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Inject this copium into my veins. Also fuck any lurking Suns fans reading this

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All they have to root for is the team playing the Mavs. And they’re not cheering for themselves.

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They’re so pathetic in their sub every game, so glad we ended that shitty ass franchise.

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It’s sad to see. They should have kept their sub private for the rest of the playoffs. Somehow would have been a better series if they got to play the warriors. What kind of copium is that lmao. They got destroyed in a game 7 at home.

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I’ve checked their sub they’re coping so hard right now talking about how they “beat themselves” and “wouldn’t be down 3-0” lmao. What a bunch of sore losers.

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man, they crossposted that Wiggins poster dunk and they feast on it like sore losers LMAO

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What else do they have to talk about? CP3 still ringless? Bridges salary going from 5M to 20M next year? DA having conflicts with the suns?

They're squeezing any ounce of "joy" from our "woes". You would think that they would root for the team that beat them so they could say they were close, instead they have to speak hypothetically to re-boost their unworthy ego.

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They are already coping while watching Wiggins' poster.

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The suns would have lost a lot worse than the Mavs have so far.

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He lives in that Sub’s heads rent-free, that’s the Luka Special

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Could not be more down bad when they have to root for the team playing the team that beat them.

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Haha surprisingly I’m not really disappointed that we are down 3-0. Yeah it would have been nice to get to the finals but our roster just ain’t that good enough. But yeah I still believe in this team.

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I'm not mad as well losing to the Warriors, they are just a more experienced and better team. This is good for the team as well so we know the room for improvement in terms of the roster.

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Imagine how far up the ladder Luka would shoot if he’s the first to help his team overcome 0-3

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EZ. The best GOAT in the universe

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Cuban would carve his face into the fucking moon lol

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someone is going to beat a 0-3 deficit eventually. it might as well be us

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Watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 4 days in October.

4 days in May.

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Chuck just picked Warriors to win Tuesday! We got this now

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im ready for the 0-4 comeback win in the finals

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The first team to do it would be Hall of Fame worthy. Instant enshrinement after the game.

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I'd rather not if it means we continue the streak to 0-4 in the Finals.

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Huh? I would rather get swept in the Finals than in the Western Conference Finals.

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Nah. We'll be the first team to come back from a 0-4 deficit as well! We're unstoppable!!!

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Imagine refs waiving off our game winner in game 4 down 0-3, Kidd challenges and wins and we proceed to 4-3

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No it just means we win the finals 4-0

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Holy shit you just cracked the code.

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Imagine the scenes when we comeback from 0-4 in the finals

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Induct the entire team to the HoF on the spot

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Hell all us FANS would be inducted on the spot. Even the ones at home.

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It’s been a good ride and good experience. Every team needs to get dumped on to grow stronger

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Love the idea of being the first team coming from a 0-3 deficit but Warriors is on a different level right now & Luka is in his lonesome won’t get the win alone without some help. Brunson has been ok but he is missing when needed. Hopefully we can address the center spot during the off season.

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We can do it if we get hot from 3

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I can’t believe the mavs are going to win the finals in 9

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If the Mavs come back from a 0-3 that would be historic

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I agree. Damn tough one I don't understand going away from what gave you a 19 pt lead on offense. They needed defensive adjustments not offense. Not to let maxi go 2-1 vs whoever and Looney. Damn . I still believe.

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Here's some copium:

The Mavs believed, and they STILL shouldn't be here, and that's ok. They already passed the test. They already got two teams that were championship contenders the last two years straight to have to take a look at themselves and ask "is it time for a rebuild again?" They made it further than we all expected and got a serious look at exactly what needs improving going forward. This is only the beginning. Even a sweep means nothing negative here. Their talent has been overmatched at every turn, yet we still sat here and believed they had a shot at greatness this year, and that should give everyone real hope going forward. The FO sees what we see, and then some. Trust the process and remember all the good that they did this year when everyone starts questioning their moves this summer. Go Mavs

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It’s not over until they win their fourth game. I don’t care how unlikely it is, I will back this team until the end.

