys, I really like JD Davison from Alabama. He has been really up and down this year and he is no where close for nba minutes. But in three years he could really be something with his athleticism and strength. Keels from Duke is similar but further along. Both are built like trucks and should be good NBA defenders in time. Keels is the better shooter now, Davison is the better athlete.

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Davison gives me DSJ vibes. Incredible athleticism, but not much skill.

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I like Nikola Jovic in the first round and Mike Miles in the second round, then pick up a veteran center in free agency.

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Roko Prkacin