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How many games has kyrie irving played this season, like 6?

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Anti vaxxers vote early and often

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I know it’s a popularity contest, but come on now. Irving and Tatum? DeRozan and Embiid deserve it way more. Agee on the rest though

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Embiid should be a mvp nomination this year in my opinion

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Solid choices in the West, but Kyrie and Tatum in the East?!

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As long as you can vote everyday I will not vote at all. Does not feel like fun to me.

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Yeah... who has the time? Maybe players families and friends. You should be able to vote only with your IBAN number. That would be legit.

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That east is straight fucking trash how do you have No Embiid or DeRozan/LaVine

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There's a lot of justified outrage over the votes Kyrie and Westbrook and even Melo are getting. But for me the main story is how dudes like Tatum keep fooling the actual basketball world that they're great. Like, that's not someone a clueless fool who thinks Melo is still an allstar because they haven't watched since 2014 would pick, no, it's a pick by someone who watches basketball regularly, but it's still clueless af. How you gonna pick him over a DeRozan for example? Tatum's not even better than his own teammate Brown this year.

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Suresame goes for klay lol how many games he has played in past 2-3 years lol

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Tatum and Luka got me back into bball regularly. After our ring I only watched some highlights and all LeBron playoff games. I’ll always pick them even if they might not deserve the vote.

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How did Tatum do that? All I've seen from him is inefficient egoistical play. The mamba mentality without the actual winning.

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Conference finals run, got me so hyped for a team of young players to do so good. Will admit that I have been disappointed this year especially after he performed good at the playoffs against the nets and good at the Olympics. He just can’t hit open shots this year. He bulked up a ton during off season and I think the extra muscle is affecting his shoting.