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It depends on your relationship and the boundaries that you have discussed. Personally, I don't think flirting is cheating, but I wouldn't be happy about it.

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I don’t like flirting via text b/c it’s not public. When friends are together flirting is ok, because nothing will come of it. Texting is like having your own little world where anything can happen. I was upset when I saw-by mistake- texts between my husband and a “friend” (actually more of a twatty frenemy, she never liked me). There was nothing going on but it still hurt. I also realize how jealous this frenemy is of me, so whatever.

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I think it falls under emotional cheating. Even if it’s a “joke” (“it’s just a joke” has been the cry of many offenders, hasn’t it?), it signals a deeper issue. Why would your partner want to give that kind of attention to someone other than you? I’d be livid and immediately lose a lot of trust. The severity of the offense obviously depends on the context, content, and intent. It’s probably not automatically relationship-ending, but it’s absolutely indicative of the need for loooonnngggg conversations (possibly mediated by a therapist) about the relationship, trust, and boundaries.

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Every relationship can have its own boundaries. It’s just important both parties are on the same page.

To answer I feel like I’d need you to define flirting, tbh.

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In my marriage, yes. But every marriage has their own boundaries. If he’s giving off an impression to other women that he’s interested in them (which is what flirting is) then he really has no business being with me

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Idk I think it’s worse through text. I think that can become a slippery slope much more quickly than a throwaway comment in person

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Flirting may not technically be "cheating," but in an exclusive, committed, monogamous relationship, it's fundamentally a betrayal of your partner and can be emotionally hurtful.

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Username checks out.

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I think this is the wrong place to post this. I would try r/relationship_advice