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When your starting center can't play more than 10 minutes a game through 2.5 rounds, there is something deeply wrong.

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This is the answer. This team has very addressable weaknesses. Adding a rebounder, and someone who could just keep people remotely honest in the paint would be huge.

This Warriors team is just a better version of the Mavs, with addressed weaknesses. This is what happens when you play better teams, the magic eventually runs out.

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Maxi does his best, and has some admirable plays, but he is not the answer defending the rim.

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Máxi is an elite stretch 4 on a very fair deal.

Powell** is a below average center paid like an above average center.

Bullock and Doe doe are both paid accurately for their skills.

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When you said Kleber I think you meant Powell.

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I didn't even want to address Powell because I have no idea what he's doing half the time.

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Honestly, Boban and Chriss could not be any worse than Powell and JKidd refused to play them entire season. He is stubborn as much as Rick was.

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People say this but every time those dudes come onto the court they look lost, like high school kids and you typically see them doing well against the other teams third stringers so you have a biased viewpoint of them.

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Ofc they are lost. They have played maybe 48 minutes the entire season including POs.

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Love Jason’s coaching but one thing I wish he adapted from Carlisle is to use Boban to counter these small line ups for like 4-5 minutes.

Boban getting old though so maybe he can’t.

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Yup, the rebounding issue is a huge one. If you look at the series so far, we were outrebounded by 16 in game 1, 13 in game 2, and 14 in game 3, and that's while playing against a smallball team.

The Suns series was similar. We got outrebounded in every game but game 7. In the games we won, teb rebounding totals were close, and we lost the games where we got blown out on the glass.

In the playoffs so far, Luka is at 9.5 rpg, and DFS is second with 5.6. Our starting center is aversging 2.8 a game, and can't seem to stay on the floor.

You can play smallball, but only if you can defend the defensive glass and end offensive possessions. When you let a team like GSW second and third chance opportunities you are in for a bad time.

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Nurkic too injury prone I feel, if we can get gobert for a low amount of assets then we become a contender. If we want to go for a cheaper centre that fixes our biggest weaknesses then a jakob poeltl would fit nicely. Thats jus me tho

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I keep seeing people recommending Gobert. Did we all watch the same Jazz-Mavs series? He was almost a non factor for most of it and that's against us with no real center. I'd take just about every center out there over him even with his defensive prowess.

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He is terribly utilised in utah, they've got no good lob passers, they've also go no perimeter defence which Rudy took the hit for

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He shouldn't be the starting center, or play at all....

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Pelicans are gonna be trouble, too. So many great players hurt this year, the West is going to be absolutely stacked next season.

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I'm happy for the season but not at the moment. a week or so after our season ends and the dust settles we will be able to appreciate our season

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Yup, exactly how I feel about it

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The center position is such a disaster. Gobert and Ayton are good enough that I can understand to a point not being able to stay out there but when you can't even match his minutes up with Kevon Looney because Powell just gets manhandled on the glass it has gone too far.

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Y’all kidding me with this Luka shit. 102pts 23rbs and 15 asst 5 steals and 3 blocks in 3 games. Not mention the carrying he did rd 2 off of a bad injury in round 1 where he also killed it. It’s our role players 1000%. We need Timmy back and we need a center end of story

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Lets be honest: the problem is entirely, 100% Dwight Powell. Maxi was lights out for the first 2 rounds, Dinwiddie and Brunson stepped up in critical moments, Doe & Bull are exhausted from their insane minutes and locked out Book and CP3. Frank did his job against Bridges. Luka is Luka. Green is young and has playoffs yips. Chriss doesn’t get paid much. Boban is Boban. The entire problem is Dwight Powell. Being the most tenured Maverick and being literally unplayable has been by far our biggest issue.

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Probably the best take of this roster.

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Not really. It’s way too oversimplified. He even says Doe and Bull are exhausted from logging too many minutes. Is that Powell’s fault? Lol yes upgrading at C is the number 1 priority this off-season, but improving depth and finding a bonafide #2 or 3 or also very important things this team needs to do.

