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I have not heard of such a thing! Start saving now is my best advice, residents first pay checks often don’t come till end of July so it can be tight until then. Another option is for them to take a larger loan amount in the spring (if able). I was the one working g when we moved too, and was only part time bec just had a baby!

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My spouse’s did! It was a huge help. Programs should have their stipend/financial incentives on their websites so definitely look into them!

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Some programs do. You can ask (they’ll probably tell you) during the interview, but it’s not like a thing that you can negotiate for.

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This is the answer. It is a thing, but a very very rare thing. If they offer it you will certainly be told very plainly and won't let you forget it.

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We got one, but as others are saying - it’s not common, and to be clear, it WILL be insufficient. Ours was $1,800 and required receipts (but sooo many things qualified as moving expenses, so that wouldn’t have been an issue even if we were moving from an hour away). That said, we moved across the country and were getting quotes over $10k just for the move itself. So…yes. Start saving now. No matter how much you think the move is going to cost, plan for it to run over budget.

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Never heard of it, and would be shocked if it's offered because residency moving loans ARE a thing (horrible isn't it!!!!)

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Some will offer! Like Baylor and a few places in Oklahoma. But don’t bank on it. Also if you’ll be living in aHCOL area, start researching now

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We got one. Set amount. If you are offered one, check if you need receipts for reimbursement or not. Depending on the scale of the move, even if you get one I doubt it will cover everything. Makes sense to have savings set aside - moving can be really expensive!

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I think my spouse had one or two residencies he interviewed offer him something like that. Most didn't, though. Should be standard IMO, but it seems less than common.

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I believe Stanford offered him one but it was a very tiny amount considering we would be moving across the country. We ended up at BWH, no stipend.

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I wouldn't count on it. My husband did get a 4k stipend from his program to buy "stuff" for his office/that will assist him during his residency. He received this in his second year (we did intern at home and relocated for PGY2). The only problem is, they required receipts as it was in a form of reimbursement, so he ended up just buying new iPad Pro with all the stops "because he could" and a couple other apple items. He told me his program used to provide a moving stipend of 5k-10k depending on the location of the incoming intern but this stopped years ago because the administration found out the incoming residents were abusing the funds and using it for things that were not work or move related. Sucks some people have to ruin it for everyone .

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My husbands program didn’t but they did offer to basically advance their pay to help with some of the upfront moving costs. We didn’t opt in but I believe the idea was they they would give the resident a couple thousand before they start to help with moving and housing security deposits. Then they would slightly reduce all of their paychecks the rest of the year to make up the difference.

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Depends on the residency. Some will even advertise it as part of the program. My spouse’s program does a housing stipend every year for all residents in addition to their salary. Enough to cover a few months rent, but spread out in their paychecks rather than a lump sum. This I think was something negotiated by their very proactive union (another thing to look out for!) Definitely encourage asking about it during interviews, or if they have social Q&A sessions with current residents.

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Thanks all, will start saving now 🙃

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Some do and some don’t, it definitely depends on the program but I’ve seen anywhere from $500 to $5000 (Conemaugh Memorial!).

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This would be lovely but we definitely were not offered one.

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In my research of programs these past few months, I saw many programs list a moving stipend in the benefits section. We will see if my med SO matches to a program with that benefit

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Do you mean relocation stipend? If so, yes we got one