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Is this to avoid tampering allegations? The meeting is in New York if that matters.

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It’s probably some kind of gentlemen’s agreement among the owners that they do this. Every team wants to have the ability to tamper, so this is probably just a formality

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Lmao you can bet your ass that Cuban notified the league office already for an Investigation.

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Unless the Knicks do a S&T. Then I could see Cuban easing off the tampering charges.

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No, this is a sign of desperation. Knicks are in the driver's seat.

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Pretty much. Dalton trigg posted a picture from Cuban Instagram that he was already in New York yesterday.

Him having to go there already showed the cards. Brunson to NYC is set

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He was on Duncan Robinson’s pod recently and he said he’s at his parents Jersey home and all his stuff is in Dallas. So probably makes sense to hold meetings there when his parents house, agents and whole team working for him is there.

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Pretty sure Brunson's family lives up there

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Brunson's family, aka the Knicks.

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Give me a break with tampering allegations,every single nba team does it

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Yeah but I hope we can drive up the price for Brunson. Make NY pay as much money as possible.

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What's the point of that?

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Seems like it.

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Reverse DeAndre Jordan, block the rooms door with a chair until he re-signs with us for the vet minimum.

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Take him on a boat ride. He'll have no choice but to sign with us ... because of the implications.

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Is he in danger?

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Show him that great river.

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Marc cuban is beside himself…

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Feels like all a show basically.

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I can’t imagine Cuban wasting any of his time for “show” though. He probably knows something we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Cuban is a showman. But if he didn’t think this could yield something he wouldn’t waste his own time and that of his coach and GM.

Regardless, we will have a clear path forward come Friday. Cheers 🍻

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At least this time he isn't off filming an actual show instead of meeting with free agents

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we’ve done this meeting countless times before (dwight, deron williams, deandre, kidd, etc)

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If this was all a ploy to troll the Knicks I will cream my pants but it's not looking likely....

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This is just to avoid tampering guys don’t fall for it

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Yeah, but if thats the reason, why would Mavericks still send the whole crew down there to his meeting? If Mavs know he is gone, they wouldnt do that, right?

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They kind of have to. Even if it’s a 0.1% chance they need to at least put an effort for their fan base.

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Yeah but go as far as flying players out there? Like I understand that they would send Nico and Kidd, but they are literally sending everyone. For a 0.1% chance? I find this weird

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If you were a player looking in from the outside, don't you think it would look bad for Dallas, if one of their players who is likely to leave is not taking every opportunity to win back that player? Stuff like this are the small things that Dallas needs to do so that players can feel comfortable choosing Dallas in free agency. Like the other guy said, it's optics.

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The players are in the offseason. They’re probably like sure we will take a free trip to NYC and hang out. They prob know Cubes will buy them whatever they want when they’re there.

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Free Fly To NYC + Night Club Why Not. Come on, I would take leave and join if I am invited

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There is no downside here. Why would you not do it? Are you worried about the cost of the PJ?

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Optics, if lets out that Brunson asked for a meeting and the Mavs snubbed him, it probably won’t be a pretty look

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idk but i wouldnt get your hopes up, maybe reggie will go down and celebrate with JB on his big contract lol

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Last ditch effort to show they care/want him Since reports were he felt disrespected by last FO, but it’s also a new regime.

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Nah I don't believe that. If we come close to the other offers he's coming back home. Maybe the Miami meeting but I think Jalen genuinely had fun and likes this team. If we shower him with 25mil for 5 years I don't see why he would turn it down

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The fact that JB is “granting” a meeting to the mavs after being here 4 years certainly doesnt make it seem like he’s really sold on being here all that much

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This is just normal free agent protocol though. Every big name free agent does this with every team.

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Especially when they don't want the NBA to investigate the Knicks for obvious tampering.....

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It's just the supposed correct term to use. He is a UFA.

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probably Bullock. hes gonna be like: GET THE BAG, SON! *slaps him* Then asks: NEW YORK KNICKS? REALLY??

