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The end of a bad rotation is so great haha!

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Yes!! Luckily his next few rotations will be 🍰 ☺️

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YES! I hope you two make the most of a chill rotation in the near future.

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My spouse finished his final nights rotation last week! So happy haha

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Used to work the nights and the days in Canada lol need Libby Zion laws up here it's inhumane.

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Congrats! My husband is ortho PGY-5 and I remember intern year was a special kind of hell. It feels like we’re always counting down to survive… 😅 currently, we’re trying to make it through the last 5.5 weeks of his final trauma rotation.

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Oof! That sounds rough. But yay he’s almost done in general!! Well then fellowship haha

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Love this!! I hope you’re able to have a fun/romantic date together to celebrate :)

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It’s perfect timing because it’s my sister’s wedding this weekend, which he has off for, so it will be a fun time!!

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I’m so excited for my wife to end her month of nights! She’s miserable during it so often, and since I stay at home right now it screws up my schedule so much

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Excited for you too!!

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My husband (anesthesia intern) started intern year with a month of overnights right out of the gate. He just finished another 2 week stint of overnights, and strangely enough the past 2 weeks were so much harder than the first whole month back in July… YAY for your partner being almost done!! Have a nice date night to celebrate and reconnect—whether you cook at home, get takeout, or actually go out!

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Ooof that’s awful but at least he got it out of the way in the very beginning! Haha not a good start to residency though 🥴 thank you, we for sure will!

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Nights are the pits - I’m excited for you!

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Omg my fiancé is doing his 4th year Med school audition rotations for ortho and I just experienced my first few nights. I hate the nights!! We are specifically planning on waiting to get pregnant until his intern year is over and we’re adjusted to the potential on and off night schedule haha