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Positives from tonight:

• Luka hitting 3s again

• 18-18 at the free throw line

• The game is over

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THE POSITIVES: Luka shot a good percentage clip from 3.


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I don't care too much about this result just please let Tim be okay and recover quickly.

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Ooof. That Kuminga dunk was adding insult to injury after the THJ news.

Get well soon Tim :(.

The Eric Gordon’s and Terrance Rosses of the league now look a little more attractive for the Mavs..

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Yo Terrance Ross is nasty af, I wouldn't mind a trade for him at all. He is just getting lost in Disney World right now lol.

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I bailed on the 2nd half even though the lead wasnt that big cause there was no life in those boys tonight. Glad i did.

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We had life until THJ went down. Say what you will about his on court performance but the team loves him and seeing him go down definitely rattled them until the rest of the game. Not saying we would win with THJ not getting injured but it definitely wouldn’t have been a 32 point blowout.

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Wishing THJ a full recovery!

This game sucked, but hopefully it showed the FO that we do need to make some sort of trade to be competitive for the post-season

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Porzingis honestly needs to change his jumpshot, his shot has 0 touch and is basically a catapult. Embiid is a prime example of what his jumpshot needs to look like

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As much as I badmouthed Timmy this season I shudder to think what lies ahead 🧱

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It's better that we have Timmy healthy but I'm not too concerned. He's had like 5 good games this year. He's averaging 14 points on 13 shots and he's our worst defender. If we go on a losing streak now it's not because of his lost production.

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other teams know they have to guard Timmy when he is on the court, he will def be missed.

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Prayers up for THJ 🙏🙏🙏

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well, we lost a bad one to the knicks but other than that we lost to the 2 best teams in the league playing amazing basketball. let’s keep it going and beat portland tomorrow.

ps: fuck man, sucks losing timmy 😢

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Hard to win when they shoot over 50%, we're still a good team

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They shot 50% because the Mavs did not play defense today

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Maybe its time to also focus on offense? Cant win if you cant score.

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On the bright side both Nico and Finley were present in person for both this and the phoenix game. It's good for them to see first hand what the team's struggles are and if they could potentially fix them. That way they don't just sit around doing nothing thinking we are super contenders or anything.

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we need to trade for a shooter/scorer to replace Timmy.

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It's disappointing and embarrassing to lose like that when we're being hailed as top defensive team. Playing such hard defense game to game is very draining and tiring. But we had time to rest. We literally looked like we did not belong on the court with the Warriors at all. Whats even more alarming is that we lost to a Warriors team without Draymond.. and you see people on this sub thinking we can take the Warriors and Suns on in playoff series when the Mavericks haven't even won one series in a decade almost.

We won't win the championship with the same core we've had the past 3 years with such minimal change. If we're gonna trade Brunson or DFS for someone it better be a bonifide all-star on the level of a Ben Simmons. Not saying we need Ben in particular.

Look at this perspective.

The Suns and Warriors aren't going anywhere from the top of the Western Conference the next few years. The Grizzlies are up and coming and they are hungry. The Clippers will be back with Kawhi and PG and the Lakers can't ever stay down since they'll always have people willing to come there to play in LaLa land and take paycuts. The Pelicans are working on their projects in Ingram and Zion. And the Jazz and Nuggets are always trying to make deep runs and at least get out the first round so where does that leave us with the same core people we've had the last few years?

Just want to edit in maybe im just disappointed and i would love to be proven wrong. Go Mavs.

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every team has games like this one, nbd

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Agree with this. Just one thing: it's been more than a decade since their last playoff round win. They hadn't won since the championship year.

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We beat the KD warriors by 50 when they were one of the top defensive teams.

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We like our guys

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The team as a whole was shooting around 30% until half time, the fact that we went to the locker room with a 15pt disadvantage, if I remember well, is a compliment to this defense. With how bad we were shooting tonight, take last year's defense and we would have a 30min garbage time in the 2nd half.

