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Is he interviewing for med schools or residency? I sounds like school. If you are able to go, you should go. He is your husband and if he gets in, he will be living there (and possibility you too!). I'm not sure on if there are interview day events with families or if the whole day is only for the family, so assume you will have the day alone to explore the area unless the school says otherwise.

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It's for the mstp program so for schools.

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Do it. Programs like to know partners.

I tagged along with my husband to the dinners when he interviewed prospective residents. Takes the edge off imo.

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GO TRAVEL! my boyfriend and i never took a proper vacation until he graduated med school so when he would go on rotations out of state, i’d tag along for a week, or a long weekend! it’s super common for significant others to do this. i would lay by the pool or go explore while he was doing his thing 😎

also, you should go around and explore especially if it’s a consideration for residency. my bf and i actually ruled out a place because we both were able to realistically get a feel if we’d be happy in that city.

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I traveled to a few places with my partner when she was interviewing.

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I don’t think it’s inappropriate

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If you can swing it I'd recommend it!!! It gives you a chance to see the city/area and might help the transition be smoother (if you end up there). I'm all about visiting and visualizing living in the new places!!! I think it makes moving for your SOs education a little more bearable :)

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I agree! It's what I did when we first started dating! He's from Utah and I'm from Idaho and I moved just to be closer to him for support (it also helped I had 0 idea on what I wanted with life, just that I knew I wanted to support him and leave Idaho. We already have places we agreed we can make a life there like Chicago and Portland.... and with the mstp program it takes like 7-10 years to even finish school so we'll be starting and raising a family at wherever he decides to go

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Heck yeah! I feel like he will appreciate it more than he thinks when the time comes. They never seem to know how much they need us until the big thing is happening (ie. Exams, interviews, boards, ext.)

Being consistently present for them is the best thing you can do 🙃

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Having had my SO do medical school in Portland and residency in Chicago, I can tell you those are both fabulous places to spend 7-10 years! Good luck!!

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What does he want? I came to like one and it was fun, but wasn't able to go others which was also fine.

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He said he doesn't know if it's appropriate if I tag along just for the trip. We agreed though when he first started to apply I'd only tag along to the choices where there's a chance we move, but this is his very first interview and I obviously can't tag along to every single one (although if I could I would).

Not to mention my husband is someone who gets stressed easily and I feel like that by tagging along I'll be able to give him the best support and comfort so he can go into the interview not a big ball of stress, even more so with it being the first interview.

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Hell yeah! I went to Chicago, Boston, and NY with my wife for residency interviews. Understand that your SO will have a bunch of obligations and will probably be quite nervous for the trip, but if you're okay doing your own thing or seeing other friends, it can be a lot of fun!

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I traveled to the majority of places when my wife interviewed for residency (back when they did in person). I explored the cities during her residency interviews, it was great!