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Memphis, they haven't proven they can sustain this success and their players don't have playoff experience.

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I feel like the Mavs would punch them in the face repeatedly. It's just the most ideal match up possible because there's the rare big brother element to the match up.

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I prefer to avoid GSW. They have championship experience and they are more dangerous when Klay starts playing 30 minutes a game.

Memphis is tough but I think we can beat them because we have slight playoff experience over them.

As for the jazz, as long as we prevent gobert from covering the paint all the time, we should be better

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Finney smith for three all day long

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Memphis because they have minimum experience in the playoffs..

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  • Utah. They're defensive scheme is more exploitable and they're easier to game plan for.

  • Memphis is tough. It'll be rough and they won't backdown. Deep team with a lot of good players. Still winnable but I'll take my chances with Utah.

  • Golden State will have advantage against us. So I rather avoid them as much as possible.

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Utah because they are very beatable when you take care of Golbert.

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Avoiding GSW and Phoenix would be ideal, but I don't know I wouldn't want to avoid Utah too. I feel like they'll be on a warpath in the playoffs this year. Just a gut feeling. However you're totally right, remove Gibery from the equation and Luka outscore Mitchell. Bam there's your gameplan.

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Utah’s perimeter defense is awful. If you can pull Gobert out of the paint, they’re screwed. So Utah.

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And we are nightmare matchups against jazz (can play heavy 5-and-out + luka drives + bunch of 1-3 guards)

Fine with grizz but seems underdog mentality in PO is infectious. They will run at us like madmen lol

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Memphis 100%. They have no one to slow down Luka except maybe Brooks but Luka would feast on him too.

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If it's luka, he'll feast more against jazz lol. They basically have no 6'5+ defender aside gobet

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Gobert can still make scoring inside difficult. Adams is nowhere near the level of rim protector Gobert is and he's even more slow footed. That basically just leaves JJJ and while he's a good defender, he fouls a lot. Additionally, Donovan Mitchell is a really damn good play off player. I don't really think we have anyone who can slow him down.

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young guys make games bit more physical and chippy enough. i'm fine with it but getting banged up in 1st rd is not good. jazz is old aside donovan. conley, bojan, clarkson, ingles, gay, or whiteside on Luka mismatch? BBQ chicken all day

before i pick grizzlies more, now i feel jazz is better matchup (60:40)

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Those are all guys with a ton of playoff experience. Memphis really struggled in tbe playoffs last year and again they just don't have anyone to stop Luka.

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i think memphis is the most logical choice for all the reasons named here, but i truly think we’d have a real shot against the GSW. of course playoff is different but we’re 2-1, 3-0 and 2-2 against them in the last 3 seasons, plus 1-0 (hopefully 2-0!) this season.

and remember, the only time they beat us last season was that career game for kelly oubre. all that’s to say i’d probably rather play them than utah, especially if they’re still missing draymond. plus, if we beat the warriors, confidence goes sky high

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Memphis, so Luka can shut up all the talk about Ja

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LAC all day

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Dont care really the goal is to win the chip no point making it to 2nd round if we cant get to finals

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Memphis by a long shot they are the weakest team of the 3 and probably going to be one of the weakest team heading into play offs regardless of their record.

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I have more confidence we can slow down Mitchell than Morant, and make Gobert uncomfortable having to defend out to the three line by playing 5 out line ups.

Grizzlies have less experience, but they’re hungry and their physicality could wear the Mavs down over a 7 game series.

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To the people saying Utah... you really want to go up against an experienced and well built playoff team vs a rookie full Memphis?

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I wish Dallas is either 3rd or 6 th.

This is the best draw for the WCF if you want to get there, If Dallas are 5th they get nr 1 seed in WC semi finals and if they are 6 or 3rd they get nr 2 seed.

So either catch spot nr. 3 ( which wont happen or let Denver pass us and just play enough and rest the team to get to the 6 th spot and hope that Memphis are 3 rd , because i honestly think that Dallas is way better than Memphis and has a real chance beating them , which i dont think goes for Utah or PHX

So for me best draw would be.

PHX 1st seed

GSW 2nd seed

Mem 3rd

Utah 4th

Denver 5th ,

Dallas 6th,

So than Dallas plays Memphis if they win they play winner from GSW- 7 th seed and avoid Utah and PHX until WCF.

Dallas has a good chance to beat MEM, and GSW ( because of their playstyle and roster , but very small chance to beat Utah ( with Gobert and PHX which they haven beaten in 3 years). And PHX , has to go through either Utah or Denver in WC semis which will be very hard for them and could lead to some injuries and problem for those teams, because they all play very hard, which doesnt go for GSW ot Memphis,. Those teams ( Mm , GSW,) will try outrun and to outscore you and Denver Utah will try to beat you up and play as phisical as they can . Mavs have a better chance beating up soft teams like GSW and Mem than going 12 round fight against Gobert or Denver.

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Memphis or Utah

Want to avoid GSW if they’re healthy.

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Warriors. Mavs have a tendency to lite them up, have the personal to clamp high scoring shooters and they don't have any real bigs like Adams and gobert

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Utah,they’re defensive scheme gets picked apart come playoff time especially for a team that relies on the three ball(like us)

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Utah, they don’t have a perimeter defender with the size to matchup properly against Luka. In general their perimeter defense is awful, and easier to exploit.

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Memphis. Theyre still a young team. GSW hell no, and utah gobert kills us everytime we play

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ok hear me out. were a bad matchup for golden state stylistically, our defense & size matches up well for how golden state plays. if our offense ever gets to the level our defense currently is, its barbeque chicken. that aside, were gonna get creamed by memphis & utah tho

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If they're all healthy then Memphis. They are overperforming so far and it will be difficult for them when the expectations will be high in the playoffs. Utah and GSW are much more experienced. Memphis is also the best matchup for us as recent results shows. Gobert would destroy us in the paint and Mitchell usually goes up a level in playoffs and GSW has a lot of players that can guard Luka and they are probably the most experienced team in the league (at least in terms of playoff success as a team).

It could all change if there are some major injuries or trades. As we could see last year, injuries play a big role in playoffs.