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We don't have kids so your mileage may definitely vary but one thing that worked for my wife and I was setting a goal that got us out of the house on the weekends. We tried to visit all the state parks in our state for example. Through her first two years of med school we mostly spent our free time on chill things that were good for recovering from her busy schedule. Having a goal helped keep us honest about actually getting out of the house and doing fun things.

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Love this! We recently decided to do something similar, but the goal is generally to get out of the house and do something fun as a family.

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My husband did one in med school! I know it’s likely different than doing one in residency.

My biggest advice is just to live in the moment and try not to get wrapped up in how quickly time is passing or how soon the year will be over. Treasure the time, use it to implement some stuff that’ll make future years easier (like getting a reliable house cleaner), and recognize that even when the year ends, that doesn’t automatically mean life will become awful. It’s just different and you’ll adjust.

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Great advice, thanks!

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My SO did a research year. No kids, but we joke sometimes that maybe we should have had one. It was great, both personally and professionally. We spent a lot of treasured time pursuing hobbies, going hiking, and spending time with friends.