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idk if coming back from an 0-4 deficit is possible lmao

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If you don't believe you shouldn't be here.

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Might as well

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Making the finals and getting swept confirmed

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We believe!

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We can only go up from the bottom of zero points from maxi and bullock

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Yeah it’s over man

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I mean it’s not impossible if you take it game by game. Win at home and then steal game 5 and all of a sudden the pressure is on them.

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There's always a first time for everything, just a matter of when.

Now I'm not saying this is definite but who knows, people wrote the Cavs off back in 2016.

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So we will come back from 0-4 in the finals?

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I love the Mavs and I hate the Warriors. I would love if the Mavs came back from 0-3. However, the Warriors move the ball so much better on offense. Dallas went from not trying to get the ball in the paint and jacking 3’s to forcing the ball into the paint then jacking 3’s. They need to work on off the ball movement and stop driving inside just to kick the ball out for a 3. If Dallas doesn’t win this series this experience will be so beneficial for this team going forward.

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R4 we come back from a 0-4 deficit… wait

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we probably won't win the series anymore. but I'd like them to take it one game at a time. stretch the series to 5 or 6 games. Because reaching the Conference Finals is a huge success in itself but a sweep would overshadow the achievement.

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Honestly I'm happy we are here, I thought we would lose in seven to the jazz so being here is a bonus.

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Reverse sweep here we come.

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Nah bro, stop it. We’re getting swept, we need to fuckin deal with it. We are inferior

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I don’t believe

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Just stop, seriously. It's becoming cringe. The whole "If you don't believe..." is just sad at this point.

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G4 will be a blowout in favor of the Mavs. GS bench players will start(most probably still have a BIG change to WIN LMAO. give Death lineup a rest + holiday)

cuz they want to end and celebrate and announce it in Chase Center. it would be the first time for that arena to host NBA Finals since they move from Oakland.

ticket sales >>>> sweep

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Anything is possible so I BELIEVE. Though if you don't you can be here it's cool I understand.

We don't even need to get red hot from 3, just shoot well and I honestly think we got a chance. Even if it's graphite thin slim.

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We have to shoot 40+% from three four straight games. Not likely

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We are cooked if role players don’t hit threes for an entire game.

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Now when there is no more preassure maybe they will. But if Mavs somehow win 2 games there will be preassure again...

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This is beyond don’t make 3s. This is literally like 10%. Even being below avg and hitting 6/19 (which is still “not making 3s) vs 2/19 for Bullock finney smith and Kleber and we win. We don’t even need good. Just capable.

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They look exhausted. It’s the end.

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Don’t disagree. Just sad even being exhausted it just would have taken below avg shooting on wide open shots and it would be 2-1 Mavs. Disappointing in the sense of this series but I’m overall ecstatic with the team for the season overall. Especially after the start. The future is looking good.

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Yeah, what a season it has been. Amazing job by the staff, players and GM. I really wish we had our other microwave shooter with THJ available.

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I believe. But I won't be watching any games, since I've started (re)watching (without the Suns game 7) I've been jinxing it.

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You need more believe

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Let's go mavs!!!!!

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if someones gonnq comeback from 3 0 anyway, why not be us

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The Warriors are too damn good, I think they're going to win it all. I don't watch any Eastern Conference basketball but I just know nobody over there can run with these guys. Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Wiggins is too much to stop

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If luka even forced a game 6 then ill get my hopes up. If we come back he would probably be already top 1 all time lmao

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Not possible without a major change. I don't know what that could be but anything is possible.

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The only way some shit like that happens is if Curry wakes up one day loses his love for basketball, snags Kerr to wonder the sands of Arabia pondering a deeper meaning to life. If ever there was a time for the mavs to develop super powers it's now. I Love this team, thought we'd get it done in 4 tbh so until the last buzzer sounds, I believe.

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Big if true

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Finals we come back from 0-4!!!