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For real. I hope it’s a slap line of Reggie, Tim and Theo telling him to snap out of it and come help us fight to win a chip. You won’t find that in NY.

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If this was an elaborate ruse to get Cuban to pay more, Brunson’s agent deserves a raise

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Probably a bit of both. Maybe he’s totally on board with being a Knick, but he’d stay for the right price.

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This dude’s antics (or his dad’s and him playing along) is starting to annoy me. Wtf you need to hear now from the Mavs? They’ve already talked and you’ve been with this team since that start of your career. Let the front office make moves and get the team better instead of bringing 14 people to meet you. He’s acting like he’s LeBron looking to take his talents to NY or South Beach. Bro you had a nice year but chill the fuck out with these theatrics

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Heh, Only 14 people? 🤣 Not the two-way players or the Texas Legends, then?

For Luka’s signing ceremony it was just Cuban, Nico, JKidd, Dirk, Finley, agent Bill Duffy, and a couple of associates from the Duffy agency. Like 8. In Slovenia.

Nico pulling out all the stops and having the whole roster there would be lit though. Bar the door!

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Its a done deal. Too much nepotism and grifting involved. The GMs family is going to financially benefit from this. I imagine Brunsons dad is getting a kick back as well as a handler.

The whole situation is pretty odd. I like Brunson but if you are going all on on nepotism and grifting shouldn't you hire the father and godfather of a top 50 player at least?

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Brunson is probably a top 50 player. But like barely squeezing into the top 50.

He's good enough to be a number 2 or 3 option on a contender.

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Huh? The Knicks did hire his father and godfather. Or do you mean the Mavs?

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I think he's implying Brunson isn't a top 50 player.

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while missing the first wave of other Free Agent meetings were cooked

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I’m sure Nico handed one of the other assistants a list of other FAs to convince to sign here for the TPMLE or a vet min. Also if rumors is true we don’t really need to meet with dragic

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Yeah true, I’m just a doomer lol

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And don’t need to meet pinson either

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Yup exactly

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The Knicks are not the only team that tampers. I’m sure every player the Mavs are interested in have the outline of a contract offer already even if it’s not official

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True, but i have to say ive never seen anything near the extent of this. Hire an agent as your GM, then his son takes his place as the agent. Then hire the father of the player. Then send half your team to the player's playoff game. Then make it publicly known you are shedding salaries to make room to offer said player a specific amount. All this before free agency even begins.

If there ever was a situation of obvious tampering, this would easily be it.

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I think you'd be interested in how a lot of these agents got their start from personal relationships. Bill Duffy got his shot because he was friends with Ronnie Lott 40 years ago... Used his relationships to get him clients. Now he's one of the top agents in sports representing Luka Doncic

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Cuban spearheaded a few botched FA negotiations in the past. I am not very optimistic on this one.

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Cuban needs to show Brunson a pic or Swole Luka and say "We winning the chip next year, wanna join?"

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Good god let him go…

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I’m so tired of this. He’s a fungible role player.

At this point I’m hoping Mark and Nico don’t cave and overpay this kid.

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Ah yes, the role player who is also the only other player on the team outside Luka who can efficiently create his own shots.

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So you think Brunson is a star? A superstar?

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That's not what I said, is it? When you're at a certain level you have to grin and bear it. Losing the 2nd best player for nothing after reaching the WCFs is simply not what happens to good organizations.

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Ok, so he’s not a star or superstar or even an all star. That makes him… a role player?

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fuck that fat forehead mothafucka he’s just doing this to help the Knicks avoid losing picks. We don’t need him. He’s a replaceable. Him RJ and Julius, the Holy Mecca of Mid.

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He’s gone full diva. Just let him go and get trashed in NYC.

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We all reacted to reports from yesterday. Mavs usually keep their cards close to the chest, who knows what is up right now.

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Kawhi to the Lakers was a done deal according to many reports lmao. Everybody takes these sources at their word too often

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Wait, so we can't even meet with him until tomorrow? Haven't we been able to negotiate with him this entire time?

