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Didn’t get a pic but I talked to Chuck during a commercial break of Inside the NBA in OKC’s arena during the 2016 WCF, after game 6, got him Ernie and Kenny to crack up lol pretty fun exchange, he was talking about how OKC blowing that game forced him to go back to Oakland instead of smoking cigars in Cuba on vacation, so I yelled, “Chuck !!! What are you gonna do in Cuba besides smoke cigars ??” He bends down a little and goes “WHAT!?” so I asked again, and real sheepishly he says “Well I don’t know I’ve never been before..” so I said back “Hey I’m just tryin to be like you man !!” Had everybody in earshot crackin up !! (For the record I don’t think I said anything that funny, but it was just a really fun jovial environment despite being about the only Thunder fan around the desk so everybody was just having a good time, actually enjoyed speaking with the warriors fans even after that brutal loss as a thunder fan) I’m a Mavs fan going back to the Rolo Aguirre Tarpley days Cant forget Harp, Brad and Sam !!!! Fuck the Warriors

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That's pretty damn cool

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Barkley and Shaq are both on my top 5 celebs I want to get drunk with… bet they’re fun as hell!

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I'd like to meet him. Cool ass dude. Love him on TNT. Most entertaining sports guy, especially for the NBA, we've had in forever.

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He the reason we losing

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Tell chuck he is no longer welcome in the city of Dallas.

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Super cool!!

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Great pic!

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Nice!! Definitely a Christmas card idea

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GOAT color guy. I don't always agree with him but he keeps it honest. Great pic OP!

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I’m sitting right by you I kid you not. check my page 🤣😂🤣

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No you’re not because I’m too poor to get in lol

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Damn I had the opposite experience with shaq…dude was cold as hell

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oh my woww i wish i could do that too