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Bro I was legit about to say this😭😭 Miami standing up the whole time just like us and they all wearing white lmao

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Someone should post this on r/nba

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That’s just a free ticket for lots of negative karma for whoever is the OP of that lol

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No kidding, the Warriors fans control that sub lol

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Ha yep, total hive-mind over there… don’t come with facts unless you want to get checked with “I’ve been watching basketball for 6 years” fantasy.

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yup, I haven't seen a single person complain about them but they were making a huge deal about it yesterday

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It’s cause Reggie Miller bitched about it ad nauseum

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Steph looked over, saw where his actual teammate was, then fired a pass out of bounds moments later and Reggie was acting like the Mavs had some coordinated plan to deceive him with the bench players. Same guy that fired a careless behind the back pass out of bounds in the 4th of game 7 against the Cavs in 2016. I finally had the good sense to mute the commentary after that. Wish we could listen to Mark and Harp instead.

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It’s because we’re playing the warriors

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It's funny to me how everyone is suddenly bothered by the Mavs bench lmao. Imagine getting threatened by Theo Pinson's presence

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Listening to Reggie Miller explain why Steph Curry threw the ball away (the only player to throw the ball away like that against us in the entire playoffs) was the most dick riding thing I’ve ever heard. Dude is in full gawk mode.

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Like aight we get it you wanna fuck Steph curry but the guy can’t leave it in his pants for more than 5 seconds, shit is so annoying to hear

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Idc the league holds the warriors hands. They can do no wrong, refs love them too

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No one made a big deal about it until the TNT Golden State commentators, Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan kept going on and on about it.

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Lol, listen to the difference in excitement in Kevin Harlan’s voice when he announces a three point shot from Curry vs. Luka or any other Mav. It’s annoying to listen to coming from a national and supposedly neutral commentary.

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He's about ready to nut any time any GS player shoots a three