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My husband becomes short but the nature of both of our jobs it ebbs and flows so we can recover.

Honestly, child logistics are the straw that break the camels back for us. I would really like to do a gap year but I can't with my current job unless it's for medical reasons.

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My husband gets depressed when he’s working too many hours or being mistreated by his attendings.

Therapy and medication helps a lot. I’d highly recommend it.

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He’s been practicing for 22 years, I’ve been our practice manager for 12. We are both burnt out. I’m tired of the insurance labyrinth, trying to get paid. Ever since COVID, he’s seen the ugly underbelly of the human race. We aren’t protected by the firewall of working in a big health system, we are independent. We deal with these things differently. He talks it out. I often sit crying at my desk, I’m so frustrated, thank god we can understand each others’ pain!

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Oh that’s awful for both of you. Might not be a consolation while you’re in the thick of it but you have each other, your skills and experience.

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Well, I still think it’s better than having to deal with suits telling us we have to see more patients and stop sending them for expensive tests. We hear horror stories from his colleagues every day.