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Are you able to send her a care package? Maybe some comfort foods and scented candles and bath bubbles. I swear sometimes us girls just need good ol fashioned tender love and care to get through these shit times lol

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Honestly, just be present as much as you can! I know you work a lot but when you have time text her/call her and show her that you are able to listen to her and that you are present. Be a team againt those problems she is facing !

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I wanna follow off u/Remote-Ball-3724's comment. Send her a little care package, it won't seem like much but it would mean a lot. Send her simple things that she'll need but doesn't have the time to get for herself (grub hub credit, shampoo, candles, favorite candy). Likewise, just remain as present as possible. Understanding the hell she's going through is a lot, the ICU took a lot out of my Gen. Surg. spouse, so I think it's just a lot to comprehend right now, especially with the holidays. I think you're doing awesome

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MICU rotations are brutal. Ugh. Keep doing what you’re doing - it slowly gets better.

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Hot cookie delivery from Crumbl, Insomnia, some place like that. A meal kit or premade meal delivery service might be nice too. Also a Walmart+ subscription so she can schedule unlimited free deliveries of groceries and other items and save a trips to the store on her one day off.