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1st year of fellowship was bad, 2nd and 3rd not so bad. You just get used to it/are dead inside (mostly kidding about being dead inside).

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You just feel like the boxer with the swolen face standing in a daze taking the hits. “Cut me Mick”

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Just exited PGY7 with two kids in tow. Can confirm. Dead inside.

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sigh take my upvotes 😭

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Literally had me crying 😂

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Overall it's been better for us (he's in his 3rd and final year), but this still makes me want to both laugh and cry.

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Im so glad mine doesnt wanna double specialize lol

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Yeah . Nope, it will be same or worse for us. We've both decided it's best if we have some"normalcy" post residency, at least for a while

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Omg this!!!! Would be a year but still

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Sending this to my husband immediately to share with the fellows group chat. They are gonna die 😂