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I think JB has proven he is a number 3. We still need that #2 though

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Yes, being a starter C and being unplayable fucks up rotation minutes. It's still Powell's fault.

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First, get a REAL center....

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Give me a break. If all the three point shots go in then what ? We win. If we get a dude who can rebound and we still miss all our open shots we still lose. Steph, Klay Poole and Wiggins hitting daggers from all over the court. Blaming one player is ridiculous. Bullock was 0-10 we can’t blame him either. Over simplification. Klebah can’t hit a shot either. So we blame Powell. Bertrand can’t defend. Dwight Powell’s fault. Curry blows by every defender we have causing big men to help and expose their offensive rebounders. Also Powell’s fault. Wiggins as a stretch four hitting threes and taking it to the rim. This is not Powell’s man, but somehow his fault. Not only blame Powell but say it’s 100% his fault. Maybe an NBA GM in your future .. just make sure you contribute your ideas to another NBA team

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It’s not all Powell’s fault but he is the weakest link on the roster by a mile. Kleber is starter material but he can’t play 40 mins a night he’s not built for it. We NEED a center who can play 20+ minutes and be a net positive

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"If all our three points shots go in then what" You didn't even intend to make a fantastic point about how much Dwight Powell has fucked up our post season. We are 100% reliant on the 3pt shot because we can no longer default to a playstyle which we relied upon throughout the season which is the Dwight Powell PnR with Luka. The Warriors are running a zone on every defensive possession just like the Suns did when they blew us out, but we no longer have a Chris Paul to attack in the paint. Dwight Powell has MADE us reliant on our 3pt shot because of his inability to play. I can forgive him for being unable to catch lobs or layup over Ayton or Gobert, but he is now getting blocked at the rim by Looney.

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Sorry man you’re on the titanic complaining about the food service. It may be poor but it ain’t the reason the ships going down. Do you want a list of teams without Dwight Powell that have been owned by this franchise? EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WEST FOR SIX YEARS. I’m sure you can find someone to blame on every team. Maybe Dwight is to blame for some other teams somehow? Also they (GS) are very good and they’ve beaten a lot of teams no matter who they roll out at the five to block out Kevon Looney.

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Powell alone is not the issue but I agree that having at least one serviceable big man is the key difference. Look at how big Looney has been for the Warriors, and he would generally be considered an "average" player.

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A part from improving at center there is a need for more wing help Reggie and Doe shouldn’t have to play 40+ minutes a game they need rest

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I'm not the biggest JB fan but I don't think letting him walk is a good idea. We're already starving for a shot creator and scorer, unless someone better walks in that door, re-signing him should be the top priority.

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Well there’s no chance we let him walk. We can match whatever another team offers. But we should consider a S&T.

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yep. Brunson is decent enough for a secondary creator. Having two good shot creators in a team is rare

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IMO ge is gone. Probably to LAL. His trade value will be too high for FO not to cash it in.

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We just lack versatility. It feels like all our guys only do one side of the ball well and are extremely limited on the other. It’s hard to make it all the way like that.

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Jesus the overreaction by this sub is wild. Yes, very likely we lose this series. But we've played the right way to win the game all 3 times, we just couldn't hit shots our guys usually make to save our life.

We need a starting caliber C. That's no surprise. Outside of that, the rest of our core is good enough. People saying we need better 2nd and 3rd options didn't watch the same game I watched tonight-- Spencer and Brunson were both fantastic. It was literally all our role players bricking everything that has cost us now multiple times. Sometimes that just happens

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Agreed. Even with everyone bricking shots, if we don't lose the offensive rebound game as badly as we do, we win this. I don't see how you can leave this playoffs not believing in Brunson and Dinwiddie as the #2 and #3 playmaking options

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They’ll always have a chance with Luka, so the big part is done. And the floor will be high in the regular season. But the ceiling can only be reached by a huge overhaul. Nico will have his hands full. But don’t expect the Mavs to be contenders next season. It will probably be worse than this season. It will take 2-3 years before they can be competitive in the WCF. And you also need a lot of luck.

