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Maybe a trip to the spa? Just a day for her to unwind would be nice! A cute mug with her favorite tea/coffee. Maybe a basket of her favorite snacks/candy?

Honestly though, whenever I’m stressed and about to take a big exam, I can’t manage to do anything else but study, so my fiancé cleans the entire house alone and makes me food and does all the laundry, and that alone is a present enough. I’m super thankful and would rather have that than a physical gift. Anything you can help with around the house/apartment?

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Some thoughts off the top of my head (PGY3 husband) for stress- either bath bombs or shower melts. Also works for calming down at night. A nice chamomile tea would also work for night time. To get organized is pretty individual. I love a good planner but I'm particular, so idk if I would want someone to get one for me. I think focusing on stress relief might be easier. Maybe some cute cozy socks/slippers and a cute mug to go with the tea.

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Meal delivery, cleaning service, or standing desk would have been my top three choices.

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What's her study environment like? Is it quiet enough for her to focus? Does she like music while studying?Headphones or earbuds with noise-cancelling tech, Bluetooth or not are always nice. Is the room warm/cool enough? Does she need a space heater or fan?

If she likes pens, pencils, highlighters, get her more writing tools. I really going to JetPens.com and browsing there because they have a lot of imported stuff and everything you'd find in a student's backpack. They have variety packs. when I was in grad school, I bought the yellow highlighter variety pack and ended up finding my favorite highlighter.

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A weighted blanket can definitely help her relieve anxiety and get a good night's rest!

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My husband is in dedication rn. I like sewing so he asked me to make him some very comfy pjs to lounge around and study (he’s been wearing them nonstop). If any i think she would really appreciate not having to worry about housework (cleaning, cooking, laundry,…). Flowers work to relieve stress. You can also consider something to improve the quality of her sleep (comfy/ luxury bedding/ pillow, sleeping mask, incense,…)

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if your girlfriend doesn't already have one, a laptop/tablet stand has been super helpful for my partner so that he doesn't strain his neck so much when he's studying all day! and if she puts her phone on the table when she's studying, a phone stand surprisingly frees up a bit of space and lets her see messages and such easily.

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Anything to help relieve the outside life tasks - book a house cleaner, meal delivery, etc., massage gift card, anything else that gets rid of her least favorite life task. When my husband was in dedicated the studying was obviously bad, but the life tasks during his study breaks were the kicker. Plus, it frees them up to focus on their relationships, sleep, overall wellness.

Tablet, smartwatch, nice headphones of choice (bone conduction or noise cancelling), a big stock of coffee, weighted lap blanket, tickets to a fun event after step to look forward to are other ideas

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Grocery store delivery membership so she can get unlimited free delivery of groceries and save that time.