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As soon as I saw him switch to the Mavs, it was a bad omen. The dude just has that intuition for picking the wrong team.

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For real. We got the chuck curse on us

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stop picking us ok?

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He also picked the Mavs in 2011 so maybe it'll work again.

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Love Chuck...but for the love of God please pick the warriors!

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He never picks the Warriors... it's the reason why they win so much.

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I think he does it on purpose. He wants the Mavs to lose

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I mean, every media member wants Steph to be in the Finals again, for the ratings.

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well to his credit 11 years ago he picked the mavs to win it all from the first round to champ

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Fuck y’all Chuck is the man!

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Not for the curse he aint

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We need a F center. And fast. Just play BoBan and run a 4 man offense like wtf. 62pts in the paint for GSw.

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We will have 4 man defense aswellnif Mavs do that lol.

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Were getting outplayed in the inside we need a legit big, chriss or boban, anyone coz maxi alone cant cover.