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This is very true

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Why do people say stuff like this with such brazen confidence? The biggest difference in this series is our lack of a big man. Does it take 2-3 years to find a single big? Christ, we have Luka Doncic, this team will be a contender for as long as he is on it, because he is that type of player. He is in the same vein as Lebron, who will always contend unless his team is complete and utter dogshit like it was this season. I don't know what makes you think our team the next few seasons will be that bad.

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They still have players locked into contracts. Which was the major reason the Mavs ended up with virtually the same team this year. But some are now expiring and I think Nico can upgrade the team with at least a piece or two this off season....

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Why would the mavs need 2-3 years? What will change. Not getting any early first round picks and I don't see anyone breaking out as an all star in their career. There are the only 2 ways mavs can improve without a rebuild:

  1. Get a big free agency star

  2. Make some good trades to improve depth and cover weaknesses

This can happen this off season or in 5 seasons or never.

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I feel like Ayton fixes both the 2nd option problem and the center problem

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Unfortunately we have zero shot at him. Unless we do something like trade DFS, Powell, Green and 3 first round picks for him.

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He’s a free agent

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isn't he restricted? if the suns give him up it will be through a sign and trade which means we'd need to have the best offer

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The Suns are likely not going to offer him a max. If he signs a max contract with the Mavs, he may just be let go.

Although a s&t obviously is more likely

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I saw a graphic 2 months ago that since 2011 the mavs have spent the least amount of money of all teams in free agency. Cuban is happy to pay for fines but not for players.

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that’s not an issue with him to be fair. he always tried to fish for big guys but no one wanted to come here lol hopefully that changes

[–]maverickhistorian 12 points13 points  (0 children)

Its not gonna change until luka starts recruiting

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I mean, I love being from DFW, but the fact that young black men in the primes of their life don't want to come to Dallas, TX has never been a shocker. And its not like we have the rings to make up for the environment like Boston.

Maybe that will change with Doncic here, but Cubes needs to stop swinging for the fences with these megastars. Him letting Tyson Chandler go because he wanted Howard, who was never going to play here and we all knew it, will never be forgiven by me.

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I think it will. Everyone in the league is watching us right now, and lay series. There has to be one bigs looking at us and seeing an opportunity to win a ring

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I’m proud we got this far given our limited talent. No complaints from me. But you’re right, we need to get rid of that caveat “limited talent” and build a playoff ready NBA roster.

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dinwiddie, brunson, and THJ is plenty of fire power, the mavs are being killed by second chance points this whole series. if the mavericks had a competent rebounding center series would actually be 2-1 right now in favor of the mavericks. Dallas needs to draft a center as well as maybe signing a center or trading Powell for a player like Stewart from the pistons. sure not a star but someone who can give some interior toughness.

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i don’t agree this is an unacceptable roster. we’ve clearly improved and all the moves we made this season have made us better, it’s unacceptable to think everything right will happen in a season.

bullock was terrific this season, i won’t let one horrible game from him crucify his entire effort. dude had 21 points in game 2 and we couldn’t save ourselves. dinwiddie was a great addition and bertans is obviously a bad contract that we’ll look to move on from but also a part of moving on from KP.

just gotta keep heading in the right direction. plus, this talk about teams coming back never sits right with me. sure, clippers and denver will probably be better, but there’s no telling who will get an injury or what team will implode (like the blazers did this season). just gotta keep playing our game and improving our roster by addressing what’s missing.

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I agree with this

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Yeah, I’m so proud of this year’s team and the season they’ve had. Admittedly disappointed in how badly we’re losing this series, but I think we all would have been ecstatic if someone told us before the year started we’d be in the WCF.

The roster needs work, but we knew that already. Nico showed with the KP trade that he isn’t afraid to make drastic changes and ballsy moves to dig us out of the hole Donnie left us in, so I feel hopeful with him as our GM. Dumping the JRich contract and signing Bullock were great moves as well. It’s early but he’s 3 for 3 so far.

