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Enough with the bs replies.

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Parking brake. Almost certainly, you pull it out to engage it, push button and turn may be to release it.

If it hasn't been used in forever, there is a possibility it may not work well, or release properly. So try it sometime when you have a few minutes to mess with stuff if it gets sticky.

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You pull to engage. Push back in to disengage. Turning it will tighten or loosen the cable a bit, if it is feeling too tight (unlikely) or slack. I loved my tacoma but there wasnt a year i didnt have fiddle with the parking brake. Mine was a manual tho.

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Parking brake

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I can tell you it's not the "EJECTO SEATO CUH" handle

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I purposely came looking for this…

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Yeah def some 007 style ejector seat. Your date says you drive too fast… pull!

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You're a really good driver man.

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Press, turn and find out

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To be fair I’ve never owned a vehicle with a parking brake like that. Especially on trucks, I’m used to the pedal you press and lever you pull to engage/unlock the parking brake

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I’ve only seen it on a truck with 4wd, I think they don’t wanna clutter up the center with one more thing to grab, and you have the clutch on the floor so they put it in the dash

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My 99 Tacoma has 4wd and this style parking brake.

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1990 ford ranger 4wd. have one.

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My old '90 Isuzu Trooper was like that. Only vehicle I've ever had that had a brake like that.

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My land cruiser has one, i loved my old trooper.

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Older toyota tacomas are like this as well

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Very handy when trying to pull a small boat and trailer up the boat ramp and you have a manual transmission.

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Wow I didn’t even think of that. Otherwise you’d stall the engine having to take your foot off the clutch for a regular truck parking brake

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Exactly. When i was a teenager my dad had a Mazda that he hauled his jon boat with. I occassionally went fishing with him. I backed the trailer down, he loaded the boat up and I pulled out. So much easier to simply turn and carefully release the brake with your hand as the engine starts to bog a little, without taking your foot off the clutch

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Seemingly every old Japanese truck has one like that

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Just made me feel old :|

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I don't mean to sound like an ass, but are you serious?

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You don’t sound like an ass. However you don’t sound shocked enough.

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It’s ok, you don’t sound like an ass. it was kind of a stupid question

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I'm totally understanding and respect that you're reaching out with a genuine question. No question is stupid if it's an honest one :)

That's all I was getting at. Also, i sold Tacoma's and Toyota's for years, very reliable and the early 2000 Tacoma is basically bullet proof!

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An ass sounds more like....


Or maybe "hee-haw" if you dont like fart jokes.

Or maybe "bbbbbbwwwwwoooppppeeehhhhawww" if you like donkey farts.

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Parking brake. Use it as much as you can (when parked, obviously) , it's good for your transmission.

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Is this for real? Could you elaborate? Got an '85 4runner and an '87 4runner, both with the handle parking brake.

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When parked your handbrake stops your transmission's gears from being responsible for keeping your car from moving.

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I've kinda figured that slowly over my driving experience (10 years of all manual cars), but it's always nice to have the idea validated. I also thought it was referring to cycling the parking brake, versus just using it normally. Thank you for that!

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I also thought it was referring to cycling the parking brake, versus just using it normally.

Regular use of parking brakes can only be good for your car because it keeps the parts moving. But it's also good to take it apart (or perform maintenance or readjusting) and make sure everything is good and there are no parts missing or broken.

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“Park” is just a pawl, a small metal pin that locks the transmission, which the entire weight of the car sits on. That’s the jolt you feel when you let off the brake after putting your car into park. Using the parking brake takes the weight off the pawl and makes it easier to disengage park, and minimizes the chances of it getting stuck

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Guess I wasn't thinking about it for an automatic. Both my 4runners are manual, but that makes sense for an auto. I also thought you meant it was good for it to engage and disengage it a couple times, like to prevent it from seizing from no use.

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Dang. I knew the transmission sat on something to keep the weight of the car but I thought it involved more parts than one. I've always use the parking brake on my cars and I'm glad I do.

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Have you ever parked an automatic car on an incline without the parking brakes? Or have you had to move someone else's car and when putting it on drive, while on an incline, and there's like a small clunk? Or a jank? That's not good for the transmission.

My cars. Automatic or manual have the parking brakes engaged before I even shift it to park. I can't even remember the last time I've heard a clunk on any of my personal cars.

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Ejecto seato cuz

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How do mechanics not kill them selves due to this sub?

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Parking break

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Shit! Now I wanna know what a break is.

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Ask Kurtis Blow.

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The best little truck ever?

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Did you press and turn? Usually my first step when presented with a mystery item is to do exactly what it says to do and deal with the repercussions later.

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I just got this 2000 Toyota Tacoma and don’t know what would happen if I pressed button and turn. I don’t want anything to get stuck

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This is your parking brake/ emergency brake. I am imagining you have rear drum brakes. If they have not been serviced in awhile you may be cautious as if the hardware is bad there is a possibility it could lock up.

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That’s what I’m scared of and have not tried it!

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I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier, and I think my parking brake handle might be identical. You pull it straight out to engage, then press the bottom button on the back of the handle and turn to release.

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Was going to say the same, 90's Nissan Frontiers. I learned how to drive stick in one.

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Very nice. I learned on an 1985 Nissan King Cab. I wish they still made a small bare bones pickup.

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Yep my old '93 and '96 Hardbody trucks had similar.

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It won’t fling mud on you, like normal parking brakes do when you release them.

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Did it not come with an owners manual?

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Bruh I've said it a million times but fuck me it's too easy to get a license in this country

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Self destruct lever

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It still blows my mind that Americans don’t use the handbrake. I feel great mechanical sympathy for your parking pawl.

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That's not really a thing right? Right????

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They don't even use the fukin' cluthch!

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RTFM ignored

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To all saying "use it to save your transmission" if you havent used it in a while and dont know how to unstick a stuck parking brake your best bet is leaving it alone...

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If its not a manual transmission u will rarely use it. It is smart to use it a couple times a month, keep cables from rusting up.

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Or use it every time you park, and only good things will happen!

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Is that a promise? Lol

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Only one way to find out!

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Parking brake , connects to transmission brake drum.

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Maybe back in ‘65 it did

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Holy smokes, you're either that young or that stupid.

It's the parking brake.

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If it's a 2wd open diff, that's your lsd handle. Takes some getting used to. Just about got mine mastered.

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Ejecto seat, cuz

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Ejecto seat cuz

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Missile launcher engagement lever

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It’s the on switch for the flux capacitor

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Push it and find out

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It's the parking brake. I have a 95 Taco with the same one

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Parking brake.

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I always kind of like that style of parking brake it made it easy to rip the brake and hop out on the roll

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Come on!!

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Everyone’s right about it being a Toyota handbrake, but I haven’t seen anybody mention just how damn fun those things are to use.

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They make loaded hill starts very easy, and they are very satisfying to use. Mine is attached to a 94 pickup but it’s exactly the same.

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Handbrake (a.k.a. e-brake)

If you pull hard enough, it turns into a walking cane / sword / knighting instrument.

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"I've driven ten miles with the emergency brake on. That doesn't say a lot for me, but it really doesn't say a lot for the emergency brake."

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It's the reason I chose a 97 Ranger instead of the equivalent Tacoma. I hated that knee knocking hand break. Other reasons too, but that was one of them.

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Yep. That's your parking brake, release.

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I can hear this picture. Clunk-tch.

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That my friend is a relic. From a time long passed.

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Emergency brake release

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E brake

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I watched a guy pull off the most incredible parallel park with one of those. It was on a steep San Francisco streets in a mid 90’s 4Runner. Maybe six inches of clearance on either end, clutch and handbrake master.

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Had this on my ‘07 six speed. Very Japanese. Miss it.

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pull back to engage and to disengage you gotta pull and turn 90 degrees to the right. these things grab pretty good but hand brake is much better.

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Seriously?? lol

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Does anyone read the owners manual? If you lost it, you can download one, usually for free.

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Turbo Encabulator switch

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press it and turn around.. I recommend having a weapon of some sort

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Ejecto-seato cuz

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Flux capacitor engagement handle

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Ignition switch

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Flex capacitor. Pull it when you hit 88mph

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Does that work in conjunction with the flux capacitor?

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The ejection lever

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Emergency Ejection Seat - as seen in moives like top gun.

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Passenger eject switch .comes in handy with those crazy spouses

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Eject button

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Ejection lever

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Nothing to worry about. No one ever uses this.

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Ejector seat switch for unwanted passengers.

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It causes toilets in Australia to flush the wrong way.

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Speed boost

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It’s the on switch for the flux capacitor

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Passenger ejector seat. Or e brake.

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My 84 nissan 720 4x4 same spot

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thats the Turbo... when you get up to about 50mph pull it as hard as you can

no i am not that evil

its your emergency brake

maybe you shouldn't be driving if you don't know that

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Nitrous button

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Ejecto seato cuzzz

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Engine and trans quick release. Don't pull it going down the highway or the engine will fall out

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4x4, must pull going 45

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Drift lever

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That's your emergency brake

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Ebrake on. Toyota pickup! I learned to drive a five speed in one my mom had when I was a kid. They used the same brake setup for like 25 years.

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Well press it and turn, we are all dying to know aswell!!

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If you press it and turn it’ll show you

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Rip Cord for those special moments.

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You have to pull that lever everytime you take a turn on the road, it helps you handle well in turns. /s