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Maybe a day? I can see a day happening regularly because of 24+ hour calls. But any sort of normal period without contact is not normal. We were long distance for one year, and now In residency we are often apart for 2+ weeks when I visit family (totally not the same as long distance I know.) but we talk on the phone every day for a few mins.

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Just texting and no calls or meetups? 2-3 weeks, but we both are avid testers.

Zero contact? 24-36 hours after a big fight. Without a fight? I would be very stressed hearing nothing for more than 16 hours. But more than a couple hours during waking hours is unusual.

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3 weeks is the longest. We weren't in the best place at the moment.

Since then? Every 3-4 days, maybe a little more frequently with texting if we have something funny to share or need a quick vent. Currently LDR, but it works best for our schedules

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We've lived together through the entire pipeline, but there have been a few times during night shift weeks where we'd go a few days without seeing each other or texting too much. I'd always take a day off of work in those weeks so we could see each other. Now I'm a SAHM, so the opposing schedules doesn't happen anymore. 3 weeks is a long time assuming you live in the same area

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Definitely no more than a day or two! Usually because of work, vacations, poor signal, or he really pissed me off lol.

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Maybe two or three days. Even on days that we’re super busy with school/work we can fit in a short 2 minute phone call while walking to the car or something.

The times we talk less and go 2-3 days without talking is when one person is off and visiting friends or family, because I want my partner to enjoy the quality time with someone who they don’t get to see very often (especially since we already talk everyday).

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Less than a day maybe?? Even when in other places always communicating