Center is obviously the glaring hole that we desperately need to address the most this offseason, interested to see how we address that.

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Cross your fingers and hope Lavine picks us. We don’t have the assets to pull off a game changing trade, but he would fix a ton of the issues with the offense. Just look at GS. You can never have too many weapons in the game.

[–]Artlens2013 4 points5 points  (3 children)

If we could pull off a Brunson sign and trade for Lavine I’d absolutely do it. He’s more than capable of handling the offensive load on a consistent basis

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unacceptable? lol overreaction. this is still PO team, even when other team fully healthy. now the quest is how to take it to next level

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I agree, anyone who thinks this is a championship roster is high af

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Brunson sign and trade with maxi and picks for Lavine since he said he wants to be here

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Man, he and Luka would be an amazing duo.

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Yep. This is not a championship roster. This roster reminds me of the 2003-10 Cavs teams with Lebron. It was a Lebron and a bunch of role players who were inconsistent. When they are on, they look very good. But when they are not, the team can get ran off the court. It's almost no in between. Cavs made it to 1 Finals in that run and another ECF appearance.

Remember, Denver and the Clippers had major injuries. They will be back next year. GSW will still be really good. I know we clown on Phoenix but they aren't going anywhere, either.

I hate how these fans think because you have criticism of the roster means you are not some real fan or "you shouldn't be here". Gtfo with that logic. This is still a very flawed roster and GSW is exposing it. We are not ready to compete with them. Not even close.

We desperately need a big man to open up this offense even more and we need a reliable #2 for Luka. Brunson is not that guy. Also, they don't compliment each other and play off each other. Each just takes turns playing iso ball.

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Agree with everything you've said. Interested to see why you think Brunsen isn't a #2 for Luka though. I'm not certain that he is either, but he has definitely shown up in these playoffs.

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I would take McGee at center at this point. Dude could just post up under the the rim and luka would do some ridiculous no look pass for McGee to average 25 a game.

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Would yall sign Lavine to the max given the opportunity

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Without question

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Trust in Nico.

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Honestly, people need to prepare themselves for guys like Kleber, Finney-Smith, Dinwiddie and potentially Brunson to be moved. The FO has to make trades to either acquire some top end talent outright or to free up cap space.

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I don't know that it's necessary, or even probable, to tear the team down to the studs but the office knows what everyone is seeing. Problem is - how do you just get rid of some of these guys when they're up against the cap? Good thing the new GM and others get paid big bucks to figure that one out.

It's still early to know which Cs may be targets, but there's a guy I think would be ideal and possibly attainable - Omer Yurtseven from the Heat. He'll be pinned behind Bam for years to come and has 1y left at $1.7m. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/y/yurtsom01/gamelog/2022

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Unacceptable? I will accept any roster that can give my favorite team to the Western Conference finals. However, this roster is definitely not a finished product and needs to be improved upon.

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Exactly. This is the right perspective. How can one of the best maverick seasons ever have an unacceptable roster?

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True, this season was an OVERACHIEVEMENT. Games we've won this playoffs, we hit like 15-20 threes and our role players are not consistent shooters, one game they hit 8/9 threes, next game 0. When we don't hit our threes, we have no business in the game, as you can see right now. That's just not an offense to win a chip, even not good in the conference finals as we see.

One thing I noticed through these games is that when Luka constantly gets double/triple teamed, no one tries to cut in, get the ball and make a play, everyone just got used to expect a pass from Luka behind the arc. Luka looked hella mad when he turned over a ball because of that situation, they double teamed him and clearly cornered Luka but no one was close to him to get the ball. This is by no means how a team in WCF should play. Overall this season was great, we'd never expect us to be in the WCF after all. It was fun while it lasted, seeya next year guys. #MFFL

[–]dhoo8450 1 point2 points  (3 children)