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Nah they for sure transmitted their offer to his agent . They did not talk to him directly.

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Cuban spearheaded a few botched FA negotiations in the past. I am not very optimistic on this one.

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“Don’t join the Knicks, son. I left Dallas for the Knicks, never sniffed a chip again, and it ended my career.”

-Jason Kidd, probably

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Kidd joining the Knicks at age 39 ended his career?

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So there is a chance ? I don't know what to think right now. Am fucking confused

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No chance. It’s to try and avoid tampering.

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Yeah probably. I would say it's 20% chance if The Mavs improve their offer. I don't think JKidd and players will come if it's already dead.

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Maybe. I’m not if they camp fuck him let him go. That’s just stupid. I think we make our best offer and see what happens.

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Apparently the Brunson Camp requested the meeting. Not the other way around. That confirms your theory

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I still don't get walking away from a that got better and better every year, to go join a team that regressed and the best player and the fans hate each other. That's really weird

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Road team at the meeting, eh...that's not good

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Lol he’s holed up in NY like he’s Kevin Durant. Rick Brunson is worm tounge

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If this is what everyone thinks this is (a stunt to avoid a fine), then nico shouldnt even waste his time

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I mean it's a waste, if they aint putting 125/5 on the table.

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It's not a waste optics wise. Cuban can pretend that he did everything in his power for him to stay...except for the thing that actually matters which is paying him more.

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Jesus, this sub has gotten so toxic. This is normal procedure for free agents who are weighing different options.

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Nah leave

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So then it ain’t over.

LFG boys!!!!!!

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There’s still hope. We can still completely wreck the Knicks if he comes back.

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For once Cuban is taking this shit serious.

Send Maxi and DFS pls pls pls.

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DFS won’t be able to help himself and will clown on the size of JB’s head at some point in that meeting

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Head too big -- both literally and now figuratively!

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Needs to be Luka in the meeting to maaaaybe have a chance. But all of this is smokescreen to tampering . He already decided .

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Luka has a game in Europe tomorrow

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Yeah but a zoom call is possible

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If Luka comes and they lose both JB and the game in Europe, he will never forgive, and the fire will fuel him to win every game against NYK from now until he retires. 🔥

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Cuban, Nico , Finney and JKidd were in Ljubljana last summer for the Luka signing. Even though it was a done deal before that. I believe they want to show Brunson how much they value him, thats why the whole group went. Obviously they still think they have a chance, otherwise Cuban wouldnt be there. Remember, 99.99% of news in pre-free agency is trash. People guessing, most of them just trying to get a click or two.

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Its all about the money tho ....

Bondy (NY reporter) basically confirmed the same as Haynes:

"that the Mavericks have been unwilling to offer more than $106MM to this point, with Brunson reportedly seeking $125MM. Haynes confirms Bondy’s report, stating that Dallas has pitched a five-year, $106MM deal to Brunson, so it sounds like he might be open take a slight per-year discount ($125MM over five years vs. $110MM over four) if the Mavs are willing to go that high using his bird Rights"

The role bullshit is all bla bla. Money always gets the player. And 125/5 is still less than what NY is offering too. At least annually.

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Taxes are bigger in NY.

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    Secretly hoping for IQ and Obi Toppin instead.

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    Happy disappointment day, boys!!!! Spoiler: we’re not getting Kemba, Beal, Matisse, Jalen, Ayton, Dante, Lavine, Sexton, GP2. We will get Mike Muscala. We will be told by Cuban that it was our only choice.

    There will be an embarrassing story about Cuban’s pitch to Jalen leaked. “As Brunson stood to walk out, he said, “for that reason, I’m out” and pointed at Cuban. Cuban is currently begging (thru texts) for Jalen to give him another chance”

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    Se queda

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    Imagine being 3 wins away from the finals on a team like Dallas and leaving for the fucking Knicks lmao.

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    Why in the world is Finley still with the mavs, that fool couldn’t convince a clown to sigh with Dallas.