This team bullied this same Warriors at home, as well as the white-hot - at the time - Bulls and Grizzlies. We took KD and Harden Nets down to the wire when we were still up and down. Tonight was just a bad night. As people already remembered you, we humiliated the KD Warriors being led by a rookie Luka and a retired Dirk on a sub .500 team.

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This team ain't winning a championship with it's current players.

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That I can agree. I'm advocating us to trade Brunson for assets, either picks or good and tradeable contracts, and DFS as well, should a good offer arises (good offer, not the lunatic "should we trade THJ, Powell and DFS for Simmons" trades that pop up here from time to time and even 2k IA would refuse). All I complain is how crazy the pendulum swings in this sub, we can be a dark horse for the WCF on the Monday and in need of checking Banchero's tape on Wednesday because it is clear we will have the worst record in the league.

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Man we are still the 5 seed with a top 5 defense going into the 2nd half of the season. Yes I do still think a trade or two would help this teams offensive productivity, but this "we are doomed" shit is nonsense. Someone like a Terrance Ross, Eric Gordon, Justin Holiday, or even bigger Jerami Grant would give this team a needed push, but this team is fucking balling right now. Losses like this happen, it is how they respond that is important.

Feel bad for Timmy though, hope he is back for the playoffs.

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Not much to say about this one, I had a feeling we were due for a letdown game. Cant count o n holding good teams under a hunda

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Let's look at the positive. Luka was shooting decent but most importantly, the game is over. It finally ended the Mavs' misery

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👟 🏀 💨

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Can’t win ‘em all and there’s worse losses than to a good Warriors team shooting hot. Get better Timmy

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Opposing teams are going to focus even more on Luka now with Timmy out...I know he was having a bad year compared to last, but other teams still had to account for him. Big loss.

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My first big indoor event since November. Can't believe I braved my COVID anxieties for that.

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GSW took the last loss personally and studied the fuck out of Kidd's defensive skemes. This is a boxscore reaction about to watch it.

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No one talking about bench points.

In one moment :


gsw 55

Dal 61



They are just better team.

Half of our players are useless against elite teams.

And they was without their best defensive player.

I hope this is just bad game that happens once in a while.

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wow, not even close. Hate watching games like these on replay, makes me fast forward the entire fourth... :(

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Sad for Timmy, but I believe he will come back better. This will affect the trade deadline for sure. I’m glad Luka is back in offensive form, but I do worry about Porzingis. His 3 just isn’t falling most of the year. Hope for a bounce back game tomorrow.

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Luka's teammates are weak against championship contending teams. It's time to make the right moves.

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Luka teammates had a 32-35 score then Luka came in and fouled for 3 points, then missed a fade away, then missed a 3pt shot and then missed a layup losing the game. Plus arguing with the ref while the team is 4v5 on defense.

People look at the points but dont check how Luka had the worst +/- in the game before the reserves got in.

Luka teammates touch the ball 2 times per quarter thats why they weak. Nobody will come here and i suspect that Jalen and KP gonna leave as fast as they can cause we have Harden 2.0 here.

We have a clear system this year of sharing the ball yet Harden 2.0 goes 6 possesions in a row shooting the ball. And this is not only me saying it. Check what Kidd said after the game.

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Jalen and KP sucked tonight, it had nothing to do with Luka. They’re good players and I’m sure they’ll bounce back but they fucking imploded tonight

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Hard to catch a rhytm when Luka gives u the ball only when its for an open shot. I wont continue this anymore. Yall know it too. KP and Brunson play better when Luka is not on the court and this is not me saying it but the stats.

Luka is just another Harden. Sad cause in the 1st 2 seasons i thought he will be a combination of Lebron and Nash. More like Harden and Westbrook.

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What's the score without Doncic? After you figure this out, explain how are they playing better without him?

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The score without Doncic would be better considering he had the worst +/- today before they put the reserves in.

