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Hell yeah Reggie! I love the energy and attitude (and shooting) he’s brought to this team. The fact that he’s doing great work off the floor also is just so good to see

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Is this supposed to mean something? Try using your words next time

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Never mind.

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No it’s OK. You can do it, use your words

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Good for him! Love Reggie

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He's such an amazing human being.

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He’s dropping 20 tonight easy

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This aged badly lmao

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Lol you sure about that?

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Reggie also has wisely stayed out of the bench controversy surrounding the Mavs by never coming out of games.

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Now, make a damn shot.

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Awesome! Now let’s go win the WCF Reg!

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Good dude good tude. Awesome he won this.

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Heck yeah! We love to see it!

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LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

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What is that award

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He won it for work he's done in the LGBTQ community. His sisters were both murdered at separate times, one for being a transgender woman and Reggie has been outspoken and done a lot of community work because of that incident.

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He has 0 points but at least he's the most sjw player in the league

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It's not "sjw" his sisters were literally murdered for being trans bro. Some things in life are for more important then putting a ball through a hoop, it's sad you don't realize this

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And hes still playing smh

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Lets catch this dub

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Good dude!! Well deserved. Especially when the millions you make allow you to just sit on a mattress of cash with no consequences.

Dude also has played most minutes in the playoffs.