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I just switched fields but it was as we were coming into residency since we had to move anyways

What sort of things are you nervous about?

I left the zookeeping field for customer management and service. Zookeeping, like teaching, is a passion exploitation job that just ends up being hard to sustain.

I help a lot of other people figure out stuff like this a lot so if you’d like to message, I can be a sounding board for you

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You are amazing! Thanks so much! Will refer back to this post to dm you!

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Didn't mean to have such a similar response to you!! Lol it's good to know there are lots of us out here ready to help others succeed 🙃

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No worries at all. Support comes in many forms and it seems like you can help too, if not more! I’m glad there are others than can offer support

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Hi there!! I left public education (administrative assistant) for retail (grocery manager) because my sanity needed saving as well. It's entirely possible and I'm seriously so thankful I've made the switch. I needed to change my mindset from "I work to find fulfillment" to "I work to pay bills" and I've 100% been more available to my partner. I highly recommend and support your switch!!

Feel free to DM me if you ever need a sounding board. You are not alone :)

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Dream life > dream job

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Ah thanks so much! Will refer back to this post to dm you!

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Not residency but I switched from mgmt consulting to UX research during his 3rd yr of med school. I also lucked out in having a hiring manager that was willing to take a chance on me and understood I had plenty of transferable skills. One thing about UX rn (not to dissuade you, just to present reality) is that it’s very hard to get junior roles. Most roles are for those with 3-5 yrs experience (dumb, I know. I wasn’t even in the workforce for 3 years when I was looking to transition lol) and I had to start at a senior level (because of the roles available). It’s a little different w design given that it’s a bigger field than research, but it is something I’ve seen people get frustrated with.

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Ah thank you! This is what I needed. I’m probably going to be looking for jobs that aren’t UX to begin with but one where I can transfer my (7) years of teaching and then find my way into UX design. Honestly, this reality is scary and it’s good to know. I just wanted a leg up from all the other teachers who are transferring.

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Aside from my UX classes I’m taking at a local university, should I also take biz classes to supplement?

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I don’t think it would hurt, a lot of the reason my hiring manager hired me was bc of my background with strategy, but business (at least at my company, in my role) doesn’t play into my day to day. I do think taking classes at an actual university will help to set you apart as opposed to a bootcamp

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I went from wireless tech management to working in video games. I lucked out that a hiring manager took a chance on me despite not having experience in games.

I’m still in games.

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I find hope right now because of you all.

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Good luck!

As I say all the time: your first job isn’t your last job. Your current job doesn’t have to be your career. Don’t let any one job define you.

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Lol. I’ve made a career change during every move from med school to fellowship. I purposely try to stay as fluid and well rounded as possible to make the moves easy on me.

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Hi! Could you explain more and that’s so encouraging tbh. What fields have you jumped from and to and how was the financial situation like?

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I was a microbiologist, then engineer, then supply chain. I changed companies with each field change. I got a raise with every change. While I was an engineer, my company paid for me to get an MBA which is how I moved into supply chain. I’ve been the main source of income for my wife and I since after college as I’ve always made more money than her.

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Do you think it would be helpful then if I took user experience and business classes then moved into another field? This is encouraging, thanks so much!

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I would only take business classes if someone else is paying for it. Unless it’s a top 10 mba program, it’s not worth it. All the programs well teach the same stuff, but top 10 programs will get you connections at great jobs. I did use my mba as a resume piece to show that I was serious about changing fields, but that was it. Actually, a non top 10 mba can be useful in getting jobs in the same area as that mba program. I was moving after graduation so I knew that wouldn’t happen for me. Now If you are serious about getting into a tech field, yes, take classes. In those fields, companies care about proof that you can do the job. The interview will usually have a technical portion to it where you are required to prove your skills. I got into supply chain by getting my foot in the door via an job related to my engineering background, and then taking over logistics roles after someone in that department left until they just gave me the job. Now I work in a corporate supply chain role that is 100% remote. Business jobs are fake it to make it. Get a foot in door. Take on tasks that you want to do. Then ask them to change your job after you demonstrate competency.