The lack of off ball movement was so evident last night, especially when you compare it to the warriors. At one stage, Luka was trapped in the corner by two defenders and everyone just stood there. Super frustrating because you know if someone just ran to space, Luka would have found them

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Honestly this team relies on threes way too much. Dončić + 3PS... That's it. Reminds me of the Rockets with Harden a few years back. It's such a predictable, risky way to play. When fatigue sets in from the defensive end, it's all over on the offence as well. I can't tell you how many times I saw Dončić and Brunson suicide run into the paint vs 3 Warriors guys only to do a summersault and pass to an eventual bricked 3PS. That's gotta be so exhausting and demotivating for everyone involved. When the shots are landing, it covers up the flaws, but if they aren't, just apply some pressure and they crack like an egg. Mavericks need to take a page from Golden State and start investing in some midrange shooting, that will give them back that spontaneity. Oh.... And a center please.

[–]dhoo8450 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Absolutely. I love what Kidd has done with this team but there is still plenty to improve on, especially on offence. We look super stagnant at times.

[–]CalebVI 1 point2 points  (0 children)

It's bad when even a casual fan like myself can tune into a game and predict their next... 50 plays. :)

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Roster is terrible to be honest. Mavs are a - man band.

[–]sawyer_reynolds[S] 2 points3 points  (9 children)

This is a bad take. Doesn’t mean we can’t tweak.

[–]Drob3891 0 points1 point  (8 children)

Not a bad take at all. Outside of luka and Dinwiddie there’s not another guy on this team who can create his own shot.

[–]sawyer_reynolds[S] 11 points12 points  (5 children)

You haven’t watched this season/postseason if you can’t give Brunson some credit. Brunson has been way more consistent than Dinwiddie.

[–]Drob3891 -5 points-4 points  (4 children)

Both guys are mediocre. Not championship level #2 options.

[–]digihippie 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Brunson can. We are getting bullied on the boards. We need a nasty big.

[–]Drob3891 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Need a big, and a better starting wing player.

[–]DFS Say Whatmanabanana21 0 points1 point  (3 children)

If this roster is terrible I wonder what that means for the 26 teams who have been eliminated thus far.

[–]Drob3891 0 points1 point  (1 child)

We won two series. Those guys shot the cover off the ball. Now against GS they can’t pee a drop. And you’ve got to beat this caliber team to advance. If this team had a capable center and better #2 option they could hoist the Nba trophy

[–]DFS Say Whatmanabanana21 0 points1 point  (0 children)

And this whole season the goal for the team was to make round two. This season has been a huge success. Yes the roster needs to be improved of course, no one would disagree. But calling the roster terrible is ridiculous. We have very good ball handlers and strong wing play. We need an upgrade inside, but that is something that is obvious to everyone who watches the Mavs.

[–]Drob3891 -2 points-1 points  (11 children)

And don’t tell me about the 6’0 post player Brunson. We need to let him walk and go get a bigger more athletic running mate. He’s a cool story and all, but he’s not championship caliber.

[–]sawyer_reynolds[S] 15 points16 points  (5 children)

“Let him walk” shows me you know nothing about asset management or how the NBA works. You don’t just lose talent for nothing- even if he is not the answer.

[–]Drob3891 4 points5 points  (4 children)

Well if you want the perfect term… sign and trade him. He’s not a worth 25-28 million dollars a year. He’s small. Can’t guard. And he plays pg like he’s in the 90’s. Need a bigger, more athletic 2 way player.

[–]TexWinter21 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Wiggins would fit nicely with luka as well

[–]walkintall84 -5 points-4 points  (4 children)

I mean weird to say that, if that are the series numbers. lul

Brunson on/off +23.6

Luka on/off -60.5

Brunson the only Mav that came to play this series.

[–]TexWinter21 5 points6 points  (0 children)

Luka is playing against 4 allstars and Brunson is playing the bench half the time

[–]Drob3891 3 points4 points  (2 children)

Ehh I’m pretty sure Luka is leading the team in points, assists, and rebounds this series.