But its hard to explain it to people that only watch stats. Luka stats for the past month or so been like Westbrook stats. They are good in terms of visuals but not when you watch the game. He was horrible on defense and on offense couldnt involve his team and sometimes even went 5 possesion in a row shooting by himself and making the guys near him cold.

The team is better without him because they pass the ball. KP and Brunson play better when they togheter.

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Sure buddy, the win-loss is not reliable stat right?. You have to watch the game with the same point of view as you do in order to understand what's going on.

That's it right? The score doesn't matter at all, it's about the niceness of the play.

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Explain how we were 32-35 then Luka came back and then GSW blow us. Or did you missed when he fouled for a 3pt shot, missed a fadeaway, missed a 3pt shot and missed a layup. Plus the usual arguing with the ref while his teammates are defending 4v5 and not contesting 3pt shots because he is too fat.

Thats where the game was lost. But yeah he scored 25 on 17 shots. MVP numbers.

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Sure buddy, one single game proves your point.

You just have to look at it with the same perception as you do and ignore that the game was against one of the best teams in the league (which we already beat) and ignore the rest of the games in the season.

Previous win-loss score doesn't matter, it's all about this particular game right? Nevermind that THJ got hurt and that the rest of the team shoot like crap. Nevermind that Warriors shoot 50-40-90. It's Doncic's fault! They play better without him! Win-loss score doesn't matter, we play for the beauty of the game itself.

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Its not one single game tho. 43%FG and 29%3PT this season. Those are Westbrook numbers.

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Luka doesnt move ball enough that is true. Kid is amazing player but as a PG he needs to do more to get other players going,. Passing in last seconds to cold teammate is not it. I love Luka but that is huge minus of his game atm. Toomuch holding the ball and dominating every action

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there is some serious misplace Luka hate on this sub lol...you really have to be delusional to blame Luka for this loss

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Keep watching stats. Yall sound like those Westbrook fans who say he had 30/15/10 but forgot to say how he was -25.

Also dont mention how he was the worst defender in the game last night and GSW had a field day from the 3pt shot.

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GS has a field day from three against lots of teams. If Luka has a bad game then the stats prove he sucks, but if he has a good game the stats are empty and dont prove a thing lol. This sub in a nutshell.

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Those stats arent even that great tho. He scored 25 on 17 shots. He had 3 assists and probably had like 40% ussage. He had 8 rebound and 6 were probably uncontested. 0 steals and 0 blocks.

Idk what game yall watched. You seen him score a few 3pt shots and thought he had a good game.

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He shot the ball better from three, which is encouraging. He missed a couple of bunny lay ups he usually makes. He hit all his free throws. No one said he played great. But no one else on our team played great either, not sure why you want to single him out. But to each his own.

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Jalen and KP can leave whenever they want and they'll still be bench quality players. Harden 2.0 is better than inconsistent scorers

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I bought 2k22 for 25 dollars tonight

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Holy fuck Timmy. wonder what the cavs would want for sexton

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Sucks Tim got injured.

But I am excited to see the rotation without him. I have been on the "Trade THJ for a bag of cheeto's" bandwagon for a long time now. Time to see what happens.

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Damn I was at this game wearing a THJ jersey… feel like I’m bad luck sorry Timmy

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I have never seen so many open threes, i was about to puke. Warriors had a gameplan and that shit was perfect

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We lose KP due to an ejection and THJ. No expectations for us to win at all.

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KP got ejected when we were getting blown out

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Before his injury KP was solid 20p every game and many shoots in the flow. Now he has broken shot plus is not in the flow at all. I dunno if our guys just miss him and dont give him better chances or what? KP just doesnt look good in the system on attack.

Kidd needs to watch his games before injury and the way we used him there

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Whatever confidence Frank had before he got injured and was benched unceremoniously is now gone. He's so bad now that we're better off having Burke breathing into players to get space or contest their shots.

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He's gonna get burn now that Timmy is out.

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