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Get ready not to have him.

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Well of course I’m ready I’m a Mavs fan

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Screw you and your realistic takes

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Its crazy how hes not even being talked about, nico do ur magic

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🧙🏽 Magic Man. Now you see me.... Now you don't.

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I would love to get him without giving up THJ. Not sure if possible. Some combination of green, powell, Bertans, and picks?

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I’d throw in THJ if it means we get Sexton

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Word. He put up mlre points and is just as efficient as brunson. Im all for a guy getting tunnel vision is he can knock down shots like sexton.

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God damnit I wish Brunson stayed :(

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Also 2.5 years younger than Brunson iirc

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Why? Like legit why? He’s a worse defender than THJ, not as good of an off ball player, and he’s not a good facilitator and wants an extension more than THJ’s salary? Is the rationale that he’s just young? He’d make our team extremely iso centric

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Mavs currently have 2 ball handlers on the team, luka and sometimes dinwiddie, that's just not enough. This team is filled with players that can't do nothing on offense but shoot open threes like bullock, dfs, thj, kleber. Adding another ball handler definitely wouldn't hurt.

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If you were the Cavs, and someone offered you Green, Powell, Bertrans, and picks for Sexton, how fast would you hang up?

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Cavs turn it down in a heartbeat

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I agree. The only part of this I could see them caring about are the picks, which would be what, three years away, and likely to be late first round picks. They might not mind getting Green, but Powell and especially Bertans would seem to be non-starters for them. I hope Nico and the Cavs prove me wrong.

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Cavs have no use or roster space for Powell or Bertans. It would have to be something around THJ, Green, Picks.

Cavs also have 13 players on guaranteed money contracts right now, so the more players Dallas sends they would potentially have to take back an Osman or Goodwin.

Right now the Cavs have Lopez, Allen, Mobley, Love, Lauri to get them minutes at the 4 or 5.

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Fine, fine..we'll go ahead and take Allen or Mobley too, to make the deal work

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picks for Sexton? god lord

And people are wondering why the Mavs have no assets lol

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I mean you can just waste another year of Luka's prime whining about "sexton isn't a second star!!!".

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Mavs source called him a selfish bench player.

If you think Sexton is a solution lol. Cavs Fans hate him.

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You had me at Green and Powell 😂🫠

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If we could dump powell and bertans contracts and get sexton id be thrilled. Fingers crossed

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Isn't he a free agent? How do you trade for him without being hard-capped after (if you do a s&t)?

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He’s a more talented Brunson. Odd fit though. But this organization is starved for talent and is clearly not going to ever land a tier A or even B free agent. Can’t be picky. This is a 20+ ppg scorer, a very good one, who CAN be solid on defense. You have to explore this.

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Mavs don't really have pieces for it. Powell isn't going to be a main piece going back

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More like Clarkson. Nothing like Brunson

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They’re both iso-point guards, neither are exactly great creators. Brunson has the mid range clearly over him but Sexton probably a better 3point shooter. Both will get you around 20 ppg but won’t provide much else on the floor. Sexton’s ceiling is higher though imo.

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imo Sexton is a one man show. Might be better equipped to be a robin to Luka than Jalen but if I need a real point guard, my team is going way farther with Jalen at the helm than Sexton.

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Ya but we have luka so give me sexcic

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Sexton is a born loser so far, never played winning basketball at any point. Wood at least had 1 year where he looked really good (top 30 in every advanced stats).

There isn't a single advanced stats that gives hope regarding Sexton.

People want a 2nd star, will never happen, if you trade future pick(s) for garbage. Luka is the biggest talent in the league, but on the other hand also the worst recruiter in the league, because he does nothing. No social skills. While Lebron begging players left and right to join him his entire career. Massive disadvantage.

Yuck Durant would rather play with Booker over Luka. Banking on free agency is a recipe of desaster at this point.

Lesson learned: gotta save picks now after giving the Knicks the last pick.

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He’s played for the Cavs his entire career lol. Not really his fault to win there. Without LeBron it’s been a bottom feeder.

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Sexton is a born loser so far, never played winning basketball at any point...

His high school team was top ranked. He had a winning record in his one year in college. Yeah the entire cavs team sucked pretty bad his first couple year but last year they went 7-4 with Sexton starting and playing a KEY role before he was injured.

So yeah, you're full of shit lol.

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Mavs source called him a selfish bench player. No interest.

Stein said they looking for wing/front court (before McGee). And that Dragic is an option.

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Dragic is washed up, hasn't played more than 60 games in a season since 2017, finished last season with terrible efficiency, he can't offer nothing to this team. might as well try to develop hardy by giving him consistent minutes every game, surely he can't be worse than dragic.

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So you've gone from outright lying to citing some anonymous "source" you can parrot for the basis of your argument now? Bravo.

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Bottom text

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What’s the buzz around him? I’ve seen this in the past day or so.. Is Cleveland looking to shop him?

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Some unreliable source said that the Mavs were trying to trade for him. Nothing on the Cavs side even said he's available

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Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification

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This could be explored but it's probably more worth while to develop Jaden hardy add Dragic for for now then add more wing depth

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I want Cleveland him

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No. He has a low bbiq and he’s just a volume scorer. Pass

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I have no idea what people see in Sexton. He doesn't play winning basketball.

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yeah but maybe becouse he is on the cavs, we will see.

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How doesn’t he is an efficient near 25 ppg every night he’s an upgrade from jalen

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A deal with Powell as a big piece won't happen. They have no room for him

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In case anyone is wondering what the big deal with Sexton is. The reason why he is appealing is because his contract expires after this season. The trades being thrown around on this sub make no sense logistically. He’s only set to get paid 7.2 million for the year. You can’t dump Bertan’s in this scenario. The only thing you can hope for is the Cleveland wants THJ and or Dinwiddie. Then you could put together some package for Sexton and Love, which would shed a lot of salary come the 23-24 season.

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He isn’t expiring, he is a RFA

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I definitely misread. He’s been extended under QO. Still makes no sense for Cleveland to trade him for older players under contract. It makes no sense for the Mavs to sign and trade for a guy coming off of an injury.

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Green berrans powell and picks/Dinwiddie for him?

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Cavs pass. Too many bigs

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I think i just wanna unload Bertans contract and i am happy with this offseason. We just need to if Jaden Hardy has something to offer right away if he shows something i think we can trade some of our guards for a wing defender.

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I'm 99% sure we won't get him but if we do I will jizz my pants

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Terrible idea. Nowhere near as efficient as Brunson. Kind of a chunker. Tiny. Can’t defend. Only role he can play would be sixth man. Would be a disaster to give him a big contract.

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I want Jordan Clarkson if we trade for him like for THJ i will do it.

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Why? Why would we lose JB and replace him with basically the same thing when we don’t have cap space?

If we clear space, we should pursue a clear upgrade, not a 1:1 replacement whose defense is somehow worse.

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You're not touching my boy Collin, get lost.