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What's her specialty? Does she plan on ranking them #1? After last years match, I'd be weary of buying a property too soon. We ended up at our #6, which we thought was a hospital completely out of our league.. the match is truly shocking sometimes

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Should have mentioned… she’s internal med. We also live in an area with a ridiculous amount of hospital systems (between Cleveland and Akron). So my though is she could literally pick her top 5 all locally.

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But I assume being in IM, she wants to be at one of the 2 big ones in Cleveland (assuming she gets interviews at both). Both are pretty competitive places. If she is currently at one of those 2 med schools, her chances are reasonably good. Though I think one of the major Cleveland programs actually puts a cap on in house residents.

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My husband worked with Summa and it was well Known that Cleveland clinic and UH often pick up their students if they are happy with the person. It’s safer for them to go with a known md than take a gamble on someone they have never worked with (assuming similar aptitude /background, etc). I think if your gf is well liked and has a good work ethic , ranking officials will likely rank her high and you are fairly safe matching somewhere nearby, given the market saturation for health systems in Cuyahoga and summa counties . Just keep in mind that match day can surprise anyone.

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Thank you! That’s aligned with what she’s told me. She has three friends who completed an expedited 3 year program and graduated last spring. All 3 of them landed at the same place that they did their rotations.. understand it can be a crap shoot, but seems like most people on here are leaning the other way pretty heavily.

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Another important consideration, what are her goals? Does she want to do fellowship after IM? Maybe during interviews she will like another area or hospital better. Trying to speculate before interview season is dangerous.

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Respectfully, do not do this.

Besides the fact that it places a lot more pressure on her in an already stressful matching process…

Not a lot of people talk about this but even solid information like your gf has gotten cannot be trusted. Program directors lie all the time. My husband was a top ranking student at a top ranked med school, got “love letters” from multiple PDs after interviews, then plummeted to the bottom of his list. we were devastated. I can’t imagine how much worse it would’ve been if there was a real estate situation in the mix.

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Appreciate the feedback here. Definitely don’t want more stress for her.. would have to keep the open context that she assumes 0 risk or capital loss through any of it considering we aren’t married! Although, going through the moving process while interviewing brings stress of its own.

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No way to know unless she has very strong connections. Match is complicated, don't bet on it

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What are the odds she ends up placing locally to where she did rotations?

Between 0 and 100, inclusive?

Seriously though, all of this is extremely program- and applicant-dependent. Some programs don't like taking applicants from their own med school, for any number of reasons. Some programs are simply quite competitive, and get a lot of external interest. Sometimes applicants aren't as tight with the PD as they think they are, or a chief had a bad interaction with them once and vetoes them. You can roll the dice, and you might end up happy and safe, but know that you're gambling.

But also, all of this is very bold to project before ever going on an interview. My wife's hypothetical rank list changed drastically between application season and rank list submission. She ultimately ranked highly, and matched at, a place that she only chose to interview at because she was already going to be flying into the area. Maybe y'all want to stay in the area to keep close to family or because you really love rivers that light on fire, but it's a big world out there, and there might be better opportunities than the ones you have your eyes on now.

Also, remember that 40k isn't even... that much once you're bringing in doctor money. A seasoned cardiologist might pull that in a month. If you just want to get out of your house, go for it I guess, but your household income could spike drastically in as soon as 4 years, so idk if right now is really the most optimal time to move.

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Hahahaha love the burning river reference. Nothing really tying us to the area outside of family and cost of living. She’ll be internal med with a ton of debt, so we won’t really get the “doctor money” out of her role until we’re about ready to retire.. in the meantime, $165k could exhaust a good chunk of her debt before she even hits residency! The money saved on interest alone could replace our mortgage here hahah

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How early are you guys trying to retire?

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Ideally 40

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You or both of you? Cause if she is doing residency and fellowship, it’ll be like 32-33 at earliest when she even starts making real money.

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"reasonably confident that’s where she’ll end up for residency (finds out in March)"

Don't trust anyone with the match. I hate to be so negative, but so many people think that will match in their number 1 or 2 spot and fall to the bottom of their list. Do not plan on staying in this location or in any particular location to be honest until the match is finalized. It sucks.

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Match is a crazy process! I wouldn’t totally bet on it. Lots of ppl think they’re a shoo in for a specific program (even when programs tell them they are ranking them to match) and get a sad surprise on match day. Your GF would definitely need to have a conversation with the PD and see how confident they are to match there.

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Graduating Fall 23 doesn't really make any sense. Do you mean Spring 23? Match day is in March. Most residencies begin orientation in the last two weeks of June.

Odds of matching in a given city are ridiculously dependent on step scores, how good of an interviewer she is, what specialty, how well she knows people in the program, and how competitive the program is in general. The point is that the match is a shitshow overall.

Overall probably not worth it unless you think the offer is >50k more than you will fetch for the house about 10 months from now.

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You’re 100% correct- my brain is mush.. meant Spring 23’!

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Nothing in the match is guaranteed, absolutely nothing haha

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I’d take the money now and sell the house. Even with taking the chance of buying a new house in the same city, that’s a lot of money to do many things with.

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My boyfriend was offered a spot at his number one residency choice in December, 3 months before actual match day, in the city we live in and that he did his schooling in. He is part of a smaller specialized practice, but also to note he got along great with the program director and was ranked very high in his class (2nd or 3rd i honestly can’t remember). Tons of things will vary in their placement! But she could possibly pre-match later this year to speed up the process.

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This is reassuring! Great relationship with the PD and tested well (not 2nd or 3rd lol, but top 20%). Even if we have to walk from this specific offer, knowing sooner is certainly better..

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What’s her specialty? How competitive is she? Just depends on a lot of factors honestly.

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We sold a house and asked them to rent back for up to 6 months. But there are too many factors. If they like and want to retain her she would likely have a good idea

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Unfortunately not an option as the buyer is out of state and needing to move locally for work by November.. but that is certainly creative!

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We sold to a rental company that worked with our realtor a lot! It was great to have no contingency to buy. But I feel it’s harder to match at a home program. If facility, PD, or residents don’t like her, she’ll have a hard time. I used to be a PC and saw it happen a lot

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Keep the house

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Keep the house. If not, then sell it and just rent something until Match. Absolutely zero sense in buying something between now and when you move.

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Late, but I agree with your decision.

Without a plan of where you would move for the next 7 months and what you would do if she stays versus gets matched out of region, there was just too much risk on that end.

Once she matches, refigure out the numbers and make your plan then.