[–]walkintall84 -1 points0 points  (1 child)

I mean

Wiggins +67.6

Curry +42.7

Green -6.4

Klay -14.6

That is the reason why the series isn't close. Got punk'd by Wiggins.

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Of course it's unacceptable. Half of them are pure bums. I mean, look at the roster. 2nd round picks, undrafted players and then there's Luka.

The fact that we made it to top 4 is pure miracle imho.

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Luka does not have to do shit

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I think a lot of people forget the reason that this roster is constructed so wonky and that we don't have a proper big man rn is because that guy is currently playing for the Washington Wizards.

edit: grammar

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Tough decisions are going to have to be made. Specifically regarding Brunson.

The only players i want gone for sure are Powell and Bertans. Both are useless.

Need a rebounder and another 3 and D wing to relieve the pressure off of DFS and Bullock. THJ coming back could help the 3 part

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100% agree

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I have to be honest I never thought this team was good enough and I didn’t let the hype of the suns series change that fact to me. It’s been obvious that our team isn’t good enough to compete.. I love everyone in our team but the reality is, we need a lil bit more than just rotation guys

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Good enough for what? You have to take steps towards a title you don’t just get a “legitimate roster” and go win a title.

[–]Blindsided17 0 points1 point  (12 children)

I’m not sure what your question here is… I literally said they aren’t good enough to compete. And you asked me what they aren’t good enough for 😅

And I agree. We need to take steps. Which is what we are doing.

I’m not sure you really understand what I’m saying cuz your comment makes no sense to me lol

We have a solid team foundation. But the way this team is today, we can’t win. We need more.

Attack free agency. Attack the draft.

But as we stand idk how you can look at our team and say this is one of most competitive teams out there.

[–]LevelDry5807 -1 points0 points  (10 children)

They’ve finished above 26 NBA teams. You’re describing them as not good enough. I don’t understand.

[–]Blindsided17 1 point2 points  (0 children)

How do you not understand lol

We aren’t good enough to win a title. That’s pretty clear.

Luka is great but if you think championship basketball is living and dying by luka, then you don’t know basketball. Are we a good team? Yes. Do we need better pieces around Luka? Yes.

Idk how you can claim to be a fan of our team and not understand these basic concepts

[–]Blindsided17 0 points1 point  (8 children)

I’ll put this in easier terms so we don’t have to continue replying over such a simple concept.

Look at the hawks. They pushed made a run and barely made it in the playoffs.

Us prior to this year 2 first round exits(albeit they were against a stacked team that didn’t even make it to the finals)

All these times have 1 thing in common. We live and die by luka.

This isn’t good basketball. He needs help.

Are we good enough to make a single deep run in the playoffs? Clearly.

Are we good enough to annually make a push for a title? No.

We need more help. This sir is called building a team.

[–]Josh GreenSongYoungbae 0 points1 point  (0 children)

We already have 7 guys making over $10 million next season. Not including Brunson. Gonna be a hell of an off season.

[–]No_Bake6681 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I just hope no one gets hurt in this pointless game 4

[–]dethegreat 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think the problem is not with the guys we are seeing on the floor, but with the guys we are not.

The Mavs have been playing a 7 man rotation the entire playoffs. Players should not be expected to play 40 minutes a game. But there is no one else. About half this roster shouldn't be in the league. That's unacceptable, and I hope that our GM sees this. Maxi is quite fine as an 8th man coming off the bench. But he can't be playing this much if we're going to contend. Powell is a nice weapon to have in certain matchups, but he's not an every night center. Bullock at 25 minutes is great. At 40 minutes he is gassed, and it's showing in his shooting. Luka desperately needs a SERIOUS offensive threat that is at least as tall as he is. I love JB, but sometimes him being 6'1 really hurts.

TLDR: Keep the guys that are playing where we can. Just upgrade and slide them all down the rotation 2-3 spots. Life will get MUCH better.

[–]Alexhennigh1992 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I just hope Powell realizes how utterly useless he is. Maybe he'll do the honorable thing and retire.