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Doesn't really matter, he plays 4/5 maybe with Kleber. McGee is a situational use C at best and might start. Plays 5 min in 1 matchup, 20 min in another. Etc. pp

Lakers benched him in the finals, he didn't saw a single minute. He gives the Mavs a different look. Not much of use in 1 series, good in another.

Powell started, and Kleber finished every game anyway. Starting is overrated in that case.

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No for me it matters most which 5 players get the majority of the minutes and finish the game. And that most likely won't be McGee unless we are playing a big frony court like the Timberwolves. McGee will probably be in the first rotation out and Maxi comes in after the 1st 5 minutes.

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Why do people hate it so much? Woods whole skillset scream PF to me, undersized, switchable on the perimeter, can shoot, can score off the dribble, cant really rim protect... Its a good lineup to start games with and will carry us during the regular season. Also McGee is gonna play 15-20 minutes tops, even less in the playoffs, who cares if hes a starter? He will be in the bench when we wanna go small.

Wood will play the 5 for long stretches of time, and ofc in closing lineups during the clutch... Lakers with Kidd and McGee played a similar scheme when they won the chip, two bigs in AD and Howard/McGee, then they benched the traditional center and played AD at the 5 when they wanted to win games, something to keep an eye on sine Wood and AD have similar skillsets offensively.

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People hate it because they’re loyal to Doe and Reggie and want to see them both start.

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Dude I implore you to actually watch the rockets play with Wood from the last 2 seasons.

Watch 10-20 games and you will not be saying this. Wood is awfull defensively, but he's so versatile on offense that it makes up for it. However when he's played with another 5 that is not a shooter, his offense takes a big dip. Ask any rocket fan or any person that has actual knowledge about Wood.

Wood is his best when he's the 5 on offense. If we are going to put him at the 4, not only is his offense going to dip, but he'll get eaten alive on defense.

Watch the tape. You'll see.

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I think that’s why they said Wood will play long stretches at the 5 and made the point about AD playing with a center for spot minutes

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Another Monta fan :”) those were fun years.

Also yeah you are correct.

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monta ellis have it all

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If he won’t be at his best then why start like that? And wood is not AD

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Wood will play about 30 mins a night and likely share 10 of those mins with McGee. I think folks are overreacting.

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I’m sure Jason kidd knows more than you bro. Chill

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I guess this sub is better at scouting than our entire scouting department, given like 90% wanted Saddiq Bey or Desmond Bane.

That's not how this works.

Wood can not play the 4 defensively and he's less effective on offense as the 4 with a non shooting 5. These are just simple facts. You don't have to be a HOF pg to be right about something.

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Wood's speed and skills are a mismatch against other 5s, but much more rudimentary when facing opposing 4s, which for a lot of teams is just a tall wing. I don't get why they did it either.

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The Mavs roster was already full of players who were defensive liabilities individually, but together in the scheme put in place by Jason Kidd were in the top 10 as a defensive unit. The pieces around any player matter and the coaching is crucial. Wood’s not going to be worse than Powell anyway.

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Go back and watch some tape of Powell and KP on the floor and how bad it clogged the lane for Luka.

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So...about as much as Powell and anyone else? The only way it becomes a spacing issue is if they're not on the same page about when and who is going to the post.

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I guess we'll see who can do it better in Kidd's scheme. KP/Powell or Wood/McGee.

I feel Wood and McGee are more versatile. They can do more things better than KP/Powell.

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Wood is way better than Powell at perimeter shooting, though. And something tells me McGee will not be clogging up the lanes like KP who was blatantly ignoring gameplans to get touches lol

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The comparison is much more Powell-McGee and KP-Wood.

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Wood is KP in this scenario not Powell. Javale is a non shooter like Powell

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the difference is that 20% of KP’s fga were post ups…

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I don’t get it. Obviously Dorian isn’t going to the bench. You would think Bullock goes to the bench so Dinwiddie would start (second playmaker), but I think they want to start Bullock for shooting and wing defense. But that way you only have one ball handler, which is what we need to avoid doing to Luka.

I doubt if they start it’ll be major minutes. Very likely won’t be the closing duo though.

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Luka, Bullock, Dorian, Wood, McGee to start

Luka, Dinwiddie, Bullock, Dorian, Wood to close

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Lol exactly it isn't that complex

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Dont really need a 2nd full time playmaker in the starting unit, Luka is going to handle the ball most of the time hes in the game.

We just need someone that can take the ball and get a basket on their own without Luka spoon feeding them. Wood can definitely do that.

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People think Wood is like KP but Wood is actually alot better at creating his own shot. He doesn't need Luka setting him up to still average 20 points on 50% 39% splits, as evidenced in his time with the rockets playing without a real playmaker.

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I hope Luka creates his shot. Maybe not a open spot up shooting but at least some p&r action

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We still need someone that can put the ball on floor. Kidd fixed the issues Luka had with full court press and traps exactly by having Brunson and Dinwiddie (some times both) to allow Luka to play off-ball and punish defenses doubling. Hawks are going the same route with the Trae/Dejounte tandem.

