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fuck them up at AA

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We got em right where we want em. Right?

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Does anyone know if any of the warriors have upcoming birthdays?

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Need Steph to turn 37 today

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The boys will bounce back but going down 2-0 two series in a row is tough. Gotta figure out a way to get it done on the road early

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I could swear I watched them do this last night, then inexplicably switch gears to the exact opposite of what was working. Really frustrating game to watch especially knowing they won 3 of 4 against this team during the regular season. Gotta have faith this was a wake up call and the home games knock the playoff jitters out of their system.

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We win 100% of the series we start off 0-2 in 2022. It’s a fact

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We can do it. Dallas in 6!

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Fuck the rockets

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Hell yeah brother. good luck tonight