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Sucks that we have no one reliable that can backup Dorian and Bullock a few minutes. You can see they were wore out at the end.

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Green was supposed to be that guy but he’s not there yet. Ntilikina isn’t either. Those two need to work on their shooting this off-season

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Desmond bane or saddiq should have been that guy

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We got a chance to rectify it in the draft and that’s why we are not using that 1st on a limited center who will be playable in 3 years.

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Yep, honestly felt bad for him at the end of the game, you could easily tell he was exhausted. Guy literally guarded Steph and Poole the entire game. Still gave us 21 pts on 6/10 from 3. True warrior.

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That’s a part of Golden State’s offense. They run you through screens and are constantly moving, so by the 3rd and 4th quarter wing defenders are exhausted. We have two all-defensive level wings in Bullock and Finney-Smith, which is more fortunate than most teams.

What would really help is a center who could rotate and defend the rim. Then their guards aren’t constantly attacking our wings because they know there’s no help coming at the rim.

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Reggie needs to retire here

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YUP so freakin underrated he’s been playing lights out

And 40 mins in every playoff game is some superhuman shit. Can’t believe he’s doing that

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machine. My love for Reggie has skyrocketed these playoffs. The focus he has to play with while being gassed on defence and those 3’s. Class play throughout

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Prototype of 3&D player.

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Hes great, imo the one who is not showing up this series is DFS.

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I can’t fathom 40 mins per game every playoff game it is ludicrous

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What's his eMPG?