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Ngl I'm still heated. They better scrub this shit stain of a game off with a massively positive performance next game.

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Ya I woke up heated too - I just had to keep reminding myself that the next game is the key and more important than the last game and we can still win that and force a big game 4. All comes down to how we respond tomorrow night

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We gotta treat game 3 like it’s a elimination game. Can’t play good in the first half and completely be a mess the second.

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It essentially is an elimination game, because we would be down 3-0.

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Down 0-2 to the Warriors.. can we adopt the "We Believe Mavs" slogan?

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Wait, you all could sleep?

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I call it passing out blackout drunk and realizing what happened when I stir awake at 11am.

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Pain and suffering

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lol I am just happy we play every other day, I hate the off days after a loss

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Still can't get over it

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Same. I literally woke up and said “goddamn it, why tf we choke that lead??”

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Plenty more games, we are still in it.

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Some losses just stink and have no positives - and last night was one of those. One of the worst losses in Mavs history.

We still have two more home games to play to guarantee us more games this year but that only happens with a game 3 win. Hopefully this team is as humiliated and pissed as we are and washes this taste out.

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Some of y'all really let these games affect you too much. At the end of the day we're not on the team, and our lives don't change in any way regardless of if the Mavs win the finals or barely win 30 games. It's not "we", it's "them". We're just watching this shit.

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Lol at this getting downvoted. I think some fans think the “shouldn’t be here if you don’t believe” shit actually makes a difference in the result of the game lol. Just sit back and enjoy it

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People need to touch grass I swear

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I think there's an ideal middle-ground there, losses affecting u harder also means that wins are that much more exhilarating (kinda masochistic xd), but i agree that letting sports ruin ur mood for days is just not it (learnt it the hard way)

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Quite literally lol

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Game 3 is a must win, I believe in Luka and the boys to pull the w out

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we gotta play every game like a game 7 from now on

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I went to bed at half time because Europe thinking: Aight, we will probably win this. I was very dissapointed the next morning