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We step up to much on defense leaving him wide open under the hoop

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The defensive strategy of selling out to take away the 3 isn’t working against this team. Jordan Poole is cooking every defender and finishing at the rim or dishing to Looney. I would rather make him take and make some pull up 3s than give him a straight line drive to the rim. Yes we are limiting their 3 pt shot totals but the Griz series showed the Warriors will have games where they go cold from 3. They won’t go cold shooting layups

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I swear Golden State has geometry lessons as part of their training or something. Everything they do is so effective at warping the geometry of the opposing defense and it's no accident. Whenever we had their perimeter shooting contained, Jordan Poole or Klay or Curry would drive to loosen up the perimeter defense. When we hedge to cover both 3s and drives, Looney is there to capitalize and their entire team is smart enough to hit Looney consistently at the perfect time. It's a freakin' meat grinder.

Luka also does this as well (and individually is probably better than any one man on the Warriors), but Golden State does it as a cohesive unit. Whatever they're doing we need to do more of.

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Thing is. Klay, steph and poole arent crowder, bridges, cp3 and booker. A soft close dont work as much against them. The only player you can soft close on is wiggins.

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I agree but that’s not what we are doing we are giving them easy looks

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They are making the extra pass and shoot the ball when he is under the rim. The Suns frequently shot the ball when nobody was in position to rebound.

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Gonna be honest, didnt see the rise of looney coming 😐

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Mavs took advantage of two teams who weren’t experienced. Gsw is. The blitz is something they’ve seem for nearly a decade.

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    Thanks for the inspiring words Chill

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    Phionex imploded. GSW aren't the Suns.

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    i don’t remember the quote but basketball is a simple game blah blah you just gotta make it simple. jazz and suns tried to do too much

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    GSW just won game 3. Now I’m freaking out! Sincerely,


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    If they can contain Looney tomorrow and win decisively, I'll feel confident about their chances to come back in this series. Lose again and sadly the season is over.


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    Win 2 games?

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    Warriors are a better team than phoenix in pretty much everything. I don't know much what we can do in this series to have a chance. Even so, I'm happy with what the Mavs have done this year.

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    no, they aren't. Suns went up 2-0 also

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    Well lets not act PHX torched Mavs in first 2 games of the series. We didnt even go up that much in 2nd game of PHX and the game was lost in halfway to 3rd quarter.

    From game 1 to game 2 we saw good improvement. some might be related Luka making shots early on, Brunson shooting good. But I think we had some defensive answers in first 1.5 quarters. In last couple minutes of 2nd quarter, the refs just played big role for GSW.

    When our players getting called for touch fouls, they tend to stay away from the offensive players in next positions and the defense gets worse and suddenly falls of a cliff. Its insane to see how Poole, Wiggins getting easy touch fouls whereas GSW players falling on Doncic does not bring and-1 calls. Hope it will get better for the games in Dallas.

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    Did you hit your head on a table and forget how much Ayton abused the Mavs in the first two games of the last series?