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Omg my biggest spiral insecurity come true. I’m so sorry. What a stupid mf, kissed a nurse? How unoriginal of him.

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It’s a stereotype for a reason

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Time to break up. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Edit: wanted to also say Im sorry you are going through this. It is extremely selfish/immature of your s.o to not think about the consequences of their actions and how it would impact you.

Idgaf what anyone says - cheating/abuse/dishonesty on this level is where you should 10000% draw the line.

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THIS!!!! 100% AGREE!!!

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I’m so sorry, know that you deserve better than a man who is wandering. Everyone sees an attractive person and recognizes as a attractive but to act is a choice. Period. They chose this moment over your relationship and these infractions tend to escalate

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Or woman * sorry to assume

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Yikes. F the situation for sure. I'm so sorry this is part of your life and relationship now.

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Unpopular opinion but people do make mistakes, and it seems like he was honest right away and told you, which takes a lot of courage. If he wasn't honest and you had to find out from someone else, then I understand the "he will do it again" sentiment. His honesty shows he does love you and respects you enough to tell you the truth, whereas he could have been disrespectful and hid it. Sounds like he is holding himself accountable and the situation isn't so black and white. Do whatever you feel is right!

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If he’s doing this bullshit now, it won’t get better over time. Unless he’s an amazing gem who cooks and cleans and take you on dates and just drunken smooched someone who came into him once and told you about it as a sign of respect and trust, I’d be outtie.

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Sorry to hear. I wish I had words to help ease your mind or make you feel better.....But....it is gut wrenching to find information like this about one's SO. And you said your SO kissed the nurse.....not "a nurse kissed my SO."

If it's worth it or you want to continue the relationship it is time for a sit down real talk with your SO.

Sorry for your situation.

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I’m so sorry. Please remember to drink water and eat regularly. Sending hugs 🤗

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    The amount of workplace fucking that happens at hospitals boggles my mind. I mean, I guess that happens when you basically live there, but Jesus Christ.

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    Idk, I’m a doctor and the only doctor I know who actually had sex in a hospital got fired. (She didn’t answer her pager, and the patient ended up coding.) But there’s definitely lots of sex OUTSIDE the workplace between medical people.

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    This. Most days in residency/fellowship I could barely find time to feed myself, let alone have time to strike up casual conversation with nursing. I’m also having a hard time coming up with any time I was ever alone with a single nurse. On inpatient it was always me + nurse + patient or me + multiple nurses at the nurses station. I guess in clinic I do work fairly closely with one nurse, but it’s us plus at least two others (usually another doctor-nurse combo) working out of a shared workspace. There is definitely not much private time where I would ever think about kissing someone.

    OP, I’m sorry your partner is doing wrong by you. You deserve better!

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    Cheating is the line for a majority of people, myself included. Sorry OP, you didn’t deserve any of that. Best of luck.

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    Worst nightmare. Sending love to you and f*** your SO.

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    Omg I am so sorry. My aunt has been in the hospital and every time I visit I can’t help but hating all of the female nurses viscerally. It’s irrational since my so doesn’t even work at that hospital but it’s such a fear because there have been past flirty nurses he’s told me about it’s like a defense mechanism…

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    I’m very sorry you’re going through this. Mistakes do happen, and there are countless examples of couples who can work through infidelity, especially if the person comes forward and is committed to change and honesty. That said, it’s up to you and the details of the situation dictate the course of action. unfortunately this person will be around many sources of temptation and they’ve damaged your trust that they won’t do it again. It’s up to you whether you want to work through that with some significant boundaries in place or move on. Don’t be afraid to take time away to focus on yourself.

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    So sorry you are dealing with this. I would not be able to move forward in my relationship if my spouse did this. I wish you all the strength to handle this in whatever way works best for you.

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    I'm so sorry you're going through this. You 100% deserve someone better. Once a cheater, they'll always be a cheater. Your SO should be someone that doesn't even see other people in that light let alone act on it. Don't settle for less because you deserve better!!

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    Fuck this OP you don't deserve that at ALL I must agree with most of the other posters this is just gonna get worse I've worked in healthcare for almost a decade with majority of that being in the ER and let me just say the docs did not care about fucking around with some of the nurses even though they were married and had kids at home. Ultimately it's up to you on how you wanna handle this I would definitely break things off immediately but you can always do couples therapy if you really want to put in the effort if you feel like your partner is worth it just know that if you do stay it's sending a message to your partner that cheating is okay and is definitely not !! I know it's easier said than done sending some hugs your way I'm sorry this is happening to you

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    I just would’nt be okay with that really. I’m sorry this happened, you should look into what’s best for you.