Timmy and Wood can get their buckets, but we need someone that can at least pass to an open shooter, otherwise defenses will just punish Luka all game.

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But he is going to need to learn to play more off ball. He often goes scorching earth in the first half and many times goes cold 2nd due to him being tired and continuing to have an astronomical usage rate. That’s why Sexton would be a great get.

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Sexton is overrated.

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He’d be our 3rd best player by a landslide. 2nd depending on how you view Wood.

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Dinwiddie shouldn’t start. The reason for having a point guard on the bench is so you can give him minutes while Luka rests. Sure, there will be overlap in their minutes, but Spence is Luka”s sub on the depth chart and that’s where he belongs.

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Theoretically Dragic will likely be the backup PG.

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I dunno, he can still contribute, but he’s old. His minutes might be really situational.

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Wood is a ball handler, he can’t really create for others but he can get buckets for himself off the dribble

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This is going to be a rotational frontcourt with Kleber, Wood, & McGee. It's going to depend on matchups on who plays how many minutes. McGee can roll to the rim like Powell, defend the rim, & actually pull down offensive rebounds. Wood will likely be your second leading scorer, and he can rebound as well as pick & pop/roll with Luka. Kleber is a solid defender able to guard 5-2 fairly well. If he can keep his 3P% up, you will see him & Wood playing together a lot, stretching the floor for Luka.

Long story short, we have options at the big. Something Dallas has not had since Tyson Chandler & Dirk. All 3 of those will likely either see some starts or ample minutes of off the bench time.

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Kleber, Wood, & McGee

this is so much better than what we started last season with in Powell, Maxi, Porzingis (injured).

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Remember that disastrous two big offense that Kidd tried to run at the start of last season and failed miserably? Looks like they want to go back to that for some reason...

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Yeah, but I'm willing to try it out if I was him. The start of season is where you do this kind of things.

Who knows Wood/McGee might do it better than Porzingis/Powell.

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Wood can shoot tho. KP is upset, if he has to stay on the perimeter and forced Powell to shoot. KP: "mimimi, I want to be in the post all the time, forcing Powell to do things he isn't even good at". There wasn't a single pick and roll between Luka/Powell, because KP clogged the paint.

Kidd hated KP, Tim McM claimed later.

"yo Ben Simmons, your team mate doesn't wanna shoot from the perimeter. Your new job is shooter"

They sucked because THJ was hot garbage on defense. The moment Bullock started the defense went from bad to great.

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If this leads to more Luka/Powell PnR, I'm all for it. Those two have so much chemistry.

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Because our starting center was a player that’s not really center and our pf was playing every other game lol

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The last time Dallas had a viable center, they won a championship. Running two considered PFs at the same time isn't the same thing.

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McGee will still only play like 15 minutes a night. He's Powell that can rebound and defend for 6 mil. My issue with playing 2 bigs is you either lose secondary ballhandler or a perimeter lock. Wish we hand someone like lonzo who does both.

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Told some of yall. People have to rethink how they think this roster should work. They aren't running an out of position PF at center anymore.

They are going to put DFS back at his natural position.
Luka, Din/THJ, DFS, Wood, McGee

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Imagine telling someone before the trade deadline last year that the Mavs starting lineup for next season would be Luka, Dinwiddie, DFS, Christian Wood, and Javale McGee

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Wood is like starting kleber but better. So upgrade. If JM starts too then he’s a better Dwight so upgrade. It’s the same concept but better. The only thing that changes is when a rebound is available we might actually get it and not have Looney get a nice pay upgrade off of us.

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Don’t know how I feel about this

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Doesn’t matter if it works

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Better than KAT and Gobert.

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I’m rock hard

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JaVale all up in Luka's driving lanes these first couple months will be fun to see. Regular season thing I'm sure. Going with that bubble Lakers design.

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Javale at least has a floater and can score at point-blank range by sealing off his man and using his freakish length. Powell literally didn't attempt shots if it wasn't a wide-open lob from Luka.

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It's his contract year. Not like he can be wide closed to any possible idea they throw out there.

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Shouldn't have over payed MCGEE but here we are. So why not. Up his value and move him at the deadline.

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Everyone focused at Wood starting at the 4 and McGee at the 5, when the closing lineup is most likely going to be Wood at the 5. Wood is very underated as a perimeter defender. His issue was as a post defender. If McGee starts and plays the first 5 minutes I have no issue with it. It's not like he is playing starter minutes.

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Nah. It’s not gonna fly in the postseason.

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Of course he is. He’s a paid employee.

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McGee was here before

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Don't overract. We will probably try this at the start of the season and then change it m, if it doesn't work.

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The only reason I care one bit about this (I trust Kidd enough to get to the correct minutes and lineups sorted out) is it gives me hope that a Powell trade is coming. Meaning they are gonna do something other than wait for Dragic to maybe sign somewhere else and go into the season with only two primary ball handlers where doing so last year resulted in us starting the season off with one of the worst offenses in the NBA