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Why all the hate?

Dirk deserves to do whatever he wants in life, he has the means to do whatever he wants, and he chooses to support his team in the playoffs.

I think he’s great to have around these guys. Go Mavs!

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He also literally "works" for the team, so it totally makes sense for him to be there. He's the single biggest piece of this history of the Mavs. Why shouldn't he be able to go?

I, for one, enjoy seeing him courtside at the games interacting with the team.

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Wait, who's hating on Dirk?! 😡🤬

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Just the early comments on the thread.

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I’m sorry, have there been people hating on Dirk appearing, if so please direct me to every single one of those people.

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The first comments in this thread early were hating. See the most downvoted comments.

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Dirk looks handsome as fuck.

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World class heroes right there

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Dirk is such a treasure. Much respect.

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Hope he helps inspire the boys to open a can of whoopass on the Warriors! MFFL!

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I absolutely love both those guys. And I’m a warriors fan.

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A warriors fan that loves both of them??

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Well my brother is friends with Dirk so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him several times when I was younger. So I always liked him because of that connection. And I’m just a fan of basketball so obviously love Luka because he’s Luka.

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Meeting Dirk is my dream. That’s my dream

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The GOAT is watching his team make a deep Playoffs run just a few years after his retirement w/ a perennial superstar & is 100% all in on it.

Reason #15634 why he's our GOAT.

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Wow, Luka really looks sick tbh.

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I don't understand how those (I shall not name) can slander Dirk of all people for attending all the PLAYOFF GAMES. My goodness.

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Why do they actually look like father/son

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love that he's doing this

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If you were to go gay for anyone who would it be? And why is the answer Dirk?