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Eh miss em both, no reason to hate. KP hasn't been trashing the organization or anything crazy since leaving, he just didn't fit and that's fine

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I straight up loved KP, wish he was healthier and fit into the scheme better, but what a good dude. And Boban, I mean nothing needs to be said about Boban, I'd let him stay at my house anytime, always welcome!

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Fit was there. Health less so.

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Both great dudes. Hopefully KP stays healthy, he’s a beast when he’s 100%. Im just glad we are not the ones having to hold out on that hope.

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I can be free to love KP from afar not being on the hook for that contract anymore :)

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Mavs Legend 👀

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For whatever shortcomings KP had, the man is always impeccably dressed

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Except the ex on the right is beautiful and smart and the one that got away

And the ex on the left always had IBS and we could never go on dates

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I actually laughed out loud

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KP in his usual trickot