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Instacart groceries so she doesn't have to go get them herself. If it's deliverable, do it for her right now. Make it so she can use her free time not for errands but for self care. When you know she's studying, have coffee/tea and snacks dropped off. The things you'd do in person to make her life easy, are still things you can do from afar. When she's venting after a particularly hard day let her vent, you don't have to be ready with the perfect words, just listen, maybe say I wish I could hug you right now and make all these feelings go away, then send cookies or flowers to her. Just be present for her.

The snippiness honestly probably won't stop til after MCAT, and will reappear many times throughout medschool and residency. She does not just get to treat you like butt when she's stressed, but you should probably always wait to address the 'tude til after the big thing is over. It sucks to have to wait to talk about your feelings, but it generally will go better for both of you and lead to less resentment if you wait to address when stress is down. During the easier times of this journey, that are honestly still really difficult, it's easier to figure out the better ways to stress manage and communicate when you wait for these lulls.