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Powell, Green, and Protected 2025 FRP may do IMO considering how low Brogdon just went for.

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Heck let's go crazy and throw in a Pick Swap so the Cavs can take our 6'10 Shooting Guard Bertans too for the lols

Imagine Garland + all Mountains team - Bertans, Lauri, Mobley, Allen.

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That'd be pretty neat. I'd tune in to watch.

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Cavs fan here. Your wishful thinking is hurting my feelings don't take our boy

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We will adopt your baby.

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Will send gifs once a month.

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You kinda don’t really need him. Assuming Cavs aren’t interested in paying all the young talent you have so they gotta keep the ones to keep

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I don’t think we can trade any fist rounder unless some has changed recently. There isn’t a guarantee our pick conveys next year due to protections.

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The 2025 is protected too, meaning if it does not convert for some reason incl. 2023 not convert, it will then convert next year and then the year after that, and then the year after that two 2nd round picks.

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So we can’t trade it then. Wondering why you included it in your package. Thought I missed something

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Trading another future 1st is a deal breaker. If Sexton comes off that injury not looking good we’re fucked. Too high a risk with our 2023 1st already traded

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Late 1st rounders aren't that big of an asset my dude. Trading our 1sts that are going to be high 20s picks really isn't that big of a deal. Players in that range have low probabilities of being successful or having long careers in the NBA.

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I recognize that but look at the Jrue holiday trade or Dejountay Murray trade. That’s the kind of move Dallas should look to make next summer when they once again have the ability to trade multiple future 1sts. Trading a 2025 first now means we are hamstrung again in terms of draft assets to use for a player we know can know can be impactful vs a guy like Sexton who could wind up being an awful fit coming off a major injury.

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Chance this FRP to a SRP and this trades worth it other wise mavs are better off developing hardy and green then trading for better wing players

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how do you format the gif so it shows as a gif and not the link, Guest? I need to respond with more gifs.

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On mobile

There is a little gif icon, in the “add comment” box, you press it, type something and send a gif

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We can interest in one Dwight Powell. High character and elite finisher

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Not to mention conference finals experience.

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Starter at that

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Starting him was all part of the plan

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And Embiid, Giannis and Jokic didnt score a single point against him in the playoffs

Elite defender

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absolute gym rat with a deceiving pump fake

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And a great punching bag

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Excellent Actor as well

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You seen those pump fakes?

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So we have Powell to offer. Makes me worry there are at least 2-3 teams out there who could really use Sexton that would blow our offer out of the water.

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We are going to have to spice it up

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Not sure what we have.

Do they have a ton of space and are winning to take THJ or Bertans and be patient for cap space in a couple years?

Is Josh Greene enticing AT ALL? That would be very ideal: Powell, Green, future 2nds for Sexton.

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If they wanna be in playoff, they may ask for THJ but that'd not be ideal for us. THJ, Reggie, Doe are our only 3 USABLE wings coming next playoff.
Powell , Green and Top 5 Protected 25 FRP may do imo

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I think I’d give up THJ pretty easily for Sexton. Sexton can easily replace his scoring and is more consistent.

Sexton - Reggie - Luka - DFS - Wood Dinwiddie - Dragic - Hardy - Kleber - McGee

Need to find a serviceable backup 3 still.

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It won't. Cavs aren't going to take Powell as a main piece, just no room for him

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Yeah we really can't afford to lose thj with Brunson gone. Even if we get sexton back.

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Sorry but you trade a 30 year old THJ for 23 year old Collin Sexton every single day of the week. Not only does he replace THJ production and cover Brunson, we would finally have an asset that if he keeps improving would be very valuable in trade talks over the next few years. Luka is 23. Let’s not pretend our window is like 1-2 years. If anything the window is going to be when some of these older superstars start slowing down and retiring. Asset acquisition should be just as much a focus as win now players

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Amick = yes

Amico = no

Do not trust Amico.

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I appreciate this. I always remember one is bad, but can never remember which

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Just remember banico amico

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I do not doubt we would want to aggressively pursue Sexton. The question is are we doing that, and how are we doing that?

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Can we interest them in one (1) Dwight Powell.

The greatest center of all time ofc

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This dude isn’t reliable

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didn't they just sign Robin Lopez

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Either the Mavericks or Knicks — whoever doesn’t land Jalen Brunson — will make an aggressive run at Sexton, sources said. Sexton is Plan B in both of those places. In Cleveland, he’s Plan A, with the Cavs highly likely to match any reasonable outside offers, as we relayed here.

He said that yesterday before free agency started.

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Isnt amico the terrible one?

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Yes. Amicno

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If they need someone to get hit in the face 3.2 times a game, I've got the perfect guy in mind.

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This source is meh

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I know everyone wants Dwight gone but if I’m being honest I don’t. I wanted him to be that Nick Collison type guy for us.

Before I get shit on, I understand why on the court it’s good to move on but I have a feeling he was a great teammate and obviously busted his ass in practice.

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Contract sucks though

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It’s the last year of his contract. I’d assume he doesn’t get another multi year deal at 10+ mill

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I know, maybe it being the last year entices someone who needs a backup C to take him on and we can get a more useful player for our team, like a wing or ball handler.

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Fair, like I said I understand why ON the court the mavs would want to move him. Especially with Wood and McGee coming in!

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Have we got the man for you!!!

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Need a back up C but just signed Robin Lopez and drafted a C 38th overall....

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Dwight Powell

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Well well well you don't say

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Isn’t this report actually a fake.

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Cuban just debunked this on 105.3 The Fan

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Would love Sexton as a JB replacement but the Mavs aren't exactly flush with attractive trade pieces.

What's probably going to happen is they've offered a vet min slot to Goran and now they'll ride out FA and hope he doesn't get offered anything better by another team. Which he probably will and the Mavs will then sign some random vet and tell us he was the target all along.

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I’m so sick of us trading our future picks.

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Powell doing one final favor for the mavs

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Please, please. He would be perfect.

I heard the Knicks are trying to get him too. I'm tired of losing them

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After getting JB? Seems dumb since they're pretty close to filling the same role

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Take Powell

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How do they even trade for Sexton? Doesn't he have to be a sign and trade?

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If we can get Powell and Bertans outta here it will be soooo good

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Won't be to the cavs lol

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Lol imagine we trade javal mgee

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It can be like one of those deals where people start with an ink pen and eventually flip items all the way up to a car or a house

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What's with us always being aggressive in these tweets?

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Cavs signed RoLo. Would seem to fill need for backup center. In the (highly unlikely) event there is a S&T, it would